Earn Amazon's Choice Badge: How to Rank Keywords on Amazon and Other Hacks

how to rank keywords on amazon

Last updated on January 24th, 2023

Written by Mark Salvania

It is only a small dark blue badge, but with a label that can attract ready-to-buy customers. What is the label? Amazon's Choice. As a seller, you will do anything to give your products a boost. If it means getting a stamp of approval from Amazon, then so be it. But how can you get it? One thing is for sure: relevant keywords play a vital part. However, it isn't enough to know how to rank keywords on Amazon. This article will discuss practical Amazon SEO tips to help your products get sealed with the elusive Amazon's Choice badge.

What is Amazon's Choice?

It is one of Amazon's exclusive labels given to sellers who have exemplary skills in growing their sales. Amazon also uses this to rank products based on the customer's search terms. 

Where can you find the tiny badge? After a quick product search, you can locate it on the first page of the search results. It has a separate row where Amazon displays the top three of its choices. In the product listing page, the badge sits below the product title and ratings.

However, Amazon's Choice badge isn't initially intended for ranking products. Its primary purpose is to simplify voice shopping.

Hey Alexa, I have an Amazon's Choice badge.

The Choice badge, which started in 2015, helps shopping via voice commands become more convenient using Amazon's Alexa. Whenever a customer orders a new product that is not included in the previous orders, Amazon recommends certain products. It is where Amazon's Choice comes into the picture.

Do you want to conquer Alexa voice search products, as well? First, you need to figure out how to rank keywords on Amazon and apply other product listing optimization techniques, which we will discuss later.

What are the criteria to get an Amazon's Choice badge?

Amazon keeps mum about how it awards the badge. The online retail giant doesn't offer any "Amazon's Choice" program. The badge also isn't for sale. 

When you hover your mouse on the badge, it says, "Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products." 

Too vague, right?

But if we analyze the short sentence above, you need the following criteria to have highly rated and well-priced products:

  • Low return rate
  • High conversion rate
  • Competitive pricing
  • 4-5 star ratings
  • Well-stocked inventory
  • Fast shipping

Amazon's Choice badge has been a subject of debate for a long time. Authorities had been questioning its legitimacy. According to Business Insider's report, some sellers tricked Amazon's algorithm using abnormally specific keywords and offered reimbursements to gather more reviews. 

These underhanded tactics did work, based on the report. If you're willing to risk your chances of selling on Amazon just to have the badge, go ahead, but prepare to be kicked out. Amazon has zero-tolerance to violators. Filing an appeal letter might not be enough to reinstate your account.

Otherwise, follow the Amazon SEO tips below to win the Amazon's Choice badge fair and square.

Amazon SEO tips to get the Amazon's Choice badge

How to rank keywords on Amazon

Keep in mind that Amazon only displays products with the badge on the first page. You have to understand how your customers search and how Amazon's algorithm works.

First, identify which keywords your customers use to search for your product. Perform extensive keyword research by determining your product's seed or main keyword, then choose up to five keywords with the highest volume searches per month. There are various free and paid keyword research tools online that you can use to do this.

After identifying your seed keywords, include these in your product listings but avoid keyword stuffing. Amazon's algorithm, the A9, indexes four parts of product listing based on its keywords, as follows:

Product title - this is the most important section of a listing. You should write it from the perspective of the customer. Make sure that you put the keywords in the first five words of the title. Why? It is where the customer's line of sight falls first, which is near the main product image.

Product features - highlight your product's key features here in bullet points. Emphasize how customers can benefit from your product. Add long-tail keywords, if possible.

Product description - this is where you can further elaborate on what you have said in the bullet points. Tell a story that can convince customers to click the "Buy Now" button. Use long-tail and seed keywords in this section.

Backend search terms - are also known as "hidden keywords" because they aren't visible to the customers. It is your opportunity to add more relevant keywords, specifically, long-tail variations. You can also add misspelled keywords and translations.

If your first try isn't successful, perform regular Amazon product title optimization until your keywords conquer the first page.

How to improve customer reviews and ratings

You can't manipulate this one, or you will be violating Amazon's policy regarding customer reviews. Amazon uses this as a metric to see if you're eligible to rank higher and get the Amazon's Choice badge.

The correct way to improve this section is to diligently read and answer customer reviews, especially the negative ones. You must promptly address bad reviews by offering how you can solve the customer's problems with your product. If you're lucky, they might retract the low rating you've got from them and turn it up slightly.

Another method is reporting questionable reviews to Amazon so they may be deleted. Submit a request or appeal where you will explain what rule the customer violated as per Amazon's community guidelines regarding customer reviews.

How to ship Amazon orders faster

Besides selling premium products on Amazon, you must have the means to deliver orders on time. Delayed deliveries mean unhappy customers, and unhappy customers mean awful reviews. They might also stop buying your products because of this mishap. As a result, you won't be eligible for the badge.

Yes, that is the domino effect of late or missed deliveries that can tarnish your reputation as an Amazon seller.

The solution is joining Amazon Prime. This program can help you boost sales and improve customer engagement.

You're obligated to deliver orders within a day or two, though. You can achieve this impossible feat through Amazon FBA

In Amazon FBA, you automatically gain access to Amazon Prime. Plus, Amazon will be the one to handle the storing, packaging, and shipping of orders in the fastest way possible. 

Moreover, as an Amazon Prime member with FBA privileges, you can win the Buy Box. Your products become exposed to ready-to-buy customers. It also improves your Amazon SEO strategy because the "King of e-commerce" prioritizes Prime products than non-Prime products.

As a result, you can succeed in having lower return rates and more conversions.

How to price your products on Amazon

If you have been in the marketplace long enough, you will notice that a product with a price lower than others wins. However, this hasn't always been the case.

You have to consider various operating costs to determine your floor price. These are shipping, customs, payment wiring, Amazon commission, Amazon FBA fees, customer return fees, etc.

What if your floor price is higher than the lowest seller or the highest seller? You need to play safe by setting your price a bit higher than the lowest seller.

After calculating the floor price, find the upper price floor. How? Look at the first page of the search results and check out your competitors' prices. Choose the highest price on that page and add 20% of it to your price. For example, the highest is $30; you can adjust it to $38 and make this your upper price floor.

How to manage Amazon inventory

Is it a big deal to run out of stock? An out-of-stock inventory is equivalent to lost sales, lower product ranking, and no new product reviews. Besides, Amazon will remove your listings from the search results. Ouch.

Amazon has integrated tools that can help you manage and maintain your stock levels:

Manage inventory - shows your listings with its current stock and price. You can add items to inventory, change the pricing, view FBA stock levels, and track FBA shipments.

Selling coach - it is an inventory management tool where you can analyze sales trends of each of your listings. It also shows how many days until your stock will run out. Selling Coach automatically notifies you if you’re running out of stock via email or the Amazon Seller app.

In Closing

Products stamped with Amazon's Choice badge gives the impression that Amazon is recommending your product. The online e-commerce giant will only approve your product if you know how to rank keywords on Amazon, address product reviews, commit to fast shipping, price your products right, and manage your inventory. If you were able to do all of these, you would be Amazon's Choice and the customers' top choice because you're consistently offering highly rated and well-priced products.

Do you wish to have your products marked with Amazon's Choice but don't know how to rank keywords on Amazon? Seller Interactive has a team of expert Amazon consultants willing to help you create an effective Amazon SEO strategy. For inquiries, email [email protected].  

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