Amazon Suspension Attorney: Why and When Would You Need One?

March 11, 2021
Written by Kevin Wong

Sorry to burst your bubble; not everything can be Googled, especially when it comes to Amazon account suspension. You vs. Amazon will be like David vs. Goliath. Would you rely on what is on the internet to reinstate your Seller Central account? Or should you hire a competent Amazon suspension attorney that knows how to win against the online retail giant?

Selling on Amazon doesn't need to have a steep learning curve. Anyone can be a seller -- from a Fortune 500 company, a private label, and someone running wholesale business. However, even a small hiccup or mishap can jeopardize your business, and Amazon won't tolerate such mistakes. As much as you want to have a smooth sailing operation, if you don't commit to memory each word in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement (ASBSA), you will soon have a suspension notification knocking on your inbox.

Why should you hire an Amazon suspension attorney?

Amazon loves to send cryptic suspension letters that requires a cry for help. Sometimes, they will tell you which ASINs violated their regulations, but for other times, they will send a vague message that will not give any clue. It is so frustrating that you will feel like solving a puzzle made out of 1,000 pieces. Puzzles provide good exercise for the brain but are not good for your business once your income source is threatened to be shut down.

Besides spending a great deal deciphering Amazon's suspension emails, you have a deadline to beat, set by Amazon. However, before you can write a well-written POA (plan of action), you need to comb through every message, review, and metric in your Seller's account to identify the root of the problem. Imagine when you have not just two, but ten or more products?

Also, Amazon won't give you a chance to clarify things if you didn't understand the content of the suspension email or notification. According to an article published on The Verge, the Performance team has no existing phone number where you can contact them. Instead, Amazon expects you to file an appeal right away to save your account. It is like being given a surprise final exam, where the teacher expects you to get a perfect score -- no questions asked. This is why there is an Amazon suspension attorney who has a mastery of the so-called "Amazon law" to write your appeal.

Moreover, you can avoid filing an arbitration (for U.S.-based sellers) to order Amazon to reinstate your suspended account, but this comes with a hefty price. You need to pay a fee that is approximately $2,500 to the American Arbitration Association. It could go higher than that if you want to speed things up or settle other issues. 

When do you need an Amazon suspension help?

Here are the instances where you should seek help from an Amazon suspension expert:

Intellectual Property 

Even outside Amazon, infringing on someone's intellectual property can put you in a legal battle. It includes copyrights, trademarks, and patents. 

Copyright protects the original works of authorship. An example of a violation is copying product images from another product detail page to use for other listings. 

On the other hand, a trademark is something that a company uses to distinguish itself from others. It could be a design, word, or symbol of a brand name or logo.

Lastly, a patent protects an invention from someone who wants to make, use, or sell it. There are two different types of patents in the U.S., namely, Design patents and Utility patents.

When you receive a notification regarding intellectual property claims, Amazon will also give you the email address of the rights owner. You may contact the rights owner using the email address to request a retraction of their claim, and this is where you need an Amazon suspension lawyer to settle things out.

Patent, trademark, or copyright registration

Filing for a trademark, copyright, or patent is a time-consuming process that many sellers would rather skip to be able to start selling right away. However, it also means that you cannot join Amazon Brand Registry, a program that protects your brand from black hat sellers.

Amazon highly recommends consulting a lawyer first when it comes to intellectual property matters. Even before you search how to find wholesale products to sell on Amazon, you should seek legal advice from an Amazon suspension expert to avoid intellectual property issues in the future.

Moreover, you can work with an Amazon suspension attorney to formulate a game plan on what to do if you are facing fraudulent Amazon sellers. 


In social media, expectation vs. reality posts are among the funniest memes, especially when it comes to items bought online. These are online buyers' "horror" stories where they share their disappointments regarding products they have bought. It turns out that they received something different from what is offered in the marketplace. But as a seller, these bogus claims can hurt your business, which Amazon detests the most.

Selling of illegal products

You are so eager to know how to find wholesale products to sell on Amazon that you have failed to check if you are authorized to sell them or not. Amazon has zero-tolerance with such products on its marketplace. They had even created brand protection programs against illegal sales like Amazon Brand Registry and Amazon Project Zero.

It may not be your fault, but the fault of your chosen supplier or distributor. However, your business is also affected since the unauthorized product was bought from you, and Amazon will suspend you because of it once they find out. They could take down your listings that offer the unauthorized item or suspend your account as a whole.

Amazon suspensions that don't require legal help

There are types of suspensions that only need a solid POA to get you reinstated and don't require a bit of legal advice, as follows:

Creation of multiple accounts

Amazon doesn't allow the creation of an unlimited number of related accounts. This is why you should never share credit card numbers or IP addresses to anyone, especially to those who are planning to open an Amazon Seller account of their own. Additionally, making another new account while you are suspended falls under this category.

Review policy violation

Amazon hates finger-pointing; instead, they favor those who admit their mistakes and find ways never to repeat them. You can use this method by admitting that you have violated Amazon's review policies on your POA, as simple as that.

Amazon policies violation

We're not singling out the review policy, but it is one of the most common violations in the marketplace. Yet, it is best to take note that you may also get suspended when you violate every policy in the Amazon seller code of conduct. However, it doesn't need an Amazon suspension lawyer to get you out of it.

A short word of advice 

Although an Amazon suspension expert can get you out of trouble, it doesn't mean that it is alright to commit any of the reasons for account suspension reasons. Remember that a suspension can tarnish your performance, reputation, and image in the marketplace. On the contrary, you must treat this article as a friendly warning to prevent yourself from being suspended.

In closing

Remember that Amazon isn't the bad guy. The massive online retailer wants to run a just and fair platform where everyone has an equal opportunity to sell. Thus, the existence of selling policies and the Seller Code of Conduct that every seller must understand and abide by. However, when you hit a rough patch, it would be better to let an Amazon suspension attorney help you out. You won't have a hard time guessing how long does Amazon appeal take since an Amazon suspension lawyer will handle all the legal matters for you.

Are you facing a legal battle and in dire need of an Amazon suspension attorney? Seller Interactive has a team of experienced Amazon suspension experts willing to help you reinstate an Amazon suspended account. Please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] today.

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