Mastering Ad Essentials With Amazon Marketing Services

July 14, 2021
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon marketing services

People make short and sweet purchasing decisions if an ad can deliver persuasion the right way. With a target audience in mind, you launch an ad in a place where it is seen immediately and convince that audience to take action. They either click to find out more about your brand or click to add your product to their cart directly. 

One ad has such power to make a massive shift in your sales. Hence, you have to make sure you’re not just shoving any information on your campaign without contemplating its effect. In a vast and competitive platform like Amazon, you especially have to build an excellent strategy to avoid getting left behind. Amazon marketing services (AMS) are great choices if you wish to enhance your amazon marketing strategy.  

Amazon Marketing Services: An Overview

AMS are practical tools helping brands drive more traffic to their branded pages. They also help increase visibility, generate higher conversion sales, and gain more advertising returns from what you spend for their services. 

Amazon Advertising 

As of 2018, Amazon announced a rebranding update on its marketing services. Amazon Media Group, Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), and AMS were discontinued and converted into new terms. The three are now under Amazon Advertising, AAP called Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP), and AMS called Advertising Console. 

While the terms have changed, the function remains the same. The rebranding of these Amazon online marketing terms is implemented to unify sellers and vendors under the same advertising tools and business direction.  

Digital Marketing for Amazon Sellers: Essentials of Effective Ads Using AMS

Advertising is a quick and excellent opportunity to use your marketing skills to maximum advantage. However, you need to understand what makes up effective ad campaigns to avoid wasting every dollar you spend on marketing. Below are ad essentials for you to contemplate on.

Choosing the Right Advertising Solution

Amazon Advertising has evolved into various ad formats. The website provides a search filter for objectives and locations to understand your goals better.


  • Brand building
  • Connect with customers
  • Sales growth
  • Results measurement

Locations available:

  • North America: Canada, United States, and Mexico
  • South America: Brazil
  • Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, and United Kingdom
  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Japan, and Singapore

Once these are set, Amazon offers suitable advertising options. Here’s a list of the twelve different types of Amazon advertising.

Amazon AttributionUses conversion metrics to check cross-channel activities. They determine which non-Amazon strategies help achieve your marketing goals on Amazon. 
Amazon DSP
Helps advertisers use display, audio, and video ads to reach an exclusive variety of audiences: Amazon-owned sites and apps, publishing partners, and third-party exchanges across the web.  
Amazon Live
Allows you to engage deeper with your customers in real-time interaction. You can showcase your products live via the Amazon Live Creator app for free or collaborating with an Amazon-produced live stream. 
Audio Ads
More consumers rely on free and ad-supported music. Connect with your audience screen-free in Amazon Music’s free ad-supported tier—a 10 to 30-second audio that occasionally plays between song breaks. 
Custom Advertising Solutions
Amazon’s retail insights and your creative brief are combined to develop brand awareness and conversion strategies. Custom advertising offers ads like homepage takeovers, custom destination pages, multi-channel campaigns, and on-box advertising.
Posts educate and inspire buyers. These ads appear on related products and category-based feeds on mobile shopping apps and mobile webs. There’s no posting limit so that you can maintain a consistent presence on Amazon.  
Sizmek Ad Suite
Builds and manages brand campaigns across desktop, mobile, and connected TV screens. In a feature called DCO, you can create thousands of dynamic ads with multiple options for control and optimization. 
Sponsored Brands
These custom cost-per-click (CPC) ads help drive brand awareness for consumers shopping for products similar to yours. Highlight the logo, headline, and multiple products of your brand. 
Sponsored Display
Focused on product targeting and audiences, these are simple ads that appear when your products are in the Featured Offer or when they’re in stock. 
Sponsored Products
These are CPC ads that market your product listings and increase visibility. They are automatically generated and appear in relevant product pages and results.
Showcase your product categories and brand story on a multipage brand destination on Amazon. Stores provide the customer an easier way of exploring products and come without a cost. 
Video Ads
Use over-the-top and online video ads to share your unique brand message to specified target audiences on all devices. 

Technique Based on Approach

There are many ways to get your target audience’s heads turning to you through your ads. However, many options don’t mean they all fit your brand’s purpose. One or a few of these are more effective than the rest, so make sure to choose the approach you want.

Here are some examples of effective advertising techniques:


Fighting fear/worry

Promote your product as a problem solver for a specific issue.

Giving rewards

Grab attention with promising gifts and prizes for customers.

Highlighting a feature

Promote a special feature or ingredient that makes your product better than the rest.

He Says/She Says

Bring up a convincing testimonial or endorsement, preferably from a public figure.

Bring some laughs

Use humor marketing so people can remember your content better.

These are wonderful techniques, but keep things honest and sincere. Clickbait content might earn you many clicks at first, but it will backfire once customers find out they’re being fooled.   

Learn from Trusted Experts

In the business industry, continuous learning is the key to success. Trends and regulations evolve, so you must keep up to date with them. Ride the wave and keep learning. Watch, read, and listen to what experts say. Merge your experience with the information you’ve gathered and build effective strategies based on them. Success isn’t achieved overnight, so don’t feel down when things don’t work out at first; keep trying, and from mistakes, you’ll find what works best.

Set Campaign Specifics

Decide on the basic elements of your Amazon campaign. Think about the campaign name, budget, and schedule. 

  • Campaign name: Think of something creative and remarkable. You can brainstorm with a team, look for ideas on the trends, or use one if you already have a list of ideas. A good campaign name can lead you to success and allow you to create thousands of ads.
  • Campaign budget: Select an ad solution that you can afford. Even if ads are your current priority, remember that you still have to spend on other aspects of your business. Keep these in mind while deciding how your campaign will look like.
  • Campaign schedule: Consistency is key to a successful campaign (and business). Set up fixed start and end dates for your ads to avoid overspending on unnecessary amounts.

Choosing Relevant Ad Keywords

Keywords are critical factors to your success. It is the meeting point between a brand and its customers. They can find your product because of specific words they type on search boxes. Start with internal data of what keywords you think best describe your products well. Then, use a keyword research tool and look into your Google Ads reports helping enhance your keyword list. 

The most popular keywords are costly. If you don’t have enough budget, focus on related or similar keywords. The advantage of this is that the competition is smaller than popular keywords, so ranking for them is easier.

Visual Enhancement

Visual media is always necessary when a brand tries to make an impact on its target audience. You should choose your words wisely, but sometimes words are not enough. AMS offers many types of visual content for better customer engagement. Treat it as an opportunity to enhance your ads.

Focus on Elements that Work

Identify which products need the most optimization. With AMS’s available data on brand performance, classify your products according to popularity, conversions, performance, and click-through rates. This way, you can spend more time and cost on advertising assets that work. 

Manage Your Amazon Ads With Seller Interactive

Ad campaigns are a significant part of successful Amazon listings. But without the correct and adequate knowledge, Amazon advertising can be stressful. It might cause adverse impacts on your business. 

Seller Interactive provides PPC management services on Amazon to help build effective strategies for your products. Our team of expert PPC specialists knows the ins and outs of ad campaign management to maximize your sales and keep the costs down. For more information, contact us at [email protected] today.

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