Amazon Customer Service 101: Lessons To Minimize Customer Effort

July 28, 2021
Written by Jayce Broda
amazon customer service

Customers are happy with an effortless buying experience—this is what Amazon's sixth customer tenet means. The marketplace aims to eliminate customer effort with four sequential and systematic approaches: defect elimination, self-service, automation, and expert associate support.

The biggest reason for Amazon's success is its customer-centric marketing. Without customers, there's no Amazon, and through customers' feedback, the platform knows precisely the ways to satisfy them. As a result, it has become the main principle of the marketplace, which made them an international online shopping standard. Amazon is now the go-to of most shoppers today.

6 Customer-Driven Strategies Behind Amazon’s Success

So how exactly does Amazon keep customers coming back and loving them more? A brief answer to this is that Amazon customer service reduces and even tries to eliminate customer effort as much as possible. In addition, customers want a smooth and personalized shopping experience, so the platform's strategies are made to cater to those needs. Take a closer look at customer service Amazon strategies below:

Proactive Customer Retention

Amazon considers its customers the reason why the business exists instead of labeling them as a threat to brand reputation. Therefore, the platform tries to acknowledge, understand, and analyze complaints then use them as a turning point of improvement for the company. In dealing with negative feedback, Amazon provides personalized and polite communication with the customer: addressing them by name, sympathizing with their feelings, and treating them like human beings. 

Through this, Amazon can minimize the same issues in the future and find more opportunities to win customer loyalty. The key is never to hesitate to take the blame, apologize properly and wrap it up with a promising solution.


Amazon creates a balance between employees and customers: the store makes the experience easy so that customers no longer have to wait for assistance and solve minor issues independently. On the other hand, employees can work on larger and more complex company issues. 

Another excellent example is Amazon Go. The brand built a chain of partially automated stores in specific locations, introducing a whole new level of shopping experience. Also called "just walk out" shopping, customers only need to bring a device with the Amazon app in it to scan an in-store code for the billing. Thus, customers can simply enter the store, take what they want, and exit the store without the need to fall in line for checking out. 


Amazon leverages customer service strategy through heavy reliance on technology but with a human-to-human marketing intent. There are available services that involve AI and segmentation tools to align your strategy based on customer behavior. Some examples of these services are Amazon Lex and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon Lex is an AI service that allows you to build conversational and sophisticated chatbots. It automates simple speech and text tasks and works on a larger scale of customers without exhausting human effort. On the other hand, AWS focuses on customer engagement, providing outstanding audience segmentation to know your customers better and set up automated and personalized assistance.

Streamlined Product Searches

Amazon helps you make a wise buying decision with an incredible product filtering search system. During the shopping experience, the platform sorts all brands, ratings, reviews, and price ranges relevant to what the customer is looking for. Additionally, they incorporated auto-fill and auto-correct features to understand the buyer's preferences better.

These features make the purchasing experience easier and more flexible, reducing the effort required to view and compare each similar product manually. In addition, filtered product searching gives them more opportunities to increase brand awareness and potentially become the final purchase choice for the seller's side.

Customer Feedback as the Center of Analytics

Amazon builds and maintains customer loyalty using surveys about customer satisfaction. These surveys contain specific questions about the shopping experience so customers can feel that their insight is valuable to improve customer service. Once the data has been collected, Amazon uses them as critical points in understanding customer experience and making necessary adjustments. 

Some examples of these survey questions include: 

  • "How often do you browse an online store on your cell phone/mobile phone device?"
  • "How did you first hear about (Amazon service)?"
  • "Please rate how well you could understand the Amazon representative."
  • "How satisfied were you with today's experience?"
  • "When was the last time you bought a product from Amazon?"

Amazon asks these questions to figure out the best ways they can be helpful to the customer. The platform wants to know what brings customers in, what persuades them to stay or leave, or what specifications they look for when comparing similar products.  

Expert Associate Support

Amazon customer support hires and trains seasoned experts who can quickly and efficiently help solve a customer's problems. The Customer Service Associates team has assisted countless Amazon shoppers worldwide and nailed the game with their detail-oriented, genuine, and optimistic behavior. Whether it's trying to locate a package, connecting an Echo to a Fire TV, or dealing with account suspensions, the associates got your back with practical solutions.

Final Thoughts

Not one company in this world can be perfect—one way or another, there will be a couple of mishaps and complaints from the customers. Amazon is not an exception to this, but what makes them stand out is how they treat their customers: a guide for improvement. Whether you're a small or an established business, everyone can benefit significantly from customer-driven strategies. 

Suppose you're interested to learn more about Amazon customer care or hiring a professional team of experts for Amazon full account management. In that case, Seller Interactive can help you build an effective strategy. You can contact us for a consultation via email at [email protected] or by giving us a call at 1-800-820-3746.  

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