A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Reactivate Amazon Seller Account

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To safeguard both buyers and vendors, Amazon has strict policies in place. All vendors and buyers must adhere to these standards to have a safe purchasing and selling experience. If Amazon is recognized for anything, it has zero tolerance for rules infractions. As a result, many Amazon sellers' selling accounts have been canceled for various reasons, including selling illegal products.

Deactivating your Amazon seller account can be unpleasant, especially if you've invested so much in establishing your Amazon business. Furthermore, obtaining access to your Amazon account after it has been suspended may be tough if you don’t know how to recover your Amazon suspended account.

The good news is that it is still possible to reactivate your seller account. And there are many ways to stay up to date with policies and Amazon news, one of which is subscribing to a weekly newsletter like Seller Bites.

What is a Deactivated Amazon Seller Account

A deactivated Amazon seller account has had its selling credentials revoked by Amazon owing to a breach of their regulations. A seller who wishes to discontinue their business account can also request that their account be deactivated.

Accounts on Amazon get terminated for several reasons. The good news is that you may prevent Amazon seller account deletion if you follow Amazon's standards. But, first, you must learn why your account was suspended and create an effective appeal letter.

What Happens if Your Amazon Seller Account got Deactivated

All uploaded listings are deleted when you cancel your seller account, and your cash will be placed on hold.

Amazon will notify you by offering 90 days to file an appeal of accepting the deactivation. Only after the 90-day deadline has ended may you request any remaining lump sump money owed to you. For your final payment, however, a separate inquiry is needed.

You will also be urged to dispatch pending orders, so the process does not stall longer than required.

Most accounts are deactivated because they are no longer in use or are associated with an account that cannot be used to sell on Amazon.

How to Reactivate Amazon Seller Account

A suspended Amazon account is more significant than one that has been removed.

For the majority of the cases, Amazon seller accounts are suspended for three reasons:

  1. Amazon is dissatisfied with your performance, including your customer service. 
  2. The possibility of violating one or more of Amazon's rules. 
  3. You’re selling a limited commodity.

Following are the methods to reinstate a suspended Amazon seller account: 

  1. The first step is to figure out why your account was suspended in the first place.
  2. Following that, you must design an action plan for dealing with the problem and preventing it from recurring in the future. It is also recommend writing a letter to Amazon explaining why your account should be reactivated and why you should continue to participate in the Amazon marketplace.
  3. To begin the appeal procedure, log in to your Seller Central account and navigate the Performance page.
  4. After selecting Performance Notifications, locate the Suspension Notice and select Appeal.
  5. You can complete the Appeal Form detailing the previously specified course of action.

Why Amazon Seller Accounts Are Suspended

Receiving notification that your Amazon seller account has been terminated can be frightening for any Amazon seller. However, knowing why accounts are canceled might assist you in avoiding doing activities that will result in account deletion.

Here are some of the most prevalent reasons for Amazon account suspensions:

Selling Illegal Goods

Amazon forbids the selling of unlawful, dangerous, or otherwise restricted items on its marketplace. Alcohol, automobiles, motorbikes, animal and animal products, currencies, coins, currency equivalents, and a variety of other commodities are prohibited things that cannot be sold on Amazon.

Selling any of the forbidden products on Amazon may result in the deletion of the seller account.

Counterfeit Product Sales

Amazon demands that all things for sale on its marketplace be genuine. It is prohibited and illegal to sell counterfeit items. Any Amazon sellers should know that Amazon has zero tolerance for counterfeited products.

If Amazon suspects you of selling counterfeit items, they will cancel your selling privileges, withhold your money, and dispose of your inventory in their warehouses.

Amazon's processes for detecting counterfeit products have consistently improved, so selling counterfeit products on the marketplace will get you nowhere.

Having Multiple Accounts

Operating multiple Amazon seller accounts without prior authorization is strictly prohibited, and Amazon strictly enforces this prohibition. Unfortunately, Amazon views numerous accounts as a simple way for some merchants to get around Amazon's rules.

If you have good cause to run numerous seller accounts, you can request an exemption to this restriction.

Poor Customer Service Rating

Amazon has a performance goal score to ensure a great customer experience. Sellers must keep their late shipping rate under 4% and their pre-fulfilment cancel rate under 2.5%.

Furthermore, Amazon mandates that your order fault rate be less than 1%. Failure to meet any of these parameters may result in account suspension.

Using Unethical Methods to Collect Feedback and Reviews

Some Amazon merchants pay favorable reviews in return for merchandise. According to Amazon's regulations, this is a serious breach. Amazon will not hesitate to delete your account if they discover you are manipulating the system.

Opening a New Account After Suspension

Many vendors who have had their accounts suspended make the mistake of instantly creating new accounts, thinking that this strategy would be the best resolution to the suspended one. However, if Amazon discovers that you have established a second account after being suspended, they will also suspend the second account.

Opening a new account after your existing Amazon seller account has been suspended jeopardizes your chances of reopening it.

Selling Secondhand Items as New

Selling old things as new is a direct violation of Amazon's policy. It is a form of fraudulent act showing how dishonest your account could be for the online buyers in Amazon. Hence, Amazon deactivating your account is the most justifiable answer to this act. 

Negative Reactions

If you receive too much bad feedback, your Amazon seller account may be terminated. Amazon is more concerned with giving the greatest consumer experience possible. Therefore, they guarantee that vendors provide high-quality items and excellent customer support.

Although a few poor reviews will not result in the deactivation of your account, obtaining a large number of negative reviews may result in losing your selling rights.

Hackers of Amazon Seller Accounts

Hackers can sometimes get illegal access to a seller's account, modify bank details, and transfer payments to the hacker's bank accounts. If Amazon uncovers suspicious act in your Amazon seller account, they will have your account suspended automatically. 

When your Amazon account is suspended due to a hacking incident, you will be able to regain access once your information has been confirmed.

Infringement on Copyright

Copyright violation is another reason Amazon may terminate your account. This entails exploiting another seller's intellectual property without their permission.

You will be alerted if you utilize another seller's photos or text to construct a product listing and the seller files a complaint with Amazon.

Your account will be suspended if you disregard Amazon's alerts and do not respond to intellectual property concerns.

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Why You Should Take Action

Account Suspension is your biggest challenge if you sell on Amazon. If done wrong, it might jeopardize your account and start over again. If you want your appeal application noticed, you accept responsibility for deactivation or suspension. Demonstrate to Amazon that you want to be a contributor and won't make the same mistake again.

If your appeal is related to a suspension, ensure your action plan is clear and to the point - and always maintain a professional tone. You may consider employing a virtual assistant to prevent the suspension from happening again. You may learn more about this option by clicking here.

However, given the complexities of suspensions, you can't afford to make these errors. Instead, you must swiftly reinstate your account and handle the problem using the finest method above.

With Seller Interactive’s Amazon Suspension Appeal Service, our team will help you get your account reinstated and verified, perform an in-depth review of your account to identify issues, and assist with legal concerns along the way with our legal experts!

Book a call at https://sellerinteractive.com/book-a-call/W/ or call us at 1-800-820-3746 and let’s reinstate your account and secure it from getting suspended.

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