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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

There are a lot of areas you need to manage on Amazon aside from simply selling your product and increasing your business sales. Due to this, hiring an Amazon consulting agency has become more essential than ever. Choose an agency that will see your business as their top priority – because if they don’t, you’re not going to stick around for long.

These agencies have already cultivated a good working relationship with Amazon representatives and teams that can make a difference for your business.

Have you finally found the one? If not, then here are some of the things you need to keep in mind in getting the right agency for your business.

Why choose an Amazon Consulting Agency?

Unlike an Amazon FBA agency that only focuses on the process of fulfilling your orders, Amazon consulting agencies are a lot more complex and holistic. When you delve deeper in the world of Amazon selling, you must have a thorough understanding of it, as well as daily management. From keyword research strategies to high-converting product listings -- name any business aspect that you want to focus on and these Amazon consulting agencies can help. Here’s why hiring an Amazon agency is important.

Consulting Agencies Know Amazon Better

Amazon is not just a selling platform. It’s a complex place wherein you have to know how terms such Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP) differ from each other, as well as the Amazon fees, the SEO process, the listing optimization, and a lot more. If you want to understand these terms in no time, then better seek the help of an Amazon seller consultant to be given a more comprehensive guide.

They Can Help You Get More Product Conversions

Since these agencies already know the Amazon platform well, they can help your business get higher rankings for higher clicks. These consulting agencies can provide you with Amazon SEO tips and tricks to make your business stand out.

An Amazon Consulting Agency Can Cover Everything You Need

Amazon agencies can provide businesses with all the things they need for online marketing and advertising.The main goal of these agencies is to deliver your brand story as they find the right audience for you. So when you want to make things easier for your business and boost sales early on, best to hire an Amazon consulting agency that covers everything. 

What are the tips that I need to know?

Now that you know why hiring a full-service Amazon agency  is important, it’s about time you also know the right ways to get THE ONE.

Identify Your Business Needs

Before anything else, the secret to boosting your business sales must always start with you. You have to take a look at your business and see what you need. If it’s one specific area, like improving your search rankings, then you need an agency that also covers Amazon SEO tips. If there are more areas that you want them to work on, then hiring an full-service Amazon consulting agency is better.

It’s important to ask these questions because these will help you understand what your business needs. Start by creating a detailed brief of what these agencies need to do with your business. This can also allow you to test these potential Amazon seller consultants on what strategy they can best provide for you. 

Consider Good Communication

When getting an agency for Amazon consultations, it is best to go for those who communicate well. Choose a partner that can easily translate all the complex Amazon terms according to how you would better understand them. 

The right Amazon consulting agency should be approachable and can be easily contacted, especially if unexpected things happen to your online business. 

Another thing to consider for better communication is your consultant’s location. Choose the one that’s always available to give you progress reports -- be it on the telephone, video calls, or face-to-face discussion. At the end of the day, it will still depend on how things should be most convenient for you.

Look for Their Credentials and Case Studies

When shortlisting your potential Amazon consulting agency candidates, a good presentation of their credentials is very important. These agencies must present you with their up-to-date portfolio of e-commerce case studies, including products they successfully optimized, promoted, or managed before meeting you.

Choose an agency that has the same goals as you when it comes to measuring business success. 

Set a Fixed Price

Despite these agencies being potential consultants for your business, they must still present you with a detailed plan and strategy as to how your business can generate more sales. And when they do, make sure you already have a fixed rate in mind. Please keep in mind that your potential Amazon consulting agency must also update you regularly if ever the charges build up. 

Choose a Transparent Amazon Consulting Agency

After you’ve both discussed the pricing and their scope of work, the next agenda to focus on is your expectations. It’s best to choose an agency that can tell you about their practices. Moreover, this can also be beneficial for your team, as you can also teach them the ins-and-outs of Amazon marketing. So if your Amazon seller consultant refused to be transparent with his/her plans and progress, then it might not be good for both parties in the long run.

After all, transparency is the key to create the best business strategy by both you and your Amazon consulting agency.


Selling on Amazon is not that easy, but you also don’t need to become an Amazon expert before you start your business on the platform. Hiring an Amazon consulting agency can provide you expert advice regarding the most important things you need to know to generate sales online.

However, getting the best results should still start with clearly identifying your business objectives. Given all these pointers you have to keep in mind, choosing the right one should now be easier for you. At the end of the day, everything will still boil down to selecting the agency that’s committed to your success and creating a harmonious partnership.

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