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best Amazon product launch service

Last updated on March 9th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Launching your first product is a daunting yet exciting task. You've been excited to introduce the product you've been working so hard on for the past couple of weeks while also scared that not a lot of people might receive it positively. An Amazon Product Launch becomes a challenge for many sellers. Though experienced sellers consider it a must, it can also be a problem to launch a product on Amazon. So, how do you pick the best Amazon product launch service

If you want to become a seller and launch a product on Amazon, you must know the statistics . Based on the data shared by Marketplace Pulse, Amazon has over 3 Million active sellers. Their total amount of sales reached $200 Billion in 2019. Imagine the amount of money you can also earn from selling on Amazon. However, the market has been saturated, so distinguishing your product from others is a must. 

In this article, we’ll talk about tips on launching your products, as well as Amazon store optimization.

Cracking the Code

Before we go over the tips, let's first discover what makes a product rank high on Amazon. You’ve probably asked, ”What is Amazon's marketing plan? How do they rank and advertise product listings?” 

At first, it may seem like a tricky code to decipher, but it's pretty simple. The answer lies in Amazon's A10 Algorithm.

Amazon's A10 Algorithm is Amazon's very own search engine. It shows how the product listings on Amazon are ranked in the search results. Google and Amazon's algorithm may be similar in some ways, but they're not identical.

For one, Amazon's goal isn't to become a search engine. They just use their algorithm to helo customers search for an item. The results are mostly based on relevance and popularity.

There are three metrics that affect the Amazon A10 Algorithm. These metrics can help you understand the algorithm better. To know each detail, read below: 

  • Sales Velocity - Sales Velocity is the rate of how fast you sell your products on Amazon. The quicker you sell, the more Amazon will push it upwards on the search result. 
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR) - CTR is the percentage of customers who view and click on your product. The CTR is essential to know how relevant your product listing is to viewers. The higher the CTR, the more relevant your product listing. This is the point where the customers decide to purchase the product or not . 
  • Conversion Rate - This is the rate of customers who actually buy your product. The higher is your conversion rate, the higher is your sales. 

Knowing these three metrics shall help you with your product launch. 

Tip #1: Get an Amazon Prime Badge

If you want to avoid the dreaded low engagement results, you have to take the right steps at the very start. The first step for your product launch is to secure an Amazon Prime Badge. The Amazon Prime Badge signals to customers that their purchases can be safely shipped to their doorsteps within two days. 

More and more customers are joining the Amazon Prime membership due to the added benefits. Amazon has marketed for over a decade that it is no wonder that the conversion rate increases when a product has the Amazon badge. 

Those Prime-eligible products appear higher on the search results. This allows sellers who spend most of their time and money on the platform to sell the product listing quickly. If you want your product to become eligible for Amazon prime, you can enroll it in Amazon FBA

FBA is a fulfillment option where Amazon fulfills its products. Amazon does the heavy legwork for you, which helps you focus on your products' promotion and marketing. 

What Amazon will do is store your inventory, ship them to the customers, and happily deliver the items  to their doorsteps. Aside from these services, they provide customer refunds and returns! All you have to do is to set up your store, market your products, and earn income. 

Optime your Brand Content

Tip #2: Optime your Brand Content

Before focusing on advertising your product, you have to first check your product listing . Most of the time, brands are eager to launch their products, but they don't check their content. Producing high-quality content is a must to hook customers and increase conversion. 

Your advertising budget will go to waste if you have a low sales volume. Hence, producing high-quality content is vital to generate leads and conversion. 

One of the ways you can optimize your product listing is to use relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions. When choosing your keywords, think of all the relevant phrases and search terms applicable to your product. You can use an online keyword tool to generate information about the keyword. The tool generates the Amazon search volume and tags. Knowing the data regarding a keyword can help you choose which ones to use. 

Create Eye-Catching Product Titles

Your product titles shall significantly affect your customers’ first impressions. Creating a bland and boring product title that doesn't give any description will surely give you a low conversion rate. 

Customers appreciate product titles that give them an idea regarding the product. It will also be easier to search for the product if  relevant keywords are used. 

Take High-Quality Product Photos

It is a known fact that customers tend to look at product photos before reading a product description. The images are visual representations of the product that helps customers decide whether to purchase or not. If they see a product listing with low-quality images, they’ll most likely click the exit button and go to another seller's product listing. 

You can understand why stores on Instagram make use of a visually appealing feed to attract customers to their stores. Many even invested in hiring photographers to create stunning product images. 

Write a Detailed Product Description

One of the common mistakes made by sellers is creating a lackluster product description. Anyone should understand that product descriptions are essential for a customer to understand the features. 

Your product descriptions should be compelling and truthful. Instead of bombarding potential buyers with technical and irrelevant details, narrate to the audience the benefits and uses of your product. Give them an idea of what they can expect from your products. 

To make it easier on your part, try putting yourself in the customer's perspective. Answer all the possible questions they could have about the product and include these in the description. This way, you'll create a detailed and compelling product description that will help generate leads. 

Provide Competitive Product Offers and Discounts

Tip #3: Provide Competitive Product Offers and Discounts

If you want to get the ball rolling, you have to create an offer that customers will have a hard time refusing. 

Price Reduction

Using product discounts to attract customers is the easiest way to compel them to buy and increase initial demand. The discounts, when coupled with winning deals, can make people feel that they are receiving more value from your product offers. 

Most product launches give coupons and discounts to get traffic to their products and receive new buyer reviews. When you're launching a new product, try to provide product discounts and bundles. 

Amazon Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to generate leads and invite people to your product listing. Most product launches create giveaways to drive traffic and leads. The customers will follow a series of steps such as watching a video, inviting friends or joining an email list. 

These steps will help spread word about your product and provide you with an email list. The winner can leave a review after receiving and using the product while the other participants can avail of the product discounts. 

You may utilize Amazon Giveaway for your product launch. Amazon Giveaway is a program that allows sellers to set-up  sweepstake campaigns. These advertisements can create a buzz about your product and attract potential customers. You may enroll through the Seller Central. 

To set up your giveaway, you must select 30 physical prizes and 50 digital prizes. The entry requirements and awarding shall also be based on the parameters you set up. It can be a private or public giveaway. Once done, Amazon shall handle the rest. 

Up-sell through an existing Amazon product

Tie your new product to an existing and successful Amazon product under your store. Giving discounts is not enough because you also have to provide excellent offers. Price your product based on the cost and quality. Conduct market research and competitor analysis to determine your offer. 

Create a bundle and use your best-selling product for promotion. An example would be to create a discount structure where buyers can receive a discount if they buy both. 

Tip #4: Run Promotions 

You're now near the end of your product launch strategy. The next step: marketing, and promotions. You've spent your time preparing your product for launching and checked if everything is properly optimized. Your product is ready for an advertising campaign, which means you're prepared to gain traffic and conversions. 

Push your products out there by using social media advertisements, Amazon PPC campaigns, and product reviews. 

Facebook Ads

Drive external traffic to your products through social media advertisements. Facebook is a popular platform with a lot of users. Capitalizing on this can help you drive traffic to your product listing.

To run ads on Facebook, you need a Facebook page and a Facebook Business Page Manager. 

To run FB ads, you need to have a Facebook page for your brand or product and a Facebook Business Manager Page. When creating your Facebook ad, we suggest not direct them to your Amazon product listing just to be safe on Facebook's Terms of Service. 

Instead, direct your customers to your website and install a Facebook tracking pixel. You can use the data for your campaign with a lookalike audience to ensure your ads are shown to the target audience. 

Google Ads

Google ads aren similar to Facebook ads, and can help you direct traffic to your website. However, Google ads are more expensive than Facebook ads, so  you may choose another option.

Amazon PPC

Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) is a unique advertising solutionwhere you pay Amazon a fee for every click on your ad. What Amazon PPC does is connect your products to a specific search term, thereby gaining an audience and ranking high on the algorithm. 

Also, the Amazon PPC is more cost-effective than other paid ads, so you may want to utilize it . 

Influencer Marketing

The number of social media influencers has been growing every year. These people have a huge platform, and followers regularly interact with them. Building awareness of your brand through their platform can increase your sales velocity and traffic. 

You may approach Instagram and YouTube influencers to promote your product. They have a huge audience, and once they see the influencers using your product, the audience will be encouraged to buy. 

We suggest targeting Instagram influencers with less than 100k followers and Youtubers with 1k-50k subscribers. They can generate good results for an affordable price. 


Product Reviews help persuade a buyer to purchase your product. Over 49% of customers read reviews before making a decision The statistics say a lot about why brands should work on their customer reviews. 

But what  if you do not have any reviews? What you can do is launch your product on your site first and get reviews from respected sources. Share these reviews on social media where your potential buyers can see the authenticity of your product. From there, you can lead them to your Amazon page. 

Some programs you can use to speed up the reviews are Early Reviewer and Buyer-Seller messaging. 

Amazon Early Reviewer is a program where customers who have purchased the product write a review within the offer period and receive a reward such as a $1-$3 Amazon Gift card. The reward can only be redeemed after a review. 

Buyer-seller messaging is a program that allows you to send a customized message to customers who recently purchased from your store. You can send some tips on how to use the product, word games, or even recipes. But, of course, the main point of this is to gain reviews. 

You can ask for feedback by asking them, "Tell us how we did?"

Tip #5: Monitor Your Account

After setting up everything and you've finally launched your product, it's time to monitor your account. You don't want to set it up and then just leave it. You have to keep an eye on your metrics and conversion rate. Check if your keywords and promotions are working. You can also use an Amazon product ranking tool. Monitoring your product listing can help you tweak it when needed. 

Tip #6: Avail of Amazon FBA Launch Services

Are you having trouble launching your products? You can employ the services of a Product Launch Service. They will help you boost your product listing, take care of details during the product launch, optimize your product listing, and maintain a high conversion rate. 

Seller Interactive has a group of professionals who can help launch your products on your behalf. Some of the services we provide are the following:

SEO Keyword Check

Before the product launch, we offer a comprehensive SEO keyword check to ensure your product listing has relevant keywords.

Optimize Your Product Listing

To gain a broader set of audiences and increase your leads, we optimize your product listing to be easily searchable on Amazon. 

Maintain a High Conversion Rate

After the product launch, wemonitor and help maintain optimal rankings.

The Best Amazon Product Launch Service

Launching your new product on Amazon can be challenging, especially if you don't have any experience. There are a lot of competitors selling similar items, and becoming relevant is a task. Following the tips above can help you navigate more easily on Amazon and help you have a successful product launch. 

Here at Seller Interactive, we can help you with your shipping needs. Learn more about our services by contacting Likitha at [email protected] today.

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