Suspended Seller Account? Here’s How to Write an Effective Amazon Appeal Letter

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Last updated on June 27th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

Amazon is a massive online retailer that connects millions of buyers and sellers from around the world. However, as a seller on the platform, you may risk having your account suspended for various reasons, such as receiving too many negative reviews, failing to meet Amazon’s standards, or simply sending the same inquiry multiple times. Fortunately, you can still reinstate your account with an expertly-crafted Amazon appeal letter. 

A suspended seller account can devastate your business, leading to lost revenue and damage to your reputation. In such a case, the Amazon suspension appeal letter is your only way to get your business back. This article will explore the ins and outs of a suspended seller account and provide tips on crafting an effective appeal letter to get your account back up and running. Let’s begin!

Reasons Your Amazon Account is Suspended

There are two types of suspension on Amazon: 

Account Suspension is the complete shutdown of your Amazon seller account. In this case, your account has lost all its seller privileges across the platform. 

Meanwhile, Listing Suspension happens when Amazon suspends particular listings, and not your whole account.

Amazon should provide the complete details regarding the suspension, but their explanation can sometimes be vague or too technical. And as a seller, you’ll want to know exactly what went wrong on your part, so you can dispute it or avoid similar actions in the future if you’re still able to create a new account. 

Below are some possible reasons why Amazon has suspended your account.

Poor Seller Performance

Given its customer-centric reputation, Amazon has strict and specific benchmarks for seller performance.

  • More than 1% of order defect rate
  • More than 2.5% order cancellation rate
  • More than 4% late shipment rate
  • Responses to customer queries exceeding 24 hours
  • Frequent chargebacks from customers

Amazon's goal is to make shopping more convenient for all customers worldwide. Falling short of these benchmarks puts your business at risk, undermines Amazon’s reputation, and spoils the customer experience.

Close-up of a broken charger cable plugged into a smartphone, a defective product that can lead to low seller performance on Amazon

Amazon Policy Violations

Knowing Amazon policies is prerequisite to creating your seller account. You must have an idea of what and what not to do on the platform before making your page live. If you keep these rules in mind, avoiding possible suspension would be much easier. 

Seeking the advice of an Amazon suspension attorney is essential if you want further knowledge on even the most complex policies and technicalities of Amazon. 

Prohibited Items on Your Page

Some products may be sold legally everywhere else but not on Amazon. Some of these include:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals and other animal-related products
  • Cosmetics and other personal care items
  • Currency and gift cards
  • Dietary supplements, especially those that are not FDA-approved
  • Drugs and drug-related paraphernalia (including tobacco)
  • Gambling-related items
  • Laser-based items
  • Pesticides and other compounds
  • Plants and other organic things
  • Service plans and warranties

It is often difficult for people to distinguish between products in some categories. But you can get assistance from an Amazon specialist so you don’t accidentally sell prohibited items.

Drafting an Effective Amazon Suspension Letter

After receiving a suspension notification, you first need to calm down and think of a plan of action instead. Account suspensions can hit you hard, especially if it is your first time. However, with the right resources, you can draft an effective appeal letter and reinstate your account quickly.

Step 1: Come Up With a Sound Introduction

Begin your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter with a short introduction about yourself and your business. Afterward, write a paragraph about what happened and what you've learned from your suspension period. Remember to include your seller account name.

Step 2: Enumerate the Issues That Caused Your Suspension

Next, follow up your introduction by enumerating why you were suspended. This is typically included in your Amazon account suspension notice. Stating so will give them the impression that you are aware of why you got suspended. If there are multiple issues, address each one individually in a single appeal.

Some examples of Amazon violations are the following: 

  • Inauthentic Products
  • Selling Prohibited Items
  • Negative Feedback
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Late Shipment Rate

From there, you can present the problem in more detail: how you determined the main issue, the actions that led to it, and most importantly, own up to your mistakes and take responsibility for what happened.

Step 3: Describe the Actions You Have Made Since Being Suspended

Afterward, specify the actions you have taken post-Amazon account suspension to resolve the main issues you have outlined. Create a detailed narrative of what you and your team have done to prevent recurrences.

Make it easy to read by stating the main issue and then proceeding with bullet points below it. This way, Amazon's team can carefully read and understand it in a breeze, resulting in faster reinstatement.

The word ACTION PLAN written on office paper lying on top of a wooden desk

Step 4: Describe the Actions You Will Take When Reinstated

Include the actions you will begin doing once you become unsuspended. Explain which remedies or regulations will be enforced, so your Amazon seller account can avoid future problems and ensure that you are up to Amazon's and your customer's standards. 

Are you planning to send your apologies or refunds to your disappointed customers? Will you put an additional policy in place to avoid future recurrences? 

Ensure not to make any promises you can't keep or any claims you cannot implement. Amazon will sometimes only reinstate a suspended Amazon Seller Account once they have evidence that the violator has implemented their proposed action plan.

You can also include signing up for a weekly Amazon newsletter in your action steps so you're constantly updated on Amazon news and policies that may affect your selling on the platform. The more informed you are of the policies and any of their changes, the better it is so you keep your listings and business processes updated.

Step 5: End With a Nice Closing Statement

End with a brief closing statement. Sum up all your steps and the preventative measures you plan to enforce. Own up to your mistakes and take accountability. And for a better chance of reinstatement, avoid excuses.

Include a well-written, factual statement with a clear call to action asking for reinstating your Amazon seller account.  

Step 6: Send it Out and Wait Patiently

Submit your statement, watch for any communications, and respond promptly if they request further information. Then, wait patiently for a response or further actions until your seller account is reinstated. 

Tips on Writing an Amazon Appeal Letter

Amazon has 2.3 million active sellers. Can you imagine how many letters they receive every day? For your appeal letter to be noticed in the back of the Amazon email queue, follow these simple guidelines.

Easy to Read

The more straightforward your letter is, the more effective it will be to convey your thoughts to Seller Performance. There's no need for a literary and linguistic exhibition. Instead, prioritize ease of understanding and presentations of the facts. Make sure to write in simple, straightforward language while observing proper grammar and punctuation. 

Effective Presentation

One of the most common mistakes of suspended sellers when drafting their appeal letters is presenting everything in one giant paragraph block. Not only does this discourage readers from reading it, but you also risk saying more than you need.

One of the most common formats encouraged by other Amazon Sellers who've experienced success in writing appeals is to write your main points in simple sentences supported by bullet points. This will ensure brevity and conciseness, delivering your message clear and concise.

Coherent Formatting

Clear facts are the most critical factor of the Amazon Seller suspension appeal letter. Once you've outlined and gathered what needs to be put in the appeal letter, you can begin to write it. Just make sure to follow coherent and easy-to-follow formatting. 

Good formatting helps more than you think. If your letter is easy to read, it will help the Seller Performance team quickly understand your main issue and action plan. You can highlight a few things in your letter that are most important with generous spacing.

Begin your appeal letter with a salutation. Opt to use any of the following suggestions:

  • Dear Amazon
  • Dear Sir/Madam
  • Dear Seller Performance
  • To Whom It May Concern

For the first paragraph, introduce yourself, your business, and why you think it is the root cause of the Amazon account suspension.

Afterward, open your first notable point with a single, simple sentence. It can be any of the examples below:

We recognize the issue may have arisen from several occurrences.

After careful review of our group, we have determined these be the root of the problem.

You can then proceed to enumerate the problems in bullet points.

The second point should be written similarly to the preceding number. Example:

We have taken the following actions to ensure that this will not happen again: 

The following steps have been taken to ensure that this will not happen again:

Then proceed to discuss your plan of action in bullet points. 

Close everything up with a proposal of what you will do after you get reinstated, an assurance that the problem will not occur, and a request for Amazon to reinstate your seller account. And, of course, remember to include a closing salutation. 

Mention Amazon’s Customers

To create a letter that appeals to Amazon, you must understand what they always have on their mind: the customers. Because, in the end, it’s all about satisfying their customers. Here’s something that you can add to your letter: 

I understand that Amazon customers deserve the level of service that your company strives to provide. By not meeting the performance standards, we are directly responsible. 

I have found that these solutions are proactive measures that enable our account to meet the expectations of Amazon’s customers.

By indicating to Amazon that your primary concern is its customers, you’re making yourself responsible for their customers’ satisfaction. Who can say no to that, right?

Asian businessman bowing in apology

Be as Detailed as You Can in Your Amazon Appeal

Amazon’s Seller Performance Team has been known to respond to sellers requesting more concrete action plans. Detailed plans are clearly what they want. Before writing your letter:

  • Research how many people have encountered your issue and their action plans to prevent incurring the same violations.
  • Decide on what you plan to do.
  • Include this action plan in your letter for a better chance of a favorable response. 

Amazon Plan of Action Appeal Example

Below is an example of an Amazon plan of action, specifically tailored to address multiple selling account violation. While this sample letter can serve as a valuable resource for guidance and inspiration, it is important to use it with caution. Remember to consider the specific reasons for your own account suspension and ensure that your appeal letter addresses those issues directly.

Seller Interactive_Example of a Plan of Action for Amazon by Outgive on Scribd

Seller Interactive Account Suspension Appeal and Reinstatement

In conclusion, having your Amazon seller account suspended can be a frustrating experience that can cause you to lose a significant amount of revenue. However, with the right steps, it is possible to get your account reinstated quickly. 

Understanding the ins and outs of Amazon suspensions is essential, and it’s imperative to identify the root cause of the suspension. Addressing the issues promptly and with an effective appeal letter can help you mitigate the problem. An effective appeal letter should be easy to read, coherently formatted, and present the necessary details comprehensively. 

By following the actionable steps to draft an effective appeal letter and taking the necessary preventive measures, you can avoid suspension in the future and enjoy continued growth on Amazon.And if you ever experience account suspension, know that you can always seek help. We, here at Seller Interactive, offer Amazon account suspension appeal and reinstatement. We can assist you in reinstating your account the most efficient way possible. Call us now to know more of our services!

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