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Maya Angelou was quoted saying, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” In general, this belief is true—creativity and ideas never run out but continue to grow as you use them. Every painting you see gracing a once blank canvas started as a few blots of ink.

This same growth and development are also shown in eCommerce advertising. Not long ago, there were only a couple of means to advertise online until it grew because of customer demands and advertisers’ creativity. 

The best characteristic of all the Amazon advertising solutions is that they’re easily done. Because of this, anybody, even the newbies in the advertising world, can easily launch various campaigns. Amazon claims that after a few clicks, your ad is all set and launched. While this is true, it may not be wise to rush anything you invest your money into. Hence, even if you can do those few clicks on your own, it is still best to partner with an Amazon advertising agency.

On-Amazon, there are four leading solutions you can try to make your products and brand known. Off-Amazon, there are several, but today, we will be enumerating three of the most common and effective ways to see your business take flight. Let’s now uncover these seven solutions you can get partnering with an Amazon advertising agency.

#1 Sponsored Product

For Amazon product display ads, the eCommerce giant has prepared templates to make it easier even for new ones to create an ad. However, if you want your material to be appealing and informative, you have to strategize what content you want to include. An Amazon advertising agency can do just that and will also help you increase your product’s visibility.

This type of advertising puts the products on center stage as they appear on results and product pages of customers looking for similar products. You want these potential buyers to click on your ad and buy from you instead. These are the steps that will be taken by your partner Amazon advertising agency to ensure the desired customer actions happen: 

  • Create Amazon product display ads that will highlight the selling points of the goods, their price, and why it is the best choice there is in the market
  • Show the product’s exact measurement so the buyer can easily visualize  and purchase it on the spot if it has the right dimensions
  • Include variations of colors, prints, and other specifications on the advertisement through text or photos with the help of professional graphic artists
  • Keep texts short, catchy, and informative 
  • Create images that sell 

After launching a product on Amazon, your partner agency will fulfill their Amazon sponsored ads management function. This is where they’ll monitor the efficiency of your campaign, send you reports, and adjust your game plans accordingly.

#2 Sponsored Brands

Contrary to the first advertising solution that shows the product itself, Sponsored Brands show minimal but highly appealing taglines, photos, and other visuals laced with the brand’s logo. The main aim of this type of ad is to create brand awareness and have an interested audience click to see your complete product portfolio. In creating awareness, consistency in branding is the key. The work of your partner Amazon advertising agency includes the following:

  • Ensure that the content of the advertisement is appealing enough to get a click
  • Create a sponsored display ad that will create a lasting impression on viewers 
  • Feature your brand logo and memorable tagline on your visuals
  • Choose or generate an image that grabs attention 
  • Strategize and bid for the placement of your ads 
  • Amazon sponsored ads management - Oversee the progress of your campaign, send reports, and adjust strategies as needed 

#3 Sponsored Display

This type of solution will make your ads appear on the Amazon platform, third-party websites, and applications. You may choose to create ads focused on your products or materials for brand awareness. Your Amazon advertising agency shall assist you with the following:

  • Creating clear goals and objectives for the advertisement 
  • Deciding whether the ads will target (a) shoppers who are looking for similar products, (b) shoppers who have a history of clicking through your product listing but haven’t bought yet—as a way of remarketing for previous buyers—, or (c) for brand awareness
  • Creation of advertisements for your product or brand with the help of professional in-team graphic designers
  • Strategize and bid for the placement of your ads
  • Launching and monitoring of the campaign

Placing your ads outside of Amazon means a wider responsibility and monitoring. There are also more factors to consider in terms of analyzing customer behaviors and conversion rates. Analyzing competitors in another platform is another factor that you should consider to have a total understanding of your campaign’s success and challenges. Having a partner Amazon advertising agency can help you gather all the data you need and analyze the important statistics. It is always a good idea to know your numbers, keep them in mind, and use them as a basis for your next campaigns. 

#4 Amazon Stores

Building a website where you have more space to talk about your products and brand is an essential step to really establish your brand, but you’ll need a team to handle such a complex and tedious process. Amazon has a solution for you through Amazon Stores. Like building a website, Amazon will provide you a unique URL for your brand, which you can publish on other platforms to lead more visitors to your store. 

You will be provided with Amazon sponsored ads management by your partner agency, which includes the following services: 

  • Search Engine Optimization to ensure that your store appears on the radar of buyers looking for similar products
  • Ensure that your content satisfies the algorithm and its human readers at the same time
  • Maximize Amazon Store’s readily available templates to create a visually appealing store, where essential information—most especially the buy button—are strategically placed. 
  • Customize Amazon Store layout for more unique store visuals 
  • Generate photos for your store which are both visually appealing and informative
  • Make the store memorable to encourage repeat visitors and buyers

Creating an Amazon Store is free, and Amazon has made it very easy for starting entrepreneurs. Your partner Amazon advertising agency can best utilize this tool and turn it into a platform where you can communicate your brand better, highlight your different products, and win your customers’ trust. 

#5 Website Creation and Optimization

If you already have an Amazon Store, do you still need to establish a separate website? The answer depends on your goal as a seller. If you want to increase your brand’s credibility and have more space to talk about your products and topics related to them, then, by all means, build a website. 

The step-by-step of creating a website is a bit complex for a one-person job. We’re talking about developing the site itself, content creation, site management, maintenance, and a bunch of other processes. A helping hand from an Amazon advertising agency with a team of in-house content writers, website designers, SEO specialists, customer support professionals, and marketing teams can do wonders in this area. 

Here are the services you can expect from your partner agency:

  • Website creation
  • Creation and management of SEO-friendly content
  • Compelling graphics created by a team of professional designers and marketing experts
  • Proper placement of ads in your website to ensure that aside from site views and visits, you’ll also get sales
  • Data gathering and analysis regarding your website activities and Amazon sponsored ads management if any of your ads are linked to your Amazon listing

Having your own website is a significant milestone in your growth as an Amazon seller. Expanding your visibility to a broader audience also means investing more. Partnering with an Amazon advertising agency will ensure that your investments will return to you in the form of sales and a strong online presence. 

#6 Google for Retail 

Another advertising solution you can use to further expose your products to viewers outside Amazon is Google for Retail. Google for Retail offers three main campaigns you and your partner agency can choose depending on the business goals you have set. 

  • Search Campaigns - This campaign works like Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising, where you will just pay when potential buyers click on your ads, visit your website, or contact you. Your ads will appear when customers search for products or information related to yours. 
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns - For this campaign, there is no need for users to search for your brand. Google has an algorithm that measures every user’s search and view behavior. With that, your ads will automatically appear on highly-viewed pages that offer similar products. 
  • Shopping Campaigns with Partners - In this campaign, manufacturers and retailers are given the chance to collaborate. Manufacturers can allocate a budget for their retailers to support their advertising campaigns. As a result, both manufacturers and retailers benefit from increased sales. 

Aside from these campaigns, Google for Retail also has a couple of tools your Amazon advertising agency can maximize to make your brand stand out and get more sales. Some tools are used to gather data, too. These include Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Pay, and more. It is also important to note that when you advertise using Google for Retail, your ads will appear on different Google properties. 

#7 Social Media Campaigns and Management 

There are 3.8 billion social media users worldwide, so if you want to get your brand and products known, capitalize on this vast resource. Your partner Amazon advertising agency can create social media marketing plans to make your Amazon business successful. In detail, here are some of the steps your partner agency can help you out on:

  • Pick among the famous social media platforms in the world where your ads will be posted
  • Partner with social media influencers to endorse your brand 
  • Create different content for different types of social media platforms through the help of professional content creators
  • Gather data for your social media campaigns, make sense of the numbers, pinpoint the successes and points for improvement
  • Clearly report the efficiency of your social media campaigns to your Amazon conversion rates

Aside from increasing sales, brand awareness, and product advertisements, there are a lot of benefits of social media marketing to your business. It is you and your partner agency’s responsibility to know these advantages and enjoy them. 

Key Takeaway

There are a lot of Amazon advertising solutions available for sellers to utilize. As demand and technology advance and customer behavior changes—so do eCommerce marketing strategies. 

As a seller, it pays to be informed of the latest marketing trends, but trust that partnering with an Amazon advertising agency will be of great help. Launching a product on Amazon can be a bit complicated and may take a lot of steps to ensure success, but a dedicated and skilled team having your back can make the process worth taking. 

Seller Interactive can be your partner Amazon advertising agency. We specialize in Amazon sponsored ads management and other eCommerce solutions that will surely elevate your business. We’ll take care of the ways to engage your customers, manage your campaigns, and expand your customer reach. 

Call us now at 1-800-820-3746 or visit our website to know more about us and what we can do for your business.

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