Is A+ Content Worth It for Your Amazon SEO Strategy?

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Last updated on July 28th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

SEO is the force that drives sales on Amazon, while A+ Content boosts it. Every time your SEO-optimized product sells, Amazon's A10 algorithm picks up on it and shows it to shoppers more often, increasing brand awareness and sales.

The growth process is an upward spiral that starts with an excellent SEO for Amazon. Optimizing product titles, descriptions, bullet points, images, and relevant backend keywords is a staple practice for any seller who wants to grow their product’s organic ranking. But to grab the attention of both A10 and the shoppers, your products must have an identity—a brand.

Enter the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) program, now called A+, which promises to boost your listing's detail page sales by 5% or more. A+ flaunts new features such as a brand story module, enhanced comparison chart, and many others. It's definitely worth a shot.

The only information you need is how an Amazon seller can implement it on their listings. Let’s find out in this article.

What is A+ Content/Enhanced Brand Content?

A+ Content, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content, is a tool that enables adding extra visual and descriptive elements to improve your product listings on Amazon. This includes customizing layouts with high-quality content to tell your brand story, highlight product features, drive the brand's unique selling point, or provide detailed instructions or usage tips.

What Can A+ Content Do?

One of the best features of Amazon's A+ content worth highlighting is the range of images you can use. You can create and upload the following on your A+ content:

  • Standard company logo
  • Image banners
  • Enhanced comparison charts
  • Images with text modules

You’ll find the images mentioned above in the available modules for A+ content. Amazon allows you to add up to seven modules, and it is accessible via Seller Central. Below is an overview of all 17 modules you can use.

17 A + Content Modules Available on Amazon
Company LogoAdd a standard brand logo to your content.
Image TextThis is the standard image with text. You can add up to four.
Four Images QuadrantGet the standard four images with a quadrant.
Image Text (Light Text Overlay)Add an image with a light text overlay on its headline.
Image Text (Dark Text Overlay)Add an image with a dark text overlay on its headline.
Multiple Images (Module A)A standard large image with additional four subordinate images each can have a caption and descriptive text.
Comparison ChartCreate a chart of up to six product ASINs and lay them out for comparison.
Single Image and HighlightsLets you put an image to the left side of the section with the headline and the text to the right.
Image with SidebarAllows a single image with a center column that lets you put up to 500 text characters.
Single Image (Left)Lets you have a single image on the left with headlines on the right side.
Single Image (Right)Lets you have a single image on the right with headlines on the left side.
Three Images With TextGives you three images, each with a headline and a 1000-character text caption.
Image and Specs DetailAdd a single image with product information or specifications.
Text (Standard)Gives you a standard headline and description.
Image Header With TextAdd a large image with a headline and description text
Standard Product Description TextGives you the capacity to add up to 6000 characters of description.
Standard Technical SpecificationLets you add a table with a maximum of 16 rows

Think of it as having your own mini website within your Amazon product listing. It allows you to showcase your products in a more engaging and informative way, giving your Amazon store a better brand story and its potential customers a better experience of your product offerings.

Visually captivating and information-packed content can turn heads faster than a double-take. 

What's awesome about A+ Content is it helps you stand out. Creating visually appealing and informative content can grab shoppers' attention and increase their purchase likelihood.

💡 It's important to note that you can exercise your creative freedom while using A+ so long as it is within Amazon's A+ content guidelines. Otherwise, it may be subject to review for up to seven days before a decision is reached.
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Who is eligible for A+?

The A+ program is available to both vendors and sellers in the platform, though the details of the requirements and the processes are different. First, let's specify the differences between a vendor and a seller. Then, we'll discuss the difference in eligibility and processes. 


As a vendor, Amazon buys and resells your products to its customers. Vendors automatically qualify for adding enhanced images and text. The A+ premium feature can add interactive content to your products that promise to separate them from the competition. 


To use A+ content, sellers must be registered to the new Amazon Brand Registry program. It's extensive proof that you are the brand owners, manufacturers of products, distributors, or resellers of your product.  

If you are under one of Amazon's managed selling programs, such as Launchpad or Amazon Exclusives, you also automatically qualify for A+ if your products are registered. 

Finally, eligible brand registered sellers can use A+ content to any Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) they own according to the Global Catalog Identifier (GCID). The enhanced text and image features can be used for both parent and child ASINs. However, the products must be listed in one eligible category and in new condition. 

How can Amazon SEO benefit from A+?

The good thing about A+ is its ability to improve the aspects of basic Amazon product SEO and take them to a higher level. Besides positively impacting the search rankings in the platform, let's count four other ways A+ can benefit you as a seller. 

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Higher Conversion Rate

SEO for Amazon is not just about getting a higher search ranking. The end goal is getting those customers to view your product detail page and click that buy button. It may not happen the first time they see your product. But if it stands out from the rest of the competition, you'll get them to come back, resolved to make the purchase.

People express their uniqueness through their consumption of products. 

Before shoppers are compelled to buy, they first have to be convinced that your product's identity is in line with their own. And in a platform full of multiple sellers for the same product, showing enhanced product content will help a great deal in making your customers choose to buy from you.

Through A+ enhanced content, you can satisfy your customers' desire for uniqueness and non-conformity. 

By presenting your products uniquely while providing details that remove objections, you have a better chance of matching their needs. Conversion eventually follows.

Less Returns

When you use enhanced text, image features, and accurate product information, customer complaints and returns decrease.

Giving buyers a comprehensive list of product features and benefits using Amazon A+ Content will better show them what they're getting into. This sets their expectations and allows them to make well-informed purchase decisions.

If your customer knows exactly what they'll be getting, they are less likely to return or complain about the product. As your own content manager, providing them exactly what you'll give them and presenting them using A+ content is a surefire way to earn trust and maintain credibility.

Naturally, on-page optimization using Amazon A Content is only one part of minimizing the likelihood of product returns.

The other part is delivering exactly what was presented online. To do this, you'll need to manage your Amazon FBA inventory.

Better Reviews

Informed purchase decisions make happy customers, which ultimately leads to better reviews. When people understand what they're buying and how it works, they're more likely to have realistic expectations. When they get what was promised, their satisfaction level is likely to be high.

Better reviews typically occur when the product meets or exceeds customer expectations. At the very least, however, your A+ content should keep too many negative reviews off your listings because having them may pull down your product ranking.

Feedback is one of the most important seller metrics in the customer-centric retail giant. So, keep that metric up by using your A+ content to build credibility, and you're on your way to thriving on this platform.

Cheaper Ads

You might wonder, "How does A+ Content help with PPC campaigns?" Well, it's all about grabbing the attention of potential customers and convincing them to click on your product. When you run PPC ads and get the top spot, eye-catching visuals and informative content (e.g., a comparison chart) will convince more people to buy.

A high conversion rate is crucial for sellers who rely on PPC campaigns for their products. Convincing more people to buy your products when they click on your ads reduces the ACoS (Average Cost of Service) and increases your ROI (Return On Investment) for Amazon ad campaigns.

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Tips to Make the Most of A+ Content for Amazon SEO

To take advantage of A+ content, you must know how to use it effectively. You can't just use your old descriptions and hope to increase sales. Be creative in creating your overhauled content. 

Check out some tips below:

Showcase your product's benefits.

If you're no stranger to marketing, outlining your product's benefits is always at the top of any strategy. You must let your customers know why buying your product is a good idea. Put in as many unique selling points as you can without overreaching.

Provide relevant product details that drive purchase decisions.

Relevance is especially significant for bigger purchases. Emphasize the factors consumers would consider when buying, such as the pricing, quality of materials, and delivery speed. Accelerate their decision by explaining why your product is what they're looking for and managing their expectations simultaneously. This approach can convert browsers to buyers and reduce customer complaints.

Simplify your explanations.

As you specify more of your product's features, benefits, and functions, it gets harder to digest technical information. Break down that barrier for your buyers so they don't have to do it. Concentrate on a simple and concise explanation of your product's features, focusing on how these can help solve the customer’s problems.

Summarize the common questions asked by potential buyers.

You usually don't have the time to answer every query that customers may have. Instead of replying to every question, gather frequently asked questions and include their answers directly in your product listing. Doing so streamlines the information and creates a more efficient and informative description of what you sell.

Separate yourself from the competition.

Selling on Amazon is highly competitive. What differentiates a successful product from a mediocre one is how customers respond to it. Using A+ content is one of the ways to make your product stand out. Go further by outlining your product's advantages and unique features compared to the competition. 

If your office desk is three times stronger and half the price of your main competitors, mention that in your product content. It may seem like an outdated advertising tactic, but it has proven very effective until today.

Who can give me advice on using A+ content?

Now that we’ve established the usefulness of A+ content in your Amazon SEO strategy, the next step is to get the expert advice necessary for such a venture. If you need a more detailed plan for boosting your sales and making your products stand out, book a call. We can collaborate with you on every aspect of your sales strategy.

Go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

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