Is A+ Content Worth It for Your Amazon SEO Strategy?

October 24, 2020
Written by Jayce Broda
Amazon SEO

Sales is the driving force for Amazon. Your ability to sell influences the way Amazon deals with its vendors, sellers, and buyers. Sellers are encouraged to sell as many of their products as they can, and buyers can make purchases to their hearts’ content. Even its A9 algorithm is designed to give customers relevant search results, thus increasing sales. There are a ton of things to work on regarding Amazon SEO that have a huge impact on sales and customer service. 

Amazon search engine optimization is no easy feat. It requires you to use keywords on your product titles, descriptions, bullet points, images, and relevant backend keywords to ensure you get a high ranking in search results. The language that needs to be used in your Amazon copy has to be persuasive, informative, and ultimately aims to boost sales. With about 2.5 million other sellers to compete with, it’s essential to get near the top, if not the top, of the search rankings of the A9 algorithm.

Along came the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) program, now called A+, and its promise to boost product sales by 5% or more. The basic A+ features are free, though Amazon offers additional interactive features only for vendors that supposedly come at a steep cost. It’s definitely worth doing. The only information needed is how it can help you as a Amazon seller. First, let’s find out if you’re eligible for it.

Who is eligible for A+?

The A+ program is available to both vendors and sellers in the platform, though the details of the requirements and the processes are different. First, let’s specify the differences between a vendor and a seller. Then, we’ll discuss the difference when it comes to eligibility and processes. 


As a vendor, Amazon buys your products and resells them to its customers. Vendors automatically qualify for adding enhanced images and text. The A+ premium feature has the ability to add interactive content to your products that promise to separate your products from the competition. 


Sellers sell their products directly to customers, using Amazon as the selling platform. As a seller, you need to be registered to the Amazon Brand Registry. If you are under one of Amazon’s managed selling programs, such as Launchpad or Amazon Exclusives, you automatically qualify for A+ as well. 

It’s possible for eligible sellers to use A+ content to any Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) they own according to the Global Catalog Identifier (GCID). The enhanced text and image features can be used for both parent and child ASINs. 

Even if you registered your brand in Amazon Brand Registry, you still have to do it for Amazon Brand Registry 2.0, which requires more extensive proof that you are the brand owners, manufacturers of products, distributors, or resellers of your product. If not, don’t bother applying. Amazon has launched a platform-wide program to promote brand ownership and distributorship among its sellers. It’s also a move to discourage sellers from selling counterfeit products.

How can Amazon SEO benefit from A+?

The good thing about A+ is its ability to improve the aspects of basic Amazon product SEO and take them to a higher level. Let’s count the ways A+ can benefit you as a seller.

Higher Conversion Rate

Amazon SEO is not just about getting a higher search ranking. It’s also about getting those customers who land on your product page to click that “Buy Box”. There’s no point in ranking high in searches and getting your customer to go to your landing page if they’re not going to buy, right? For your products to do that, you need to separate yourself from your competition. 

According to a study conducted by Micheal Lynn of Cornell University, people need to express their uniqueness through their consumption of products. Now, your products in Amazon may not be unique from your competitors’, but through A+ enhanced content, you can satisfy your customers’ desire for uniqueness and non-conformity. 

That means, in a platform full of multiple sellers for the same product, showing enhanced product content will help a great deal in making your customers buy.

Less Returns

When enhanced text and image features are used together with accurate product information, customer complaints and returns are bound to decrease. If you give your buyers a deeper understanding of the features and benefits of your product, they can make better purchase decisions and won’t feel the need to return the items or complain about them. It’s one of the most underrated Amazon SEO tips out there.

Better Reviews

Better purchase decisions lead to happier customers and better reviews. Now, feedback is one of the most important seller metrics for Amazon. Keep that metric up and you’re on your way to being very successful in this platform.

Cheaper Ads

For sellers who rely on PPC campaigns for their products, having a high conversion rate is good. By convincing more people to buy your products when they click on your ads, it reduces the ACoS (Average Cost of Service) and increases your ROI (Return On Investment) for Amazon ad campaigns. 

How can I boost conversions and reduce returns?

In order to take advantage of A+ content, you must know how to use it effectively. You can’t just use your old descriptions and hope you get more sales. Be creative in creating your overhauled content. 

Showcase your product’s benefits

If you’re no stranger to marketing, outlining your product’s benefits is always at the top of any strategy. You have to let your customers know why buying your product is such a good idea. Put in as many unique selling points as you can without overreaching.

Provide relevant product details that drive purchase decisions

This is especially true for bigger purchases. Emphasize the things that consumers usually think about, such as lower price, quality of materials, and speed of delivery. Accelerate their decision to buy by explaining why your product is what they’ve been looking for, and at the same time, manage their expectations on what your product gives them. This approach has the ability to convert browsers to buyers and reduce customer complaints.

Simplify your explanations

As you specify more of your product’s features, benefits, and functions, it gets harder to digest the information. Break down that information for your buyers, so they don’t have to do it. Concentrate on a simple and concise explanation of your product’s features.

Summarize the common questions asked by potential buyers

You usually don’t have the time to answer every query that customers have. Instead of spending a lot of time replying to their queries, include the answer to those questions in your product listing, thus creating a more effective Amazon copy.

Separate yourself from the competition

Selling on Amazon is highly competitive. What differentiates a successful product from a mediocre one is how customers respond to it. Of course, using A+ content is one of the ways to make your product stand out. Go further by outlining your product’s advantages and unique features when compared to the competition. If your office desk is 3 times stronger and half the price of your main competitors, then mention those advantages. It may seem like an outdated advertising tactic, but it has proven to be very effective until now.

Who can give me advice on using A+ content?

Now that we’ve established the usefulness of A+ content in your Amazon SEO strategy, the next step is to get the expert advice necessary for such a venture. If you need a more detailed plan for boosting your sales and making your products stand out, email us at [email protected]. We can collaborate with you on every aspect of your sales strategy.

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