Partnership for Selling Wholesale on Amazon.

Selling wholesale on Amazon can be tricky and time-consuming if you aren't familiar with the marketplace. Even if you are, the strains of maintaining, troubleshooting, and keeping your Amazon wholesale business competitive can become overwhelming. Still, it's more critical than ever as eCommerce evolves and Amazon's prominence increasingly grows.

Seller Interactive's partnership program eases the challenges of wholesale selling on Amazon by becoming your brand's third-party reseller on the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

SI knows the Amazon wholesale business model. Our proven track record of selling products in multiple categories makes us a reliable and profitable partner. We buy wholesale products directly from you, and with our end-to-end logistics capabilities, in-house team, and third-party partnerships, we streamline the entire process, handling the ins and outs of selling on Amazon FBA.

Some of our services include:

listing creation and optimization,
product images,
PPC ad management,
enhanced brand content,
exceptional customer service,
MAP enforcement,
unauthorized seller removal, and
in-house/3P inventory and logistics management.

Seller Interactive’s wholesale partnership program oversees the entire selling process on Amazon by working with you, the brand owner and wholesale supplier, to meet brand standards and optimize your potential for seller success.


We get everything done via a systematic two-step process:

1. Receive the inventory you ship to our warehouse

We have several accessible warehouses. All you have to do is arrange the shipment of your products to any of them.

2. Take charge of logistics and account management

After shipping your inventory to us, we will do the rest of the Amazon supply chain tasks—prepping, fulfillment, shipping, account management, and marketing. Our work is accurate and efficient. We make sure that the job gets done fast. That’s how we grow your Amazon sales while protecting your brand.

The All-In-One Solution for Growing Your Amazon Wholesale Business.

Build Your Business with Us

Streamline and diversify. Leave the entire task of managing a wholesale account to Seller Interactive’s team of Amazon specialists. You can look forward to building your Amazon business without the hassle of wholesale selling with us in charge.
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All-In-One Partnership

Our team will handle everything—from warehousing to fulfillment and logistics—for you. We will work with your team to manage your Amazon account or act as a wholesale partner. We will sell your wholesale products on our Amazon store while planning and executing the best marketing strategies.
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Our Program for Selling Wholesale on Amazon Covers:

Prep, Pack, Fulfillment to Amazon
When we receive your products, we will inspect, wrap, bundle, package, and label them based on your requirements to prepare them for shipment to Amazon. A systematic process carried out by our highly skilled team ensures that all tasks will be completed accurately and promptly.
Shipping to Amazon USA and Canada
To market your offerings, we take advantage of state-of-the-art tools. These allow us to better reach a wider audience and market your products on popular online platforms such as social media.
Account Management
You will have an experienced account manager who will oversee your entire Amazon operations. We take charge of demand forecasting, customer service, and Amazon support ticket handling. All measures will be taken to protect your seller account health while growing your brand on Amazon.
Rely on our expertise to research the most profitable keywords for your product and run ad campaigns to get your products in front of the right customers. To keep you ahead of the competition, our team constantly tweaks and improves all aspects of your listings, including the copy and images.
Brand Registry
If you want to sell established brands, we will help you join the Amazon Brand Registry. This program gives you access to exclusive features for your product listings, ad campaigns, and branding not available to non-registered sellers. Most importantly, a brand registry allows you to combat unauthorized sellers and product infringement cases swiftly. It is a vital tool for brand and intellectual property protection.
System Reimbursement
One of the challenges of being an Amazon seller is inventory damage, and dealing with Amazon for reimbursements can eat up your time and budget. With a systematic approach, we at Seller Interactive will help you maximize the reimbursements you will get without you dropping a single sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How to sell wholesale on Amazon?
Selling wholesale on Amazon consists of several primary tasks. An aspiring Amazon wholesale seller can have their private label products or acquire existing ones in high demand. Then, they will make bulk purchases from a reputable supplier. Once inventory is secured, they list the products on Amazon themselves or partner with a wholesale account manager like Seller Interactive.

Seller Interactive relieves the pains of selling on Amazon. We provide services that will guide and support your team through the ins and outs of selling wholesale products on Amazon.

Do you need a business license before you can sell on Amazon?
Yes. Wholesale suppliers must secure a business license before selling on Amazon. Failing to do so may result in a cease and desist of business operations.
How do I find the best Amazon wholesale suppliers?
To find the best Amazon wholesale suppliers, there are a few methods you can try.
  1. Use supplier database software.
  2. Check the authorized wholesalers of your favorite brands.
  3. Attend trade shows and events.
  4. Join online communities and forums.
  5. Use search engines' advanced search features to find unknown but promising suppliers.
  6. Connect with overseas suppliers on online marketplaces like Alibaba.
  7. Utilize social media.

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