The How-Tos of Feedback and The Amazon Review Manipulation Appeal

August 20, 2021
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon review manipulation appeal

Suppose you’re looking into product reviews of competitor brands within your niche. You find one with plenty of positive reviews, a lot of adjectives like “wow” and “amazing” and “incredible” written on them. You wonder if they are all true and, if yes, how can you get similar reviews for your brand?

What you see is what you get—in the world of e-commerce, you realize that this is not always the case. In fact, deceitful product reviews have been rampant through the years. Many sellers today still practice prohibited ways to get feedback, but the reasons vary. 

Some might do such tricks on purpose, but others are simply confused with what’s allowed and what’s not. If you’re one of them, this is the perfect time to learn a bit more about encouraging product reviews on Amazon and the right way to do it. 

“What if I’m at risk of account suspension?” In that case, you can go for an Amazon review manipulation appeal. This article discusses this solution as well, so keep reading!

The Essence of Product Reviews on Amazon

Product review is a vital aspect of brand reputation management. It helps both seller and buyer make a judgment toward a certain product or service. For sellers, it also helps in finding areas for improvement. Meanwhile, for buyers, it guides them in making purchase decisions. 

Reviews play a huge role in Amazon seller ranking. Studies show that 84% of buyers trust digital reviews, and 91% check on them regularly or occasionally. In addition, A10, Amazon’s current algorithm, includes product reviews as part of its criteria. 

Naturally, product reviews help put a value on your product and directly affect sales and brand reputation. 

Amazon’s Anti-Manipulation Policy

As briefly mentioned, Amazon centers its policies on making satisfied customers by the end of a transaction. To ensure authenticity in product reviews, the platform created an anti-manipulation policy. Once Amazon considers your actions a policy violation, they will deprive you of selling privileges in the marketplace or suspend your account.

Amazon review manipulation cases can even reach lawsuits if the violations are worse. Additionally, all your account remittances and payments would be forfeited or withheld. Amazon encourages you to maintain an authentic review system and notify them if you spot a manipulation taking place. 

Encourage Product Reviews The Right Way

We don’t want a seller account suspension or a lawsuit coming your way because of review manipulation. If you want genuine feedback for your business, take these tips to heart and encourage reviews the right way!

Encourage Reviews, Not By Force

Encouraging reviews isn’t equal to telling people what they should write. In fact, the first thing you should avoid is directly asking customers to write positive reviews. Telling them what to write, giving incentives, or spamming them in exchange for a good review is a no-no.

Get Positive Feedback, The Lowkey Way

Can’t help because you’re a seller who wants to look good and attract more customers? That’s understandable, but forcing feedback is the wrong solution. Instead, if you want to get more positive reviews, use low-key ways to nudge customers in doing so. 

  • Send an email that politely asks for feedback.
  • Run giveaways that encourage feedback after the session.
  • Share and feature reviews on your social sites to increase exposure.
  • Encourage content variety in reviews (e.g., adding a photo or video of the product.)

In The Case of Suspension: Amazon Review Manipulation Appeals

Amazon suspends seller accounts or privileges upon notification of review manipulation activities. However, as previously mentioned, not everyone might have done the violation on purpose—others could have accidentally used prohibited wording that counts as manipulation.

If you’re one of these people and you think it’s the end of the world for you, don’t. There’s still a solution, which is Amazon review appeals. You should apply for an Amazon suspension appeal, whether it’s a direct suspension or an Amazon report of review manipulation from other users. It’s not too late, so try everything you can to get reinstated!

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to get (positive) reviews, especially if you’re a newbie Amazon seller. Because of this, some sellers attempt black hat tricks like review manipulation—forcing people to leave positive feedback, spamming their mails, or paying people to create fake reviews. 

If you’re caught, you can get an Amazon suspension. Stay on the safe and genuine side for your brand reputation. Encourage reviews without force and practice transparency at all costs. Most importantly, always thank your reviewer when they leave feedback. In the long run, it establishes trust between you and your customers. 

If you need help with Amazon account suspensions or protection against fake reviews, email [email protected] or call us at 1-800-820-3746. 

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