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Last updated on June 23rd, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Curious about how to win a Buy Box on Amazon? Amazon has become a household name in online retail in the past few decades. With the potential to reach a staggering $8.1 trillion by 2026, it’s no surprise that retail business owners are racking their brains, looking for a way to start selling on Amazon.

Given the fierce marketplace competition, Amazon sellers can prove their value to their customers by maintaining a healthy seller account, optimizing product pages, nailing SEO, and more. But one of the most highly sought-after strategies is securing the Buy Box spot.

Buy Box is a reputable placement on the Amazon product detail page that significantly impacts your sales. Sellers desire to win this as online shoppers can make instant purchases with just one click.

We’ll share everything you need about this feature, including how to quickly increase your chances of grabbing this special spot.

What Is the Buy Box?

When buyers visit an Amazon product listing, they are greeted with a comprehensive page filled with valuable information. 

a screenshot of kitchables product page
  • They will find a collection of product images on the left side of the listing. It provides a visual representation of the item. 
  • In the middle section, the listing showcases important details such as the product title, average star rating, available variants, and bullet point descriptions. It offers a detailed product overview for potential buyers.
  • You'll find the Buy Box on the far right side of the listing.

This widget allows shoppers to quickly purchase products using the “Add to Cart” button. It will enable them to look at the product, decide, and purchase in two or three clicks. Buy Box is not tied directly to the listing itself. It functions as a distinct feature that highlights a particular seller’s offer.

What You Still Don’t Know About Buy Box

purchased online products on Amazon

In the context of Amazon selling, Buy Box is not only a simple section of the product detail page; it’s a competitive arena that requires sellers to strive continuously for excellence.

They must comply with Amazon’s stringent criteria and meet specific performance standards to improve their chances of winning the Buy Box. To give you a starting point, here are some aspects of the Buy Box that you may still be unfamiliar with:

🔄Rotating Buy Box Ownership
The ownership of the Buy Box is not static. It can change frequently based on the Amazon Buy Box algorithm and the performance of competing sellers. It only means one thing: even if a seller wins the Buy Box at a certain point, they must maintain high standards to retain it.
📈Performance-Based Criteria
Winning the Buy Box is not solely based on offering the lowest landed price. It is important, but Amazon also considers factors such as seller metrics (e.g., order defect rate, on-time delivery, customer response time, fulfillment method, and product availability.)
🤝Shared Buy Box
Many sellers may sometimes share the Buy Box for the same product. This typically occurs when they have similar offers and meet the required criteria. Given this, the Buy Box rotates between these sellers, allowing each to be featured.
Buy Box Percentage
It refers to the share of time your offer is displayed in the Buy Box compared to other sellers competing for the same product. It indicates how often your offer is featured as the default choice for shoppers. A higher Buy Box percentage means you can generate sales more efficiently.

As an Amazon seller, you must prioritize these areas to maximize your potential to become a Buy Box winner.

What Happens if You Win a Buy Box on Amazon?

using Buy Box on mobile phone

Winning the Buy Box on Amazon comes with several significant benefits for sellers. Here’s an overview of what happens when you win the Buy Box:

  • Increased Sales Opportunities: With multiple sellers offering various deals for most products, the seller who happens to be featured in the Buy Box will automatically win that sale when shoppers click on a particular product.
  • Ability to Create Amazon PPC Ads: If you own the Buy Box, you can create Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) ads. It’s an advertising technique where sellers bid on certain keywords or create sponsored ads to promote their brand effectively.
  • Meet Mobile Shopping Demands: Most of your customers are mobile phone users. Since it can’t fit much information, they scroll down often and simply choose the seller with the Buy Box eligibility.

How Do I Become Buy Box Eligible?

Unfortunately, not all sellers are qualified to become a Buy Box winner. But don’t despair! There are steps you can take to improve the odds. Here's what you can do:

Get a Professional Seller Account

Create an Amazon Seller Central account and opt for a Professional selling plan. It will cost you $39.99 a month, which is not a problem if you intend to use Amazon as one of your major selling platforms. This is essential to qualify for a share of the Buy Box.

Use Fulfillment by Amazon

Sellers that choose Fulfillment by Amazon for their products are instantly eligible for the Buy Box. FBA sellers have been found to win a share of the desired spot at a much higher rate.

But don’t fret; you can still win the Buy Box, particularly if you participate in the Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program. It allows qualified sellers to fulfill Prime orders directly from their warehouses or fulfillment centers while maintaining the Prime badge on their listings. 

Keep the Order Volume High

A high sales volume on Amazon indicates your ability to manage inventory and fulfill customer orders effectively. It demonstrates to buyers that you can meet their demands and satisfy their purchase needs. It also builds customer trust, suggesting that numerous buyers have already trusted your products and services. 

💡 However, sales volume will be only helpful if you manage your seller account health. Let’s talk more about that below.

Maintain Your Account Health

Selling many products is useless if your account isn't healthy. You must consider three key factors that can significantly impact your Buy Box eligible status. These are:

  • Order Defect Rate: Considers customer feedback, returns, and other factors contributing to a negative buying experience. 
  • Cancellation rate: Measures the percentage of orders the seller cancels before shipment.
  • Late shipment rate: Calculates the percentage of orders shipped after the expected ship date. 

How Do I Win the Buy Box Consistently?

Amazon is pretty quiet about how sellers can win a share of the Buy Box. Luckily, any Amazon marketing agency can spill the secrets—and it involves several factors. 

Win the Buy Box consistently with these tips:

an infographic of how to win buy box on amazon

Sell “New Condition” Products 

It’s rare for a seller who sells “used” products to win the Buy Box. It would help if you focused on selling new products for a better chance.

Be a Prime Seller

Non-Prime sellers can win the Buy Box, but Amazon prioritizes sellers who can cater to their vast Prime member base. This preference is unsurprising, considering Amazon’s commitment to building a customer-centric environment.

Offer a Competitive Price

Competitive pricing means analyzing the market and adjusting your prices accordingly. While a lower price can translate to happier customers, engaging in price wars may not be sustainable or profitable in the long run.

Focus On Shipping Performance

Customer values reliable and fast shipping time. Aim to offer expedited shipping options and exceed their expected delivery times. Luckily, you can now rely on the Amazon FBA program.

Have Enough to Sell

Amazon must ensure you have the inventory to satisfy its customers' demands. If you're low on stock, it can negatively affect your chance of securing the spot.

Maintain Good Seller Feedback

Good customer feedback usually decides the winner, especially when everyone’s on the same level. You must answer queries within 24 hours, maintain product quality, deliver on time, and promptly address complaints. Keep Amazon’s customers happy, and you’re well on owning the Buy Box.

Is There an Amazon Consultant Near Me Who Can Help?

Winning the Buy Box is a sure sign of success on Amazon. Follow these simple tips, and you'll have a higher chance of getting more sales through an effective Buy Box strategy. If you need some advice from Amazon consulting experts about your sales strategy, Seller Interactive can help! Contact us to get started.

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