6 Benefits of Selling on Amazon as a Brand

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Last updated on June 7th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

Are you still contemplating whether to launch your brand on Amazon or not? Understandably, you are still weighing the pros and cons of Amazon selling. After all, it takes guts and perseverance to start your venture on this platform, considering the high competition and strict guidelines you have to face.

However, you must know that Amazon has continuously helped third-party sellers establish their businesses and grow their customer base with or without registered brands. This alone is solid evidence of the marketplace's exceptional ability to empower businesses and drive their success. If you want to learn more, this article will explore the top benefits of selling on Amazon. 

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1. Amazon has a massive customer base that is constantly growing.

When Amazon started accepting third-party sellers, the number of customers buying on this platform increased, making it one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces in the world. It currently ships to over 100 countries, so more people prefer shopping on Amazon than other platforms.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, people had no choice but to stay indoors and order their necessities online. This drastic shift in purchasing has mainly contributed to Amazon’s growth of sales and over 2 billion monthly site visitors for the first half of 2021. This shows how many potential customers Amazon sellers can reach worldwide.

Despite the pandemic and the global supply chain disruptions it caused, Amazon continued to be a trusted online marketplace by many shoppers.

2. Amazon offers a variety of features to help brands grow and protect their businesses.

To support business growth, Amazon provides various programs, resources, and tools sellers can easily access. Some are available to all sellers, while some are exclusive to registered brand sellers. Below are a few notable features you can maximize as an Amazon brand seller.

Amazon Seller Central

Once you have created a selling account on Amazon, Seller Central is the portal to access your seller account. You can navigate all the valuable tools and content and monitor your sales activity through this portal. Download the Amazon Seller app if you want to use your tablet or phone to open your account.

With Amazon Seller Central, you can add or edit your product listing, track your inventory, and manage your payments, returns, and refunds. Additionally, it lets you generate business reports, monitor customer reviews, and manage tools like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Amazon Custom. 

Finally, if you want to sell your products worldwide, you can do it through Amazon Global Selling on Seller Central.

Seller University

Educate yourself about Amazon before you start selling. To do so, you can read various resources on Seller University. It provides articles and short videos for aspiring beginners and brand sellers to help you manage your online store on Amazon. You can also read some frequently asked questions and their answers to stay informed accordingly.

Brand Registry and Protection

Amazon Brand Registry protects your intellectual property and removes potentially bad listings through features such as automated protections and the new Impact dashboard. It also offers Brand Registry support, where you can get assistance resolving listing issues, policy violations, and more. 

Amazon Advertising

Advertising is a crucial part of establishing your Amazon business. This will help you reach new customers for your brand and continuously satisfy them with your products and services. Amazon offers three cost-per-click ads: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. You can also manage these campaigns through Amazon Seller Central.

3. Brands that sell on Amazon have access to millions of Prime members.

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that allows users to obtain other features unavailable to others, such as Prime Video, Prime Music, and, most importantly, fast delivery services. Amazon promises to provide two-day or same-day shipping to customers, making it more convenient and attractive for users as they shop online.

In 2021, Amazon was reported to have 200 million Prime members, and this number will continue to grow as people get more satisfied with the services they receive. Customers also consider Prime eligibility one of the top purchasing factors. 

So if you don’t offer Prime shipping, they are more likely to look for other brands. Consider applying for Amazon FBA as well. It gives sellers access to two-day free shipping under Prime and other incentives such as free shipping on eligible orders, FBA inventory management, etc.

You can also try the Seller-Fulfilled Prime program, which allows sellers to deliver directly to domestic Prime customers from their own warehouses. 

4. Amazon has a sophisticated search engine that helps customers find your products.

Shoppers mainly use the search engine to look for products they want. In response, the ecommerce platform has developed its own search engine, which uses algorithms that cater to buyers' needs. 

Amazon uses the A10 algorithm, which involves various factors in ranking product listings. Some of these include sales history, seller credibility, conversion rate, reviews, and click-through rate.

To rank high on the search engine results page (SERP), you must devise and implement various search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, such as using relevant keywords, creating excellent copies, uploading high-quality photos, and generating good authentic reviews. You can also maximize Amazon ads to drive more traffic to your product listings. 

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5. Selling on Amazon marketplace is easy and convenient, primarily through Amazon FBA. 

Selling on the Amazon marketplace offers a seamless and convenient experience, particularly with Amazon FBA. Here’s how:

  • Amazon handles all the logistics and storage responsibilities. 
  • Amazon takes care of the picking, packing, and shipping of items. 
  • Amazon handles customer service concerns, refunds, and returns. 
  • Sellers benefit from the storage provided by Amazon in its fulfillment centers. 
  • Enrolling in Amazon FBA gives you a chance to get approved for Amazon Buy Box much faster. Buy Box features products and allows customers to easily add items to their cart through the “Buy Now” box. 

6. Brand owners have exclusive tools to boost brand awareness.

Amazon values brand owners enrolled under their Brand Registry program. Hence, they continuously develop and provide features that will help these brands boost their sales and brand awareness. If you’re one of these registered sellers, here are some tools you can enjoy on the platform.

Premium A+ Content 

After opening a selling account on Amazon, your next step is to create your first few product listings and sell products. In a typical Amazon listing, you must provide the product’s title, bulleted features, description, images, and delivery information. 

With Brand Registry, you’ll benefit from exclusive brand awareness tools, including Premium A+ Content. This feature gives you access to improve the content of your product listings through visually engaging elements. You can present more texts, images, and videos to entice potential customers to purchase your product. 

Brand Analytics

Found on Seller Central, Amazon Brand Analytics is a tool that registered brand sellers can use to make informed decisions in running their businesses. It generates reports about customer behavior, like conversions, repeat purchases, and more. 

Amazon sellers can access this valuable data through Brand Analytics dashboards which include Search Catalog Performance, Top Search Terms, Repeat Purchase Behavior, etc. 


Managing an eCommerce store is not easy, whatever platform you use. Nevertheless, selling on Amazon presents a unique advantage when scaling your business enterprise and establishing a robust brand presence. If you want to start your Amazon selling journey as a brand, you can benefit from its vast number of potential customers, Prime members, and helpful tools, programs, and services. 

If you are already interested in launching your brand’s products through Amazon, you should consider hiring an agency that can help you acquire brand protection services, like Seller Interactive. We have teams of professionals who can help you deal with hijackers and counterfeiters, preventing them from negatively affecting your sales and brand reputation.

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