If Amazon Closes My Account, Can I Open a New One?

amazon account suspension

Last updated on June 23rd, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Imagine the shock and frustration to discover your personal Amazon account has been closed. Perhaps it was due to a misunderstanding, a policy violation, or even an unauthorized access issue. 

Regardless of the reason, an Amazon account closure can have far-reaching consequences. It not only disrupts your ongoing business operations but also raises concerns about starting over on the platform.

You may wonder: if Amazon closes my account, can I open a new one? What are the potential roadblocks, and what steps can you take to navigate this challenging situation?

This article explores Amazon's account suspension policies and provides insights to overcome this unexpected setback. Let's navigate the maze of Amazon's account regulations and see if you have the potential for a second chance.

Three Phases of Amazon Account Suspension

a 3d render of “account banned” message

Account suspension is a dreaded scenario for both new and seasoned Amazon sellers.

If you’re in this situation, you are likely searching frantically for answers on reopening your Amazon account after suspension. But remember, it’s not as easy as sending a request to customer service or clicking a button to reactivate it. In this case, it is not a “request” but an “appeal.” 

So yes, you can still plead your case and send an Amazon suspension appeal. Amazon has three levels of account suspension as follows:

  • Suspension: This is when you receive a notification with the subject: “Your Amazon.com selling privileges have been removed.” Don’t worry; there’s still hope in reinstating your account by sending an appeal letter.
  • Denied: If you receive this notification, it means that Amazon has denied your appeal. Can you send another one? Sadly, no. 
  • Banned: At this point, you are permanently kicked out of the marketplace with no chance of creating a new business account ever again. This is due to repetitive appeals or forceful emails that only worsen your situation.

In other words, your only chance of opening a suspended Amazon account is at the suspension stage. The moment you mess this up, you won’t be allowed to sell on Amazon again.

The Curious Case of Opening a New Account

“Can I open a new account instead?

Yes, you can technically open a new account. But take note: it’s a hassle. Even if you contact customer service or seek assistance from an account specialist, they will refuse to handle your request due to the associated risks.

What risks? According to Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct, owning multiple seller accounts for each region you sell is prohibited unless you have a legitimate business. They will only accommodate your need for a new account if: 

  • You own various brands and operate separate firms for each brand.
  • You produce your products for two different companies.
  • You’re signed up for an Amazon program that requires a separate seller account.

Amazon strongly emphasizes maintaining a fair and level playing field for all sellers. It doesn’t matter if you’re the rightful account owner; this can still undermine their principles. It can lead to unfair competition, review manipulation, and other violations of Amazon’s policies.

It is always better to be safe than to be banned.

The Right Way of Opening an Amazon Account After Suspension

A woman multitasking on mobile and laptop, managing projects and reports

You have now come to terms with the reality of suspension and understand that opening a new account is not an option. What’s next for you? Write a formal appeal. This step is crucial as it can determine the fate of your business and prevent it from spiraling downward.

If you’re not confident enough to compose it, ask for help from an Amazon suspension expert. But here’s what you can do when creating an effective Amazon suspension appeal for your closed account.

Keep Calm and Don’t Rush It

Of course, it is hard to remain calm right now. We understand your resentment, and losing your cool in this situation is natural. But you need to keep your emotions in check. Venting your anger on social media or threatening Seller Performance will not benefit your case. Take responsibility and acknowledge the problem. 

Don’t play the blame game. Stay calm, collected, and focused on presenting a well-constructed appeal. This is only your chance to reinstate your previous account and resume operations on the ecommerce platform.

Check and Resolve Pending Support Tickets

Do a brief “spring cleaning” first. Resolve any pending tickets and try to improve the health of your account. This proactive approach shows your dedication to keeping a positive seller reputation. It also strengthens your appeal by highlighting your responsiveness and customer-centric focus.

Review your product listings. Analyze your performance metrics and identify areas for improvement. Show your commitment to meeting Amazon’s standards and delivering a great selling experience. 

You don’t want Amazon to doubt your worth as a seller once they start reviewing your appeal and your account.

Find the Reason Behind Your Closed Amazon Account

Know the reason behind the Amazon seller account suspension. Look for specific details or explanations that may shed light on the cause of getting your account locked. These might include:

  • Poor Performance Metrics: You can check this out on the Account Health page. Keep in mind that you should meet and maintain the following performance targets:
  • Order defect rate: < 1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: < 2.5%
  • Late shipment rate: < 4%
  • Amazon Policy Violation: A suspended personal Amazon account means you sell a prohibited product or disobey selling rules. Always stay up-to-date with Amazon's changes and policy updates. 
  • Subpar Customer Communication: Amazon is a customer-centric company. Ignoring their most valuable asset is not a good idea. It is crucial to prioritize effective communication, respond to messages promptly, address customer issues, and resolve disputes.
  • Listing Infringement Issues: Amazon can suspend you if you have been accused of infringing on intellectual property rights, such as trademarks or copyrights. You must review any claims made against your listings and address them accordingly.
  • Suspicious Account Activity: Unusual or suspicious account behavior, such as a sudden surge in sales or a significant change in selling patterns, may trigger an account suspension. 

Create a POA (Plan of Action)

Contacting customer service is just the first step. You must also create a Plan of Action. This document outlines actions to address the suspension and show compliance with Amazon's policies.

Answer the following questions when composing a POA:

  • What is the root cause of the issue?
  • Articulate the underlying cause or causes that led to the account suspension.
  • What will you do to address the issue?
  • Outline the specific steps you will take to rectify the problem. Be detailed and provide a clear action plan, including any necessary changes or improvements you will make to your business operations.
  • How can you prevent this from happening again?
  • Describe the preventive measures you will implement. It could be enhanced quality control procedures, improved communication strategies, or additional staff training.
  • What evidence can you provide to support your case?
  • Include any supporting documentation, evidence, or data that substantiates your actions. It could be receipts from your previous accounts, invoices, customer feedback, or other relevant information.

Submit Your Letter of Appeal to Amazon

After writing the suspension appeal letter, send it to Seller Performance for review. Here’s how to submit your appeal:

  • Open the account suspension notification that you received from them. You’ll find a button labeled “Appeal Decision” at the bottom of the letter. 
  • Upon accessing the account menu, fill out all the essential details required in the provided form. Ensure all the necessary information, explanations, and action plans are accurate. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the content and accuracy of your appeal, proceed by clicking the “Submit Appeal” button.

Follow these steps, as any mistakes could impact the strength and success of your appeal. Double-check all the information and details to present a compelling case for reinstatement.

Wait for a Reply

Given the vast and diverse seller community, you must understand that you’re not the only one they’re attending to. Patience is the key during this process.

Don’t send multiple letters or status requests. It won’t hasten their decision-making or garner a faster response. It may even lead to a delay as it creates additional administrative work for the Seller Performance team.

Waiting can be challenging and frustrating. Use this time to strengthen your business practices and explore other avenues for growth. Evaluate your product offerings, improve customer service strategies, and seek opportunities to enhance your overall performance as an Amazon seller.

Receive a Response From Amazon

Once Amazon's Seller Performance team has reviewed your appeal, you will receive a reply via email. This email will provide you with their decision regarding the reinstatement of your account.

Hopefully, it is the one you wish for. But always prepare for any outcome, as Amazon's decision may not always align with your expectations.

Final Thoughts

Amazon only wants the best for its customers. Your job as a seller is to provide exceptional service that exceeds their expectations. From prioritizing customer satisfaction to maintaining compliance with Amazon's policies, you can position yourself for long-term success on the platform.

Have you been suspended? Learn and grow. It's not the end of your Amazon selling journey. Understand the reasons behind your suspension and reflect on areas where you can improve. With the right approach, opening a new account will be unnecessary.
Do you need help with your appeals? Seller Interactive has a team of Amazon suspension experts that will provide you with top-notch Amazon suspension help.

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