6 Amazon Marketing Strategies You’ll Learn From a Digital Agency

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Last updated on July 27th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

There are two paths to grow in the world of Amazon: organic and paid advertising. Some businesses pursue one or the other, while others use both ways simultaneously. Regardless of the approach, developing effective Amazon marketing strategies is essential to succeed on this thriving ecommerce platform.

But simply relying on textbook knowledge of digital marketing or resorting to trial and error won’t take you far enough. Maybe now is the moment for you to work with an Amazon agency, especially if you lack familiarity with the intricacies of marketing.

Curious about what an Amazon marketing company can teach you? Are they really crucial for your success? Read through this helpful guide.

Why an Amazon Marketing Agency Is Vital for Success

Amazon, the largest online marketplace, gives sellers many opportunities to thrive. From millions of active shoppers to an extensive range of products, achieving unparalleled reach and brand exposure on this platform is possible.

But with great opportunities comes great competition. The sheer number of sellers and products on Amazon makes it challenging for individual businesses to stand out and grab the attention of their target audience. 

This is where an Amazon marketing agency comes in. First, allow us to explain why they are your bridge between business and success on the ecommerce platform.

They Are Experts in Amazon’s Ecosystem

An Amazon marketing agency knows its way around the digital landscape. They watch the market trends, strategies, and algorithm changes that shape the Amazon marketplace.

They can guide you through the intricacies of advertising campaigns, various pricing strategies, and promotions, all while ensuring that your activities abide by Amazon’s rules and regulations.

Their expertise becomes your compass, guiding you to make informed decisions, streamline your operations, and achieve optimal results.

They Are Data-Driven Professionals 

An Amazon marketing agency knows that numbers don’t lie. They are skilled in monitoring and analyzing the performance of your ad campaigns and listings, extracting valuable insights that can fuel your success.

Delving deep into the numbers and data helps them ensure that you are always on the right track. They guarantee that every move on Amazon is backed by solid evidence and informed decision-making.

They Can Be Your Time- and Resource-Savers

In the fast-paced world of Amazon, every second counts. By entrusting your marketing efforts to a professional’s capable hands, you can reclaim precious hours and redirect your resources toward other critical aspects of your business.

This means you gain the freedom to focus on product development, fine-tuning your inventory management, and delivering exceptional customer service. With the dedicated support of an Amazon marketing agency, you can confidently delegate the nitty-gritty details of your business, knowing that seasoned professionals are steering the ship.

They Are Knowledgeable About Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

An Amazon agency is well-versed in crafting comprehensive marketing strategies. They understand that successful marketing extends beyond advertising alone.

With their proficiency, they can shift into various realms of digital marketing, including content marketing, social media marketing, influencer collaborations, and much more. By harnessing these interconnected strategies, they can create a balanced approach that drives conversions on Amazon.

6 Areas an Amazon Marketing Agency Can Support You With

The areas in which an Amazon marketing agency can help you depend on your business goals. But here are some critical areas they can support you with.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

pie chart - Market Share of Search Engines as of 2023 (Statista)

According to Statista, the global search market is dominated by Google, with a market share of approximately 85.53%. Bing, another online search engine, accounts for 8.23% of the market. Yahoo holds a market share of 2.44%.

The data shows that the search engine market influences online user behavior and purchasing decisions. That’s why it’s unsurprising that platforms like Amazon, which rely heavily on product search and discovery, are also impacted.

The ideal Amazon marketing agency can help you optimize for your chosen search engine. Through comprehensive keyword research, they can identify the high-ranking terms and phrases for your product listings. Doing so will strengthen the presence of your product pages and drive more traffic.

Always remember: most online consumers won’t go past the first page to get the product they want. So the more visible your products are, the more people will buy from your store.

Below are more additional search engine optimization techniques that an Amazon agency can help you with:

  • Image Enhancement: They can advise you on uploading high-quality images that effectively showcase your products. They can help you optimize product images to meet Amazon’s guidelines and maximize their impact.
  • Product Categorization: A proper product category improves visibility and makes it easier for customers to find your products.
  • Backend Search Terms: They can modify backend search terms to include relevant keywords that customers may use for a product search. 

2. Pay-Per-Click or PPC Advertising 

Sponsored search or pay-per-click advertising is also one of the essential elements of Amazon’s marketing strategy. Whereas Amazon SEO is all about growing your business organically, PPC advertising is where you can grow exponentially.

Like Google Ads, you must have knowledgeable PPC experts to execute Amazon ads efficiently and get desired results as soon as possible. You can save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on trial-and-error approaches or useless ad campaign management.

The great thing about paid Amazon advertising is you only get to spend whenever a shopper is redirected to your page. These users have higher buying intent and are interested enough to read more about your products. 

As one of Amazon's targeted online marketing channels, Sponsored Search provides businesses like yours with abundant opportunities to hone their marketing efforts. You can explore various ad options, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads.

Each ad offers unique advantages and differences.

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Products, like Headline Search Ads, are a great choice to draw attention to a particular product. These ads promote individual product listings within the search results or product detail pages. 

The popularity of Sponsored Products stems from the numerous benefits they offer:

  • Product Discoverability: You get to boost a product that you want to be discovered by the consumers. 
  • Seasonal Item Promotions: Whether it's holiday-themed products, limited-time offers, or seasonal merchandise, these ads allow you to gain customer’s interest during specific periods and capitalize on increased demand.
  • Generating Interest in New Products: By strategically targeting relevant keywords and optimizing your ad campaigns, you can attract attention to your latest offerings and drive sales.

Sponsored Brands

Let's say you want to teach consumers more about your brand than your products. In that case, Sponsored Brand ads are the perfect marketing strategy for you. 

Here, you can promote a custom headline, logo, and display with up to three products in your advertisement. The ad will show at the top of the Amazon search results. When the links are clicked, shoppers will be redirected to your store page. 

The advantage of working with Sponsored Brands as your form of advertisement are the following:

  • Builds Brand Awareness: The display elements in the ads contribute to building a solid brand presence and increasing familiarity with your brand.
  • Store Page Redirection: The ads direct Amazon shoppers to the store, giving them a front-row seat to your product collection. You can show your bestsellers or offer potential customers other relevant data that will entice them to purchase.

Sponsored Display Ads

While Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads rely on keyword targeting, Sponsored Display Ads take a different approach. With product display ads, Amazon uses the audiences’ demographics to target a specific market, making it suitable for aiming at both a product and the audience.

Say you are selling cosmetics—you don’t have to enter specific keywords such as “lipstick” or “foundation” into your ad. Amazon will show your ad to audiences who fit your bill regarding their age, gender, and interests. 

This way, you can get your ads across to high-intent consumers even if they are not actively searching for your products. 

By working with Sponsored Display Ads, you get to do the following:

  • Customizable Ad Creatives: You can include product images, titles, prices, and your brand logo to make your ads visually appealing and engaging for potential customers.
  • Automated Targeting: Any sponsored product display ad can automatically identify and target relevant audiences based on their shopping behaviors and browsing history.

3. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Amazon stands out among both online and offline retailers due to its unparalleled diversity in product offerings. The wide range of products on the site makes it a preferred destination for consumers looking for a vast selection of options.

The significance of Amazon's product variety becomes apparent when considering its impact on consumer preference. Customers worldwide who add items to their shopping carts are often influenced by the reviews they read.

In its pursuit of becoming the most customer-centric company globally, Amazon has designed its review system to provide users with insights, including star ratings, written reviews, and images and videos shared by buyers. There's also a section on the listing page wherein they can answer other users' questions about the product.

Amazon sellers can also answer user-generated questions. But do you have all the time to answer such inquiries posted on every product listing page?

This is what an Amazon advertising agency can help you with. You will have a team of account listing experts who will take the time to know more about your product. They will answer the customer’s questions on your page. These answers can turn those hesitant users into potential buyers.

It is also through this proactive approach that you can generate sales. But with user-generated content, you have to take extra steps in making your consumers want to review. You can do this through the following: 

  • Use the "Request a Review" Tool: This tool allows Amazon stores to send automated emails to customers, politely requesting them to leave a review after their purchase.
  • Participate in Amazon Vine: Sign up for Amazon Vine to get the chance to have Amazon's most trusted reviewers rate your products. Their positive reviews can greatly enhance your product's credibility and visibility.
  • Engage Social Media Followers: Encourage your followers to purchase and review your products on Amazon. Run promotional campaigns, offer exclusive discounts, and actively communicate the value of their feedback.

4. Video Marketing 

an infographic of Ad Specs for Animated and Video Ads

Don't forget to outline your market strategy with video ads. With video marketing on the Amazon Marketplace, you can show products in action, tell compelling stories, address customer pain points, and establish a genuine connection with your primary audience.

Of course, you can take videos using a smartphone, but professional cameras are encouraged to get the best video quality possible. It's also best to have your videos professionally taken or produced by someone who does video editing shoots.

If you lack confidence or expertise in video production, collaborating with the best Amazon advertising business agency is a wise decision. They can ensure that all your direct marketing initiatives adhere to Amazon's strict video content requirements.

Here are some tips you can follow when uploading videos to Amazon.

  • Duration: Keep your videos concise and engaging, avoiding lengthy presentations. Capture viewers' attention and deliver your message effectively within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Background: Choose clear and solid colors like white or black as the backdrop when showcasing your product in detail. A clean and uncluttered background helps highlight your product's features and creates a professional look.
  • Sound: Avoid adding distracting music or background noise that could detract from the main message.

5. Product Launches

Product launches are usually for new products in your line. You might think these are not exactly needed since you’re on an online platform, but product launches are more valuable than you think. 

Keep in mind that consumer shopping habits have evolved. Customers are more inclined to explore new products and seek out unique offerings. A well-executed product launch can capture their attention, generate excitement, and drive interest to your brand.

Here’s what an Amazon agency can do for you during the process.

  • Comprehensive SEO Check: They can conduct SEO analysis to uncover gaps or missed opportunities in your brand’s visibility. Leveraging their expertise ensures your product secures top-page rankings and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Product Listing Management: They will use reliable tools and proven methods to manage your product listing content and develop a strategic launch strategy.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Post-launch, the agency will provide you with vital metrics to monitor the conversion rates of your product listings. They will analyze key performance indicators, such as click-through rates and customer feedback.

6. Affiliate Marketing 

Numerous websites offer affiliate marketing nowadays. You can see this on Instagram with influencers asking their followers to "swipe up," directing them to certain products.

Amazon also offers its own affiliate program called Amazon Associates. Here’s how it works. 

Once someone clicks on that link and buys the product, the influencer who posted the link will receive a commission. You, as the business owner, get the sale. It's a win-win situation for both the seller and the affiliate. 

With the Amazon Associates program, any approved affiliate can create their unique affiliate site link and share it on their social media platforms or websites. All you need to do is wait for the followers of these influencers to click on the product links, and voila, you've earned more sales!

While it may sound enticing to enroll your business in the program, it may not work for all product categories. It’s best to assess this strategy with a marketing consultant and explore its feasibility concerning your product offerings. 

Seller Interactive: Your Expert Amazon Marketing Strategy Specialist 

Don't stress too much and waste your time learning about how different marketing strategies on Amazon will play out. Instead, divert your time, efforts, and attention to the other aspects of your business where you're ultimately needed. 

Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to Seller Interactive. With us, your business is guaranteed to be in safe hands. Our experience handling various brand accounts from all sorts of niches can attest to this. With years of experience under our belt, we're confident that we know how marketing on Amazon works. 
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