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Last updated on July 27th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is vital on Amazon. Its algorithm has an ever-changing nature, affecting the likelihood of successful PPC campaigns. Sellers also need clarification on where to bid their money or how to strategize for sales growth. Unless you are an established brand or an Amazon PPC expert, putting up a listing without doing PPC can stall your business.

Understandably, Amazon sellers need clarification on where to bid their money or how to strategize for sales growth. If you’re a startup business and also not well-versed in PPC, don’t worry. You can always ask for the assistance of an Amazon expert. To give you an overview of paid ads and how Amazon PPC management services can help you, read on.

What is a PPC advertisement on Amazon?

PPC advertising is Amazon's internal advertising system that displays your product in different parts and formats across the Amazon website and its affiliated external platforms. It aims to increase brand traffic and exposure and requires you to pay per number of clicks. Below are the three different types of Amazon PPC ads:

annotated sample of a sponsored product - ultra speed HDMI cable

Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products allow you to feature a specific product on the shopping results or the product details page. These ads could be automated or manual. Amazon's system will make the campaign's adjustments for you in real-time based on the performance of automated targeted ads. For the manually targeted ads, you will have to monitor and adjust on your own.

annotated screenshot of semi matte sponsored brands on amazon

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands or headline search ads are self-service ads that allow you to feature your logo, a message, and three of your products. This banner has a link that can redirect the buyer to your brand's page. To run advertising campaigns for Sponsored Brands, your Amazon store must have at least three registered products under your brand.

an annotated screenshot of a sponsored display on amazon

Sponsored Display

A Sponsored Display allows you to show your products to your page visitors, including those outside the Amazon website. Buyers can see your advertisement across multiple third-party websites and apps, including blogs and social networking sites. The product you're promoting, however, should be a registered item.

What do I need to prepare?

To be able to run a profitable PPC campaign, you must have

  • an active Professional seller account, and
  • Certain number of products registered under Amazon's Brand Registry.*
*The quantity of registered products needed depends on the PPC campaigns and ads you want to run. Sponsored Brands require at least three registered products, Sponsored Products require just one, while Sponsored Display doesn’t have a specific minimum requirement.

What does it take to succeed in PPC on Amazon?

Now that you know what a PPC ad is, the next step is to learn what it takes to succeed in paid ads. Below are some of the things you must consistently do when running an advertising campaign:

1. Establish your goals

A successful PPC management plan includes solid, specific goals. You should know precisely what you want to achieve: exposure, traffic, or conversion. This will help you map out your strategy, determine your budget, forecast your investment return, and determine if investing in PPC is worth it.

2. Optimize your listing

Listing optimization is a crucial factor affecting Amazon PPC management. SEO optimization entails prioritizing relevant keywords, high-quality and engaging photos, and well-written copies to incorporate into your listing. Before you run your ad campaigns, ensure that your listing is optimized in all areas to achieve maximum results.

3. Conduct keyword research

When setting up a campaign, Amazon will suggest keywords related to the products you're boosting (for automatic campaigns). You can choose from those suggestions or bid on keywords based on your research. There can be no guarantee as to how well a keyword can perform. This is why there are Amazon PPC experts who have done enough research to determine the right combination of words that the Amazon algorithm can easily pick up.

4. Consult an Amazon PPC expert

As mentioned above, determining a keyword's performance can be tricky, as Amazon's ever-changing algorithm influences it. Since advertising is more of a requirement than an option when selling on Amazon, bidding can also affect how your keywords will perform. 

With all the uncertainty that Amazon's algorithm provides, it is more convenient to hand over the job to an actual Amazon PPC expert to eliminate wasted ad spend and get the maximum return on your investment.

amazon ppc expert shaking hands with a client

How can an Amazon PPC expert help?

At this point, you might already be overwhelmed by the amount of work running a PPC ad will require. After all, running a business has many other aspects besides advertising. The following are some of the principal functions that an Amazon PPC expert can help you with as you focus on other aspects of your business.

Strategic planning

A sound marketing strategy is essential for any business, but it's especially true for Amazon PPC. This involves identifying trends, analyzing competitors, and studying target audience preferences, which helps you develop a good keyword bid strategy. Having a PPC professional perform this task saves you a great deal of time and money in the long run.

Besides creating keyword bid strategies, PPC experts also study negative keywords that may hurt your chances of being seen by your target audience. This PPC campaign strategy is not only for one particular product or keyword; your PPC consultant must also perform this task for every other product in your online store.

Product photography and branding

Product images influence most online buyers' decisions. And since Amazon listings limit the number of photos for display, it is essential to maximize these limitations. Ensure your photos are attention-grabbing enough to earn your product page a click.

In addition, although unknown to many, product photos contribute to a well-optimized listing. They should be high-quality and have a proper file name, alt text, and file type. Amazon PPC experts know how to use product images and proper branding to earn clicks and convert them into sales, so you can work with them to accomplish this.

Search engine optimization

With millions of products available on Amazon, search results ranking is determined by keywords and performance. Your product will only appear in the search results if your listing contains the right keywords, and your ranking will not be that high if your performance is low.

This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in. Amazon PPC experts use data, tools, and analytics to examine Amazon users' buying behavior. This allows them to target the audience for your listings and provide a personalized shopping experience. 

Keyword analysis

Amazon PPC experts perform intensive research to identify which keywords work best with your product based on relevance and search queries. Search terms determine if you appear in the search result, while performance tells how high or low you rank. With the help of research and split tests, PPC experts can unravel how to rank keywords on Amazon that work in favor of your listings.

Ads management

Beyond setting up your PPC ad, Amazon PPC experts manage the project's overall flow. They monitor performance, revise campaigns, monitor ad spending, ensure investment return, and troubleshoot issues should the need arise. This also includes frequent split-testing of strategies to find the best combination for your business.

PPC advertising tools expertise

The tools required for optimizing your PPC campaigns can be costly and complex. Having an amateur using those tools will only waste your time and resources. Worse, it may even cause long-term issues to your business. Hiring a veteran well-versed in these tools can help you minimize the risk of error and significantly raise your investment return. 

Should you get a PPC expert?

The short answer is yes.

Just a disclaimer: while getting a PPC specialist is not a foolproof way to meet your campaign goals, you can minimize failing to pick the right one by looking for the following:

  • Extensive knowledge of Amazon PPC through education, training, experience, and certifications
  • Proactive in the Amazon PPC scene, such as showing keen interest and being up-to-date with the latest changes in the regulations
  • Have great reviews from clients on different platforms. These include Google reviews, which have a lot of feedback from customers and businesses alike. Another option is Clutch, a more B2B-centered feedback platform.

When looking for someone to manage your PPC ads, you may encounter agencies with those qualities. Knowing what traits to look for in an expert will align you with the best Amazon PPC professional capable of propelling your business to greater heights.

Let our Amazon PPC experts help you!

Setting up a PPC campaign is something a seller can definitely do. However, if you don't have enough knowledge about how the Amazon marketplace works, it may take you extra time and cash to navigate through the process. This is only feasible if you have time and money to spend. 

But if you’re on a budget and need to gain more profit as soon as possible, it is best to ask for help from an Amazon PPC management agency. Agencies like Seller Interactive have a team of well-rounded experts that can help you thrive in various fields of Amazon, including PPC.Selling on Amazon can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With the best Amazon PPC strategy created with an industry expert's guidance, your ROI will surely rise. Contact us today so we can start assisting you.

Go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

Use the power and influence of advertising to increase sales. Learn more about how you can benefit from our management expertise.
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