FBA Reimbursement Service for Amazon.

We know how stressful it is to reconcile your inventory. That's why we at Seller Interactive want to help make it easier for you! With thousands of transactions happening on Amazon every day, mistakes and errors can occur at your expense.

Claiming reimbursements can get overwhelming when you need to keep track of all pending or lost items at the fulfillment center. It's likely that Amazon FBA indeed owes you, and even if you cannot check your seller account frequently, it's essential to claim those pending reimbursements.

Refunds and reimbursements can get complicated and time-consuming. Don't worry because Seller Interactive has that all covered.

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Focus on growing your business.

What we do

Did you know that Amazon won't process returned items for a financial refund unless there is a reimbursement claim from the seller?

Most automated FBA refunds and reimbursements do not cover all damages to your inventory. There are many reasons you might not be getting what Amazon owes you. Our team of Amazon experts carefully inspects possible issues and cases where you might be eligible for FBA reimbursements. We will contact Amazon and open a new case for you so you can sit back, relax, and focus on growing your business while we deal with Amazon employees to get your money back.

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How we do it

When you sign up with us, we scan your account and run manual checks. We evaluate your last 18 months' data and raise claims for FBA inventory reimbursements to Seller Central support. We also audit your entire Amazon seller account to see if there are overcharged fees that Amazon owes your business. Add to that any applicable Amazon fees (such as listing fees due to incorrect categorization or updates to your product weight and dimensions).
Claim your Reimbursements. Call Us Now!

We are here to help

Seller Interactive understands the importance of time. That's why sellers shouldn't waste valuable hours just reviewing their accounts just to take back what amazon owes them. We are here to help you get your money back so you can focus on what matters. Reach out to us now to find out more.
Claim your Reimbursements. Call Us Now!

What Our Amazon Reimbursement Service covers:

Seller Interactive handles refunds, and our team of experts can help you with some of the most critical aspects of your Amazon business. Start taking control of what happens in your inventory.
Overall Check
When we look into your account, we also identify lost or damaged inventory, step by step, so that no units that go through fulfillment by Amazon are overlooked.
Many FBA sellers stock up on different products in fulfillment centers that become too complicated to locate and manage. We track Amazon warehouse lost or damaged items and find those eligible for Amazon FBA seller reimbursements to ensure you are justly compensated.
Return Handling
We also handle returns for Amazon sellers and ensure that both received orders and reimbursements match up. Our team also ensures no overages; each customer return will be refunded what they were initially charged because we don't want you to pay for any incorrect FBA fees.
Damaged Goods
We identify goods damaged by the inbound shipper and ensure that shipped items that were replaced are returned before the deadline. We're on top of ensuring that Amazon has refunded your 20% restocking fee or the full amount.

Our company knows the importance of keeping track of what goes on in your business. That's why we're here to give you a helping hand.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to get Amazon FBA reimbursements?
The amount of time it takes to get reimbursed by Amazon can vary by case. Generally, amazon seller reimbursements are seen between 14-30 days once a case is resolved.

For damaged items, Amazon reimburses you through your available payment methods if the item is unsellable. Otherwise, your item will be restocked back to the fulfillment center.
What types of order issues are eligible for FBA Seller Account reimbursement?
Eligible order issues for Amazon reimbursement claims include but may not be limited to lost or damaged inventory, improperly processed Amazon refunds, returnless refunds, and incorrectly applied fees or charges, among others.
Can I request Amazon FBA Seller reimbursements for lost or damaged inventory during shipping?
Of course! To claim reimbursements for damaged or lost inventory, you must provide evidence for Amazon to accommodate. Acceptable proof must be present, such as inventory reports, images of the damaged products, shipping carrier documentation, proof of customer returns, and other evidence that strengthens your claim.

Our Full Amazon Seller Account Management service cover:

Setting Up a Seller Central Account
Get started on Amazon with valuable team members who will help you get a head start. Our team will help build the foundation for your business to thrive on Amazon right from the very beginning.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Boosting your organic rankings will never be a problem when you count on our expertise. We know how important keywords are to improving your brand's visibility on Amazon. That's why we make it a point to use only the most profitable ones for your product, including long-tail, high-volume keywords unknown to your competitors.
Product Listing Management
We handle all processes involving your product listings, from placing them in their specific category down to adding details like SKU, content, search terms, attributes, and more. Additionally, we also take charge of doing bulk and parent-child listings for your products on Amazon and other details that contribute towards winning the buy box through Seller Central.
Product Launch
Launch your private label the right way by taking advantage of our product launch services. Seller Interactive develops a customized, strategically planned, and executed launch that elicits favorable customer feedback. We use effective marketing techniques and combine these with adequate brand-protective measures that keep your content safe from hijackers and counterfeiters in the Amazon Marketplace.
Listing Optimization
In optimizing your product pages, we maximize keyword rankings. Our SEO proficiency allows us to efficiently utilize them for increasing and maintaining your pages' conversion rates so that you can grow your business on Amazon.
Enhanced Brand Content
Enhanced Brand Content is key to highlighting your product's benefits and features that will convert a potential customer. With EBC, you can effectively and creatively showcase your brand while optimizing your listing even further. We'll provide keyword-indexed compelling copies that elaborate further on the advantages your product offers. These will be presented in a strategic layout with captivating images that perfectly complement the targeted descriptions.
Brand Registry & Protection
Registering your brand on Amazon is an extensive procedure requiring concentrated effort and ample time. In partnering with our account management team, expect to manage each process diligently and take cake charge of submitting your documents. We'll safeguard your brand from malicious entities such as counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.
Prep & Logistics
As your reliable third-party prep service provider, we take charge of handling all your shipment-related necessities, and that includes monitoring inventory levels, claiming reimbursements, managing FBA related cases, and more. Our unquestionable experience has made us fully knowledgeable of all the rules and guidelines involving shipments and how to manage Amazon accounts.

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