A Guide on How To Get Permission to Sell Brands on Amazon 

Last updated on November 6th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

Selling on Amazon has become a highly competitive landscape where countless retailers and sellers vie for customers' attention. If you are looking to sell branded products on the platform, you need to obtain permission from both Amazon and the brand to ensure a smooth and legal selling process. And so you ask yourself how to get permission to sell brands on Amazon.

How Do I Get Permission From a Company to Sell on Amazon?

This year, the process of acquiring permission has evolved to maintain the integrity of authentic and authorized sellers. You need to ensure you comply with Amazon's guidelines and brand requirements. Through these, you can sell confidently and enhance customer experience by providing genuine products they can trust.

As you embark on this journey, remember that being proactive in obtaining the required approvals from both Amazon and the brand you wish to sell can make all the difference. Investing time and effort in understanding the approval process sets you up for success and offers a strong foundation for your online selling adventure. 

So, let's dive into the guide and discover how you can navigate the Amazon marketplace with ease and confidence this year.

Brand Owner Research and Preparation

Researching and following Amazon guidelines give you a higher chance to gain approval and successfully sell branded products without legal or policy issues. After understanding the rules completely, look for brands you can resell or sell your own brand on the platform.

Review Amazon’s Policy on Selling Brands

Familiarize yourself with Amazon's policy on selling brands. The online marketplace has stringent rules to ensure that only genuine products are sold and to protect the rights of brand owners. Review these policies thoroughly and comply with them to avoid any violation that may result in penalties or suspension of your account.

Enroll in The Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed to give sellers like you complete control over your brands, prevent counterfeits, and grant access to brand-building and marketing tools. Make sure to review the program's eligibility requirements, including having an active text-based or image-based registered trademark in the countries you want to enroll in.

To know more about Amazon Brand Registry’s benefits, you can watch this video:

Identify Brands That Are Open for Third-Party Sellers

Not all brands on Amazon are open to third-party sellers, as some have exclusive partnerships with Amazon or other restrictions. So, after understanding the rules, research and identify brands that welcome third-party resellers. Some brands have a list of authorized resellers on their website and will file a copyright infringement complaint against unauthorized sellers.

Research Individual Brand Requirements and Limitations

It's vital to research individual brand's policies and any limitations they might have, such as restrictions on selling certain products or the requirement of being a licensed dealer. This information can usually be found on the brand owner's official website or through direct communication with brand representatives.

Be aware of the types of products that might be prohibited or have specific restrictions in Amazon's policies, such as dangerous items, human parts, tobacco-related products, warranties, collectible coins, personal safety, and unbranded products.

To-Dos Before Selling Branded Products

After all the research, there are some things you need to accomplish to begin selling branded products on Amazon. By carrying them out, you'll be set to obtaining permission to sell branded products on Amazon and growing your business as a trustworthy seller.

the three things you need to do before selling branded products on Amazon

Create a Professional Amazon Seller Account

The first step to start selling branded products on Amazon is to register for a professional seller account. A professional account is recommended for selling branded products as it allows access to more features and tools.

Build a Reputable Seller Profile

Establish a strong Amazon sales history, customer ratings, and feedback to gain the trust of both brand owners and customers. Maintain a high seller feedback rating by providing excellent customer service, honest product descriptions, and prompt shipping. The higher your rating, the more likely brand owners will permit you to sell their products.

Develop a Compelling Business Plan

Your plan must outline a compelling strategy for selling brands on Amazon. Emphasize your expertise and commitment to maintaining brand integrity. Assure brand owners that you'll sell their products responsibly, preserve their reputation, avoid counterfeit or selling fake items, and adhere to Amazon's Brand Registry rules and guidelines.

A well-crafted business plan should highlight how your company will add value to the brand you wish to sell through digital marketing efforts, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Additionally, provide details about any other e-commerce platforms or physical shops where you plan to sell genuine products.

Apply for Brand Approval

Before you start selling branded products on Amazon, apply for a brand approval. The process will require you to do the following:

  • Gather relevant invoices, authorization letters, or other proof of authenticity, demonstrating your right to sell those branded items.
  • Navigate and register to the Brand Registry to gain access to the tools that help protect your brand's reputation and reduce the risk of copyright infringement or counterfeit products.
  • Provide accurate information about your brand, including your brand's name, trademark registration number, and any specific industry you are operating in, such as baby products, beauty, luggage, grocery, or automotive.
  • Through these steps, you can increase your chances of getting approval to sell brands on Amazon. Eventually, you could expand your online store to other e-commerce platforms or physical shops.

    Just remember though that some categories, such as personal safety items, gourmet food and health, and collectible coins, may have additional requirements and restrictions, so understand the rules beforehand. Also, receiving approval to sell branded goods on Amazon can be more challenging if you are a reseller rather than a brand owner or licensed dealer. 

    Connecting With Brand Owners To Sell Branded Products

    Establish direct contact with brand owners or their authorized distributors by researching contact information for the owner or authorized representative. Make sure you are reaching out to credible sources.

    Once you have the relevant contact information, create a professional and convincing message that details your interest in selling their branded products on Amazon. In your message, include these:

  • Your Selling Experience
  • Your commitment to representing their brand well
  • Strategies for maintaining the brand's reputation
  • Your affiliations with other e-commerce platforms
  • Experience running a successful online store
  • Maintain open and transparent communication with the brand owner or authorized representative to increase your chances of securing permission to sell their branded products on Amazon.

    Maintain Compliance When Reselling Branded Products

    To ensure a fruitful business for you and the brands you represent, maintain compliance with Amazon regulations while selling branded products. By being a responsible brand seller, you can ensure you sell smoothly as you grow your brand and sales.

    Ensure All Product Listings Comply With Brand Policies

    Ensure your product listings accurately describe the products, use proper brand names, and include authorized images. This shows respect for the brand owner and helps maintain product integrity while avoiding copyright or trademark infringement complaints. Stay updated with brand policies and adjust your listings as they change.

    Respect Pricing Policies and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Requirements

    Adhering to these pricing policies ensures that you, as a third-party seller, do not undermine the brand's or its products' value. Regularly check and update your pricing in line with the brand's guidelines, and if unsure about the MAP requirements, consult the brand owner or their respective online resources.

    Regularly Monitor Your Brand Listings for Potential Unauthorized Sellers

    Be vigilant in monitoring your listings for any unauthorized sellers or counterfeit products. Third-party sellers may attempt to copy your listings, potentially tarnishing the brand's reputation or violating the brand owner's policies. By carefully monitoring your listings, you can quickly report suspicious activities to Amazon or the brand owner and protect your selling privileges.

    Report Any Infringements to Amazon Through the Brand Registry

    Enroll in Amazon's Brand Registry to better protect your reselling rights of branded products and gain access to tools that help you identify and report infringements. By actively reporting unauthorized Amazon sellers or counterfeit products, you maintain a healthy marketplace that respects brand owners' rights and promotes genuine products. 

    How To Get Permission to Sell Brands on Amazon: Partner With Seller Interactive

    Getting permission to sell brands on Amazon is crucial for the success of your online business. You must follow Amazon's policies to sell branded items without any hassle. Keep yourself informed about policy changes and take the necessary steps to comply. Constant improvement and adaptation to the changing landscape of Amazon are mandatory to increase your brand approval success rates.

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