Brand Reputation Management Tips and the Amazon Reinstatement Service

June 10, 2021
Written by Ken Zhou
amazon reinstatement service

Brand reputation is generally an essential factor to a business's success, but more so on massive eCommerce platforms like Amazon. A simple glossing over negative feedback and customers go searching for another brand. It's only natural for people to look for good reviews and ensure a smooth buying experience before purchasing a product or service. 

Trust can be a sensitive relationship between a business and its customers, so you should make the necessary judgment as a business owner. Manage your reputation as early as you can. In this article, we discuss brand reputation management. Understand what it is and know how it's done the right way. If you reached a point where Amazon had to suspend you for having negative feedback, don't give up just yet. You can call for an Amazon reinstatement service for rescue. 

What is Brand Reputation Management?

Brand reputation management is the act of protecting and enhancing what people think of a particular company, product, or service. Various actions are implemented to:

  1. Build a company's reputation.
  2. Maintain a reputation in good standing.
  3. Recover when a company receives a negative rating. 

Online Brand Reputation Management

It is no surprise that much communication happens in cyberspace. These quarantine days, in particular, had more people engaging in virtual communication. Anyone can effortlessly drop feedback about a business online. It can be out of the company's control. According to a BrightLocal report, 97% of consumers prefer searching for businesses online.

Aside from the consumers, there are also other factors to consider when managing brand reputation. Those are prominent and influential platforms like Google and Amazon marketplace. These search sites have their algorithms, a set of standards that determine a web page’s value. 

Why Do You Need Reputation Management?

If a consumer finds an adverse brand profile, you’re less likely to get a confirmed purchase. Also, algorithms might interpret this activity as non-trustworthy, affecting your online visibility. 

It directly affects your sales.

A recent statistics report shows that a large percentage of customers purchase after viewing positive brand feedback. 

If you don’t move now, someone else will.

The online business industry is a competition pool. Everyone wants to be on top and get 5-star reviews. If the competition gets tough, some people take advantage and cheat their way up. You may not be able to control these, but you can protect yours, at least. 

If you don't bother with customer feedback, someone else might see it as an opportunity to attack. Someone might bring you down by posting many bad (and worse, fake) reviews about your company. There is always someone who waits for an opportunity, so don't put your guard down.

Marketing efforts will go downhill.

Sometimes, no matter how excellent your brand content is, negative feedback can get in the way. Your marketing strategies might lose their value because of a bad reputation. 

Brand Reputation Management in Amazon

Here are some strategies to manage your brand reputation on Amazon:

Learn the basics of Amazon first.

If you wish to sell on Amazon, the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the platform. Amazon has its rules and regulations for customer and seller feedback. Know what's safe and what violates Amazon's policies. Know your responsibilities as a seller. 

Handle negative feedback properly.

A business doesn't need to have zero negative feedback to get a good reputation. It's not right to remove negative reviews just because you want to keep customers. Constructive negative reviews help them decide if a brand is worth the purchase. 

What you can do as a business owner is to respond promptly and adequately. Acknowledge their complaints if the problem is valid, and wrap it up with your will to improve. You can also offer solutions, such as a refund or replacement, to compensate for the damage. 

Invest in reputation management tools.

When you feel like you no longer have enough time to manage brand feedback, a dedicated team or set of tools can help. There are various feedback management tools on Amazon to help make the task easier.  

Report fake reviews.

Fake reviews are challenging to prevent. Even with Amazon's efforts in improving the feedback system, there are still people who get away with it. What are some common signs of fake reviews?

  • Reviews that read like an ad for another product
  • Reviews with an overly short length
  • Reviews with poor spelling and grammar
  • Feedback from an unverified purchase (verified purchases have the orange badge, see below)
Verified purchase review from Amazon
  • Another seller writes reviews
  • Malicious remarks rather than constructive criticism

Amazon Account Suspension: What Should I Do?

Suspension is possible for any Amazon seller. You might encounter a mail in your inbox that says: "Your Amazon account has been suspended." It means that you have violated their regulations in Amazon's perspective, so they're taking the privileges off from you. Here's what you need to do:

The Amazon Reinstatement Service

Amazon reinstatement is the process of appealing to get a seller's account or listing back. First, know the reasons why you got suspended. Once you figure that out, with or without the help of a professional, you will need to submit a Plan of Action (POA). A POA is an Amazon suspension appeal letter that helps you get reinstated.

Your Amazon reinstatement letter must contain:

  • A brief introduction of your business in Amazon
  • A description of the issue and the reason you were able to figure out
  • An explanation of how you are going to deal with it (should include long-term solutions)

Key Takeaway

Negative feedback can cause damage to your brand's reputation. However, keep in mind that some of these reviews are not solely to show disapproval but also to help you improve your business. If you experience trouble with suspension and you think it's unfair, consult our suspension program for help. Contact us at [email protected] today.

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