How to Increase Sales on Amazon This 2023

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Last updated on July 11th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Were your Amazon sales in 2022 able to meet your expectations? Whether you are satisfied with it or otherwise, the truth is that you now have a new opportunity to boost it this 2023. As an Amazon seller aiming to thrive in a highly-competitive environment, you must know how to increase sales on Amazon.

Remember that Amazon is still the largest e-commerce platform in the world. Its enormous customer base allows you to redeem whatever losses you suffered last year.  Apart from optimizing your Amazon listings, there are other essential aspects of improving sales performance. Let’s discuss the strategies you need to master.  

How Does Amazon Measure Sales Performance?

If you want to learn how to get organic sales on Amazon, you must first understand its performance metrics. Amazon is a customer-focused company, so it measures the success of its sellers through its ability to deliver optimal customer service.

Familiarizing yourself with these metrics can help balance your Amazon account health and increase your Amazon sales.

Order Defect Rate (ODR)

Your ODR reflects how well you accurately report your stock's condition and handle customers' complaints before they get out of hand.

Amazon defines a ‘defect’ in three different ways:

  • A negative review of your product
  • A customer's litany of claims
  • Getting a credit card charge-back

The platform calculates your ODR by dividing the number of defect orders by the total number of orders received within a specified period.

💡 How to Keep Your ODR from Spiking: Focus on always attending to your customers' needs. Whenever an issue crops up, resolve it immediately. Not only does being attentive and prompt reduce negative feedback, but it also helps increase the traffic of your product listing, hence improving sales.

Pre-Fulfillment Cancellation Rate (PFCR)  

Amazon determines your PFCR by the percentage of canceled orders you receive before shipping goods. At best, your PFCR needs to be lower than 2.5%. Getting a higher PFCR means failing to meet Amazon's target.

💡 How to Keep Your PFCR from Spiking: Be meticulous in stock management. Always update your record. It should show the number of units you have at your disposal and the number of units comprising the inventory you have sent to Amazon. Keep track of the platform's updates whenever a customer buys your products.

Late Dispatch Rate (LDR)

To know your LDR, Amazon checks the percentage of orders you failed to dispatch on time. Getting an LDR of 4% or higher means you did not meet the marketplace's target. As a rule, an order is late when the shipping details are confirmed after three or more days.

💡 How to Keep Your LDR from Spiking: To avoid late dispatches, ship customers' orders as soon as they have confirmed them. If not, see that you have everything on record and will attend to shipping ASAP. With this, you need to update the information on your seller account. Failure to do so causes your LDR to go up.

Policy Violations

For every violation you make, Amazon sends you a notification. That is why you need to check your Performance Notifications regularly. To locate the warnings, go to the Performance section at Seller Central.

💡 What You Need to Know About Notifications: Checking your notifications is necessary. This way, you are informed on time, especially for immediate issues. If you spot a green tick, it means you have read all notifications. Meanwhile, a yellow tick indicates that you have not read them. 
❌ Do not bypass a big red cross. It indicates that Amazon is closely monitoring your seller account.  

Buyer-Seller Contact Response Time (CRT)

Amazon recommends that sellers should respond to customers within 24 hours. That is why you need to check your messages regularly. Doing so enables you to reply at the earliest possible time. Delayed responses frustrate customers. 

When this happens, you fail to deliver the high-quality customer service that the platform requires.

💡 How to Avoid Negatively Impacting Your CRT Metric: Set aside a daily schedule for reading and responding to messages only. Stick to it at all costs. If you do not make this task a part of your daily work activities, you could miss out on essential messages necessitating an immediate response.

How to Increase Sales on Amazon: Tips on Boosting Product Sales

Selling more products on Amazon requires a tactical approach that marries strategic techniques with close monitoring and quick response. Here are a few ideas to help you gain more sales on your Amazon store:

1. Optimize your product listings regularly.

Below is a checklist detailing the crucial aspects of optimizing your Amazon listings. If you optimize your product listings, they have a higher chance of convincing your target audience to purchase. 

Improving your listings is also one way to comply with the A10 algorithm of Amazon search engine optimization (SEO.)

  • Use relevant keywords. Put yourself in the shoes of your Amazon customers and think about what words or phrases they will use to find the products they want. Include a keyword tool or work with an Amazon SEO expert to maximize your keyword research.
  • Optimize product titles. Your product title should include your brand name, quantity, size, and other important features.
  • Write optimized product descriptions. Provide detailed product features and usage information to help customers find, evaluate, and purchase products.
  • Use eye-catching, professionally captured images that conform to Amazon's guidelines. High-quality images help highlight the value points of the product. 
  • Optimize the pages for both Amazon and Google search results

It helps to obtain a Category Listing Report whose access you can request from Seller Support. The report will present your listing in a flat file. In this format, spotting gaps and errors become easier.

Below is an example of an optimized product listing to help you visualize.

a screenshot of a baby product listing on amazon

2. Leverage several channels as part of your marketing strategy. 

It is given that marketing on Amazon puts your products directly before your intended buyers and generates repeat customers. But to fully maximize the advantages of your marketing campaign, include other channels outside the platform. 

It also helps if you have a dedicated website for your brand. Here is a list of widely known channels where you can market your products.

  • Amazon marketplace programs (Amazon ads, lightning deals, etc.)
  • Your online store
  • Your website
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns 
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.,
  • Affiliate marketing websites
  • Guest posts

3. Encourage favorable reviews from customers.

Your customers' positive reviews are testaments of your product and service quality. They convince potential buyers to choose you and help elevate your page ranking. Such improvements directly impact your Best Seller Ranking (BSR). 

What about less favorable or negative reviews? Do they hold any value? Yes, as long as they are not too many or fake. These reviews offer valuable insights that you can use to improve your product and service.

Here’s what Jayce, the managing director of Seller Interactive, can tell you about getting authentic reviews:

4. Take advantage of Amazon's Sponsored Advertising solutions.

Promoting your product on Amazon positions your brand directly in front of potential customers. Amazon advertising helps Amazon sellers reach their customers further, targeting every stage of the buyer's journey.

Amazon offers various advertising services depending on your needs and objectives, such as Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and more.

5. Pay attention to your performance via established metrics.

Amazon closely monitors and evaluates seller performance according to the various metrics discussed in the earlier sections. Such metrics were developed to gauge each seller's capacity to deliver top-notch customer service.

6. Keep a well-stocked inventory.

A well-stocked inventory increases the organic ranking of your pages on Amazon. But if you were to manage it alone, you might feel overwhelmed. With little time and knowledge, focusing on other equally important aspects of running your business will be difficult. Worse, it can trigger errors and long-term negative impacts on your efforts.

To make the process smooth, take advantage of specially programmed software or rely on the proficiency of qualified personnel to manage your inventory on your behalf.  You can also try Fulfillment on Amazon (FBA), wherein Amazon picks, packs, and ships your orders. 

This program helps sellers with fulfillment inventory management and provides other incentives such as customer support, returns, and more.

7. Dominate the competition and become highly eligible for Buy Box.

Surviving the highly competitive marketplace environment means learning what your competitors are up to. When you are familiar with their strategies, you will have a better chance to design tactics that could edge them out. 

Help increase your brand's influence by being highly qualified to win the Buy Box. Buy Box is the box on the right side of the product detail page. It allows customers to add items for purchase to their carts easily. 

According to Statista, 82 percent of all Amazon sales happened through Buy Box. However, not all Amazon sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box. If you want to win this spot, becoming an FBA seller can help increase your chance of winning Amazon's most coveted box.

8. Use apps and tools to increase your Amazon sales.

Monitoring your performance is critical to boost sales, so performing the measures suggested previously puts your business at an advantage. You may find it helpful to use the following advanced apps designed to make these processes more efficient.

  • CASHCOWPRO - This comprehensive analytics and performance tracking app benefits sellers with an FBA account.
  • Forecastly - The app alerts you when your stocks are running low. Additionally, it presents reliable suggestions regarding the quantity or units you need to replenish and the most suitable time for ordering them.
  • Shopkeeper - If you want to know what fees apply to which in a given situation, check out the dashboard of this app. It consolidates and presents all pertinent data you can access quickly and easily.
  • SellerLegend - This app is the way to go if you want to gain a deeper understanding of your FBA performance. It has power suite tools you need for precisely this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your revenue is not just about selling your products in any Amazon upcoming sale. Learning and understanding the aspects detailed herein go a long way in helping you create an effective plan of action for targeting higher sales in the future.

Doing so also increases your customers' satisfaction. Overall, combining strategic measures, modern technological innovations, and diligent monitoring improves your service quality.

Need help with listing optimization and other services such as Amazon brand registry or advertising? Let Seller Interactive help you! With our experienced team, we can help you drive more sales, increase traffic and build brand trust. 

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