Amazon Brand Registry: A Guide for Amazon Sellers

October 27, 2020
Written by Ken Zhou
brand registry in amazon

Being the largest online retailer globally, Amazon works with more than 2 million independent partners in the U.S., and has sold 3.4 billion products in 12 months by May of 2020. Due to this, some sellers engage in black hat practices. Protect your brand by registering with Amazon brand registry.

Based on the 2020 Amazon SMB Impact Report, sellers had an average sale of $160,000 and sold over 6,500 products per minute. With the increase in demand for Amazon products, many sellers are opting to try Amazon’s marketplace to gain success.

Among these are sellers engaging in black hat practices. Because of Amazon’s undeniable popularity, these sellers enter the market to copy the brand’s products and sell them as their own, but at a lower quality.

This form of activity negatively impacts the business, hence the need for an Amazon brand protection program. In this article, we’ll be tackling Amazon brand protection agencies, Amazon brand protection services, Amazon brand protection team, and Amazon brand registry benefits.

Let’s Get to Know the Program

Amazon Brand Registry is a program where sellers enroll their brands under Amazon to protect their intellectual property. It helps customers identify brand owners and protects them from counterfeiters.

If you’re an Amazon seller, making sure your products are protected has become a full-time job. You want to stop the first signs of unscrupulous behavior. One of the best ways to protect yourself is by registering your brand under the Amazon Brand Registry Program.

Amazon created this program due to the numerous lawsuits filed against them by brands claiming they have a counterfeit problem. Amazon has been loose about its policies in preventing counterfeiters. The company hasn’t done enough to stop counterfeiters from selling on the platform, hence, the need for a brand protection program.

The Amazon Brand Registry has a dedicated team that sellers can contact for suspected counterfeiters or hijackers, listing concerns, and policy violations. Sellers also have access to marketing programs such as Amazon Transparency Program and Enhanced Brand Content.

We’ll know more about the benefits of registering under the program by reading our guide in this article.

Problems Caused by Unscrupulous Behavior

Due to the multiple lawsuits faced by Amazon, the need for a brand protection program came about. Below is a list of concerns that led to the creation of the Amazon Brand Registry.

Counterfeiters and Hijackers

Counterfeiters are sellers who copy and manufacture the products of a branded seller and pass them as their own. Hijackers are sellers who jump on the same product listing and sell the same product but at a lower price.

These hijackers usually sell a low-quality version of the products. Due to its low price and same product details, buyers tend to buy their merchandise, not knowing they are purchasing a low-quality and counterfeit version of the product. Hijackers tend to steal the Buy Box from branded sellers.

The Buy Box is the white box on the right screen where customers can easily purchase an item. Not everyone can have the Buy Box. If you win the Buy Box, you’ll become the default seller of a product.. Only those with excellent seller metrics and the best price can have the most coveted Buy Box button.

When a seller hijacks your listing, customers will receive low-quality products, and you end up losing sales and trust.

Loss of Trust

When buyers encounter Amazon listing hijackers, they will receive low-quality or counterfeit products from these sellers. It will harm your relationship with these customers because they will leave bad reviews on your listing. They will no longer purchase from you, and this wil negatively affect your business.

Tarnish your Brand’s Reputation

Due to these hijackers, customers will think you are selling them low-quality products. It will tarnish your reputation in the market and leave a false review on your brand. Customers will leave negative reviews, which will affect the decision of potential buyers.

Low Sales

The negative reviews left by customers will stop future customers from purchasing your products. It will be difficult for you to make any sales and regain your reputation.

Winning Points

According to Amazon, over 130,000 brands have registered under the Amazon Brand Registry resulting in 99% fewer infringement reports since the launch of the program. The program must have truly helped a lot of brands.
For Amazon sellers who plan to register under the program, below is the list of benefits published on their website:

Amazon brand protection team

Protects the Brand from Product Hijacking

Almost all private label sellers fear being hijacked by third-party sellers. To prevent these malicious activities from taking place, Amazon allows them to report incidents. These threats will easily be eliminated. It also gives private label sellers the sole ownership of the Buy Box.

The program also provides you with additional predictive protections to remove counterfeited listings. Examples of these unscrupulous behavior are:

  1. Product listing that isn’t for your brand and uses your trademarked terms in their titles.
  2. Images that contain your brand images but aren’t for any of your product listings.
  3. Product listings using your brand name but aren’t yours
  4. Sellers shipping products in locations that you aren’t distributing or manufacturing your brand.

Brand Representation

Amazon allows you to have total control of your Amazon brand pages. Customers will be able to see the correct information about your products and brand.

Access to Marketing and Protection Tools

You can have access to tools like Enhanced Brand Content, Project Zero, and Amazon Transparency.

Enhanced Brand Content

The Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) allows sellers to edit the product description by using rich content and images. They can enhance the images and text to convey the brand’s message.

Project Zero

Project Zero allows brands to remove suspected counterfeits. Thanks to Amazon’s machine learning, they can scan over 5 billion listings to check counterfeit items.

Amazon Transparency

Amazon Transparency is an application that enables brands to create an alphanumeric code to every unit of their product. Amazon scans these codes so that only authentic products will be shipped to customers. On the other hand, it allows customers to authenticate any transparency-enabled product using the app.

Access to Reporting Tools

You can easily search for potential counterfeiters or potential infringement cases using their powerful research and report tools. You can look for product listings that use your images and logo. Also, you can search for ASINs or product URLs that can report potentially infringing content.

Amazon Support Team

Amazon’s Brand Registry Support Team can be emailed or called any time of the day, 7 days a week.

Applying for the Program

The following steps and requirements are from Amazon’s page.

Review Your Documents

For you to apply for the program, you must have an active and registered trademark. Check if your trademark is the same as the brand name. Don’t forget that your trademark should also appear on the packaging and product itself.

Sign up for Amazon Brand Registry

The trademark owners must be the one to apply for the Brand Registry Program.
If the trademark owner is not available, an authorized agent is allowed. The owner must first enroll the agent as an additional user. Once done, you can now sign into Brand Registry.

  1. Sign into Brand Registry using your Vendor or Seller credentials.
  2. Provide your legal/corporate information.
  3. Validate your information via text/SMS.
  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Click save.
Amazon brand protection program

Enroll your Brand

To enroll your brand, you’ll need to fill up these four criteria:

Brand Eligibility: You’ll be providing details of the brand name to be registered, brand logo, and a number of brand names to be registered.

Intellectual Property: Select your trademark type, trademark name, registration number, and registration office.

Identification: Upload the product images, brand logo, packaging images, website images, and social media images

Brand Information: Provide the vendor account details, manufacturing details, license details, and countries where your brand’s products are manufactured and distributed.

You may now click the “Submit Application” button.

Validation of Information

Once you have submitted the application, Amazon shall check if you are the right owner of the trademark. It will take them 2-10 days to validate your application. Eventually, your trademark office will receive a verification code from Amazon and you have to contact them to forward it to you.

Once you have the code, log into your Amazon Seller Account, and type your respective case ID from the initial email. Next, click the view button, choose the reply button, and type the code. Once you’re done with the following steps, the process will be complete in 1-2 working days.

Key Takeaway

Protecting your brand is of the utmost priority. Registering your brand under the Amazon Brand Registry Program is a good line of defense against Amazon counterfeiters and hijackers. Here at Seller Interactive, we have a group of experts who can monitor the initial signs of unscrupulous behavior. To know more about our program, you may email [email protected].

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