Demand-Side Platform Advertising.

If you're ready to scale and take your brand to the next level, Amazon DSP could be the solution for you.

Seller Interactive provides Amazon DSP help to provide sellers with the tools needed to reach audiences both on and off Amazon with a campaign strategy specific to your brand. Our highly trained advertisers use DSP features to run various ads based on your brand goals to reach a wider audience, generate awareness, increase your conversion, and out-perform your competitors with a holistic marketing approach.

Reach an exclusive and highly targeted audience for your brand with Amazon DSP insights
Access a wide variety of reporting metrics only available to Amazon approved agencies so you can monitor KPI and success drivers
Build and programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads to extend your brand's visibility.
Engage with potential customers both on and off Amazon throughout the customer journey
Out-perform your competitors by building campaigns with definitive goals and objective
Consult with an approved DSP Advertiser

Develops a comprehensive advertising plan with unique insights

With valuable customer insight and extensive reporting tools, Seller Interactive uses the Amazon DSP program to build highly targeted campaigns aligned with your brand's goals and objectives, reaching potential shoppers throughout every stage of the customer journey on and off Amazon.
amazon dsp services

Access to Exclusive Audiences

Through Amazon DSP, Seller Interactive utilizes assets within the Amazon ecosystem giving your brand visibility and access to exclusive audiences. Amazon DSP resources include IMDB, leading publishers' sites, and third-party exchange.

First-Rate Reporting System

The DSP Amazon program is only accessible to approved advertisers and agencies. Seller Interactive uses performance reporting to analyze before and after campaigns so that brands and marketers can analyze which strategies drive success throughout the campaign.
amazon dsp services

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is Amazon DSP For?
Amazon DSP is best suited for brands earning at least 7 figures on Amazon annually, on high ticket ASINs ($50+) with a strong brand presence.
How does Amazon DSP influence RoAS?
Seller Interactive’s extensive knowledge of audience building and targeting makes Amazon DSP a perfect tool for brands who want to scale and earn extra traffic.

Currently, due to Amazon’s limited targeting capabilities, RoAS may not always show results as expected unless your products have great branding. Well branded products allow the opportunity to use exclusive DSP to retarget people who view or interact with the brand.

Talk to a Seller Interactive campaign manager to see if DSP is the right next step for your brand.
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