Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Amazon PPC Expert

November 5, 2020
Written by Nicasio Co III
Amazon PPC Expert

Advertising on Amazon isn’t an option anymore, it’s a necessity. Unless you have an already established brand, putting up a listing on Amazon without any form of advertising can harm your business. However, Amazon’s algorithm has an ever-changing nature. Understandably, sellers are confused on where to bid their money, thus, the need for an Amazon PPC expert. To give you an overview of what PPC is and how an Amazon PPC expert can help you, read on.

What is PPC advertisement?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is Amazon’s internal advertising system that can display your product in different parts of the Amazon website, which helps increase traffic and exposure. These ads only let you pay the amount you assigned per number of clicks. Below are the three different types of PPC ads:

Sponsored products

Amazon sponsored products PPC allow you to feature a specific product either on the search results or the product details page. These ads could be automated or manual. Amazon’s system will make the campaign’s adjustments for you in real-time based on the performance of automated targeted ads. For the manually targeted ads, you will have to do the monitoring and adjusting on your own.

Sponsored brands

Sponsored brands or headline search ads are banner-type advertisements that allow you to feature your logo, a message, and three of your products. This banner has a link that can redirect the buyer to your brand’s page. This advertisement requires at least three registered products under your brand.

Sponsored display

Sponsored display allows you to show your products to your page visitors even if they’re outside of the Amazon website. Buyers will be able to see your advertisement across multiple websites, including blogs and social networking sites. The product you’re promoting, however, should be a registered item.

What do I need to prepare?

To be able to run a PPC ad, you must have an active professional seller account. You must also have several products registered under Amazon’s brand registry. The number depends on the PPC ad that you want to run. Sponsored brands require at least three registered products, while sponsored brands and sponsored displays require only one registered product.

How do I set up PPC on Amazon?

Now that you have an idea of what a PPC ad is, the next step is to learn how to set it up. Below is a short guide on how to start your first PPC ad:

1. Establish your goals

Write down what you want to achieve with the ads, whether it’s just exposure or conversion. This will help you map out your strategy, determine your budget, forecast your investment return, and determine if investing in PPC is worth it.

2. Optimize your listing

Before you run your ad, you must first make sure that your listing is optimized for you to get maximum results. SEO optimization entails using proper keywords in your listing, having engaging photos, and posting well-written copies and bullet points.

3. Do keyword research

When setting up your campaign, Amazon will search for keywords related to the products you’re boosting. You can either choose from the suggested keywords Amazon will provide or bid on keywords based on your research. There can be no guarantee as to how well a keyword can perform. This is why there are Amazon PPC experts who have done enough research to determine the right combination of words that the Amazon algorithm can easily pick up.

4. Consult an Amazon PPC expert

As mentioned above, determining a keyword’s performance can be tricky, as Amazon’s ever-changing algorithm influences it. Since advertising is more of a requirement than an option when selling on Amazon these days, bidding can also affect how your keywords will perform. With all the uncertainty that Amazon’s algorithm provides, it is more convenient to hand over the job to an actual Amazon PPC expert to ensure that you get the maximum return of investment.

Amazon PPC expert

How can an Amazon PPC expert help?

At this point, you might already be overwhelmed by the amount of work running a PPC ad will require. After all, running a business has a lot of other aspects, aside from advertising. The following are some of the top functions that an Amazon PPC expert can help you with as you focus on other aspects of your business:

Product photography and branding

Amazon listings have limits on the number of photos for display, words for copies, and bullets for descriptions. This is why it is essential to maximize these limitations and make sure that your photos are attention-grabbing enough to earn your product page a click. In fact, 83% of online buyers reveal that product image is the top influencer of their buying decisions.

In addition, although unknown to many, product photos actually help in optimizing your listings. This comes in the form of a proper file name, alt text, and file type. Amazon PPC experts know exactly how to use product images and proper branding to earn clicks and convert them into sales.

Search engine optimization

With millions of products available on Amazon, search results ranking is determined by two things: keywords and performance. Your product won’t appear in the search results if your listing doesn’t contain the right keywords, and your ranking will not be that high if your performance is low.

This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in. Amazon PPC experts use data, tools, and analytics to look into Amazon users’ buying behavior. This allows them to target the audience for your listings and provide a personalized shopping experience. 

Keyword analysis

Amazon PPC experts perform intensive research to know which keywords work best with your product, based on relevance, as well as search queries. As mentioned earlier, keywords determine if you appear in the search result while performance tells how high or low you rank. With the help of research and split-tests, PPC experts can determine how to rank keywords on Amazon that works in favor of your listings.

Ads management

More than just setting up your PPC ad, Amazon PPC experts manage the project’s overall flow. They monitor performance, revise campaigns, monitor ad spending, ensure investment return, and troubleshoot issues should the need arise. This also includes frequent split-testing of strategies in order to find the best combination that works for your business.

Let our Amazon PPC experts help you

Setting up a PPC campaign is something a seller can definitely do. However, if you don’t have enough knowledge about how the Amazon marketplace works, it may take you a bit of extra time and extra cash to navigate through the process. This can be acceptable if you have time and money to spend.

But if you need to gain more profit as soon as possible, it is recommended to ask for help to achieve your goals. Selling on Amazon can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With the best Amazon PPC strategy under an industry expert’s guidance, your return of investment will surely rise. Keep in touch with Jayce at [email protected] today so we can assist you.

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