6 Steps on How to Draft an Effective Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter

October 29, 2021
Written by Nicasio Co III
amazon suspension appeal letter

Writing an Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter is never how you want to spend an afternoon working. What makes it a tough nut to crack is that there are various reasons why Amazon account suspension occur in the first place, and it's not always clear cut.

There are plenty of services out there that will conduct your suspension appeal reinstatement for your convenience, including Seller Interactive's Amazon suspension appeal service. That's not to say it's impossible to handle it on your own. 

If you want to be reinstated as soon as possible and start generating revenues again, you must be able to draft an appeal letter that stands out among the others. This gives you a better chance that Seller Performance will resolve your issue quickly.

Whether you are looking to improve your appeal writing methods or you've encountered a recent amazon suspension help is on the way!

Let's get started!

6 Steps in Drafting a Effective Amazon Suspension Letter

Step 1: Come Up With a Sound Introduction

Begin your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter with a short introduction about yourself and your business. Don’t forget to include your seller account name. Afterward, write a paragraph about what happened and the things you’ve learned from your suspension period.

Step 2: Enumerate the Issues that caused your Suspension

Next, follow up your introduction by enumerating the main reasons why you were suspended. This is typically included in your amazon account suspension notice but never assume that seller performance already knows about it. By stating so, it gives them the impression that you are aware of the problem. If there are several, address each one individually, in a single appeal.

Some examples of Amazon violations are the following: 

From there, you can then proceed to present the problem in more detail: how you determined the main issue, the actions that led to it, and most importantly, own up your mistakes and take responsibility for what happened.

Step 3: Describe the Actions You Have Made Since Being Suspended

Afterward, specify the actions you have taken post-Amazon account suspension to resolve the main issues you have outlined. Create a detailed step-by-step narrative of what you and your team have done to make Seller Performance see that you've understood the issue and are trying to prevent reoccurrences.

Make it easy to read by stating the main issue then proceeding with bullet points beneath it to increase congruence and readability. This way, Amazon's team can read and understand it in a breeze, resulting in faster reinstatement.

Step 4: Describe the Actions You Will Take When Reinstated

The next paragraph should present what your following actions will be once you become unsuspended. Explain which remedies or regulations will be enforced so your account can avoid future problems and ensure that you are up to Amazon's and your customer's standards. 

Ensure not to make any promises you can't keep or any claims which you cannot implement. Amazon will sometimes only reinstate a suspended Amazon Seller Account once they have evidence that the violator has implemented their proposed action plan.

Step 5: End With a Nice Closing Statement

End with a brief closing statement. Sum up all the steps you have taken and the preventative measures you are planning to enforce. Own up your mistakes and take accountability. And for a better chance of reinstatement, avoid including excuses of any kind.

Include a well-written, factual statement with a clear call to action asking for your seller account to be reinstated.  

Step 6: Send it Out and Wait Patiently

Submit your statement, keep an eye out for any communications, and respond promptly if they request further information. Then, wait patiently for a response or further actions until your account is reinstated. 

What Makes an Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter Good?

Easy to Read

The first things to consider are the people who will be reading your Amazon Seller suspension appeal letter. The more straightforward it is, the more effective it will be to convey your thoughts to Seller Performance. 

Make sure to write in simple, straight-to-the-point language while observing proper grammar and punctuation. There's no need for a literary and linguistic exhibition. Instead, prioritize ease of understanding and presentations of the facts. 

Effective Presentation

One of the most common mistakes of suspended sellers when drafting their appeal letters is to present everything in one giant block of a paragraph. Not only does this discourage readers from reading it, but you also risk saying more than you need.

One of the most common formats encouraged by other Amazon Sellers who've experienced success in writing appeals is to write your main points in simple sentences supported by bullet points. This will ensure brevity and conciseness, delivering the most straightforward message.

Coherent Formatting

Once you've outlined and gathered what needs to be put in the letter, you can begin to write it. Just make sure to follow coherent and easy-to-follow formatting. As addressed earlier, clear facts are the most critical factor of the Amazon Seller suspension appeal letter. 

  1. Begin your letter with a salutation. Opt to use any of the following suggestions:
    • Dear Amazon
    • Dear Sir/Madam
    • Dear Seller Performance
    • To Whom It May Concern
  1. For the first paragraph, introduce yourself, your business, and the reason you think is the root cause of the Amazon account suspension.
  1. Afterward, open your first notablepoint with a single, simple sentence. It can be any of the examples below:
    • We recognize the issue may have arisen from several occurrences:
    • After careful review of our group, we have determined these be the root of the problem:

You can then proceed to enumerate the problems in bullet points.

  1. The second point should be written similarly to the preceding number. 
  • Example:
    • We have taken the following actions to ensure that this will not happen again: 
    • The following steps have been taken to ensure that this will not happen again:

Then proceed to discuss your plan of action in bullet points. 

  1. Close everything up with a proposal of what you will do after you get reinstated, an assurance that the said problem will not occur in the future, and a request for Amazon to reinstate your account. And of course, don’t forget to include a closing salutation. 

Final thoughts

Writing an Amazon seller suspension appeal letter can sometimes be frustrating, but it isn't impossible. The challenging part is to craft one that Seller Performance can take note of as soon as possible.

If you need help writing an effective Amazon appeal letter, email us at [email protected], and we'll be quick to offer you support in addressing your Amazon account suspension.

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6 Steps on How to Draft an Effective Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter amazon suspension appeal letter

Writing an Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter is never how you want to spend an afternoon working. What makes it a tough nut to crack is that there are various reasons why Amazon account suspension occur in the first place, and it's not always clear cut. There are plenty of services out there that will conduct […]