The 5 Golden Tips of Amazon Listing Experts on Keywords Strategies

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

There are many ways to achieve success in life. One can learn from the failures and successes of other people. We can also seek advice from experts on how to get things done. A few also choose to learn from their own experiences. Some do a combination of all three, which is even better. These principles can also apply to Amazon on a smaller level. 

Going through some case studies for business successes and failures can give you an idea of what you should and should not do to succeed on Amazon. Listening to experts is another sure way to thrive. Nonetheless, you will only learn when you apply what you have learned, witness what works and what doesn’t, and adjust the teachings for your own business needs. 

Below are the top five tips from professionals that we think are gold. Unlike other articles, these tips aren’t generic; we based these on Amazon experts’ years of experience, study and observations from their accounts and their competitors, and forward-thinking. 

Tip #1: Strategize what type of keywords to prioritize

We all know the power of keywords; these being a primary reason to rank on Amazon. Nonetheless, there is no one rule on how we can use keywords, but here are the three ways experts use keywords to optimize content:

Use the main keywords

The easiest way to begin with your listing optimization is to look for keywords and use the top-ranking ones in your account. This strategy is what most people do because why not invest in what is already working? This works for most, but it doesn’t set you apart from the competition.

Give secondary ranking keywords a chance

Here enters the possibility of using secondary ranking keywords. Main keywords, because of having the most searches, are used by most if not all Amazon sellers; main keywords pose stiffer competition. With tons of pages and hundreds of listings appearing, the chances for you to get a click and sale grows smaller.

Give secondary ranking keywords a chance. Fewer people may be using these keywords, and fewer people are searching for it. However, it’s less competitive. When you appear on the search results and have appealing images and content, you’ll have a higher chance of getting that click and even a sale. 

Use long-tail keywords and be creative

Using long-tail keywords is not a popular strategy. Nonetheless, experts assert—this strategy is gold! Amazon-adept individuals call this scheme a hidden gem when ranking high on Amazon because only a few people use it.

When people use long-tail and more specific keywords, they are more likely to buy. Target these keywords, and you can expect higher sales and soaring conversion rates despite having lower overall searches. Higher conversion rates will pull you up on the product listing pages. 

Tip #2: For Amazon listing experts, putting your brand name on the product title is unnecessary

Amazon beginners often put their brand name in the product title, description, and even backend keywords. While not using brand names in your description and backend seems obvious, you don’t know just how many people use brand names in their product titles. However, specialists will never advise you to use your brand name in your product title.

When doing your Amazon search terms optimization, it is better to use the limited space for keywords. Your brand name is indeed essential, and you can incorporate it into the product image. You may also create brand awareness through image layout or having websites and other external channels. 

However, the allowed number of characters is too meagre and vital to insert terms that not many people are searching for (like your brand name). Use the space for keywords instead.

Nevertheless, if you are prioritizing brand awareness and are set on incorporating it into your title, here’s a tried and tested sequence to write it out: product title + specific description about the brand like materials used, ingredients, target audience, variations in size, color, and quantity. 

Tip #3: Optimization not only means including keywords to on-page content but off the page as well

There is more to Amazon than meets the eye. What we mean by this is that there are more areas where you can incorporate the keywords than what appears on your product page. 

  • Backend keywords.

Though hidden, backend keywords are vital to boosting your conversion. If you see the backend keywords, they look like a compilation of words that do not make any sense. 

The strategy of some Amazon listing experts goes like this: 

Step 1: Copy the ASIN and the keyword phrase on the search. If your product appears, then your product is appearing for the search term you used. 

Step 2: You can also use online tools to check all the keywords using the ASIN. Suppose your product appears for the search, then you know you are incorporating keywords correctly. 

Step 3: If there are keywords absent in your content, create a list and include them in the backend keywords or on-page content. 

  • Use websites and other means to increase the audience

Look beyond Amazon, and you’ll see countless ways to increase your audience and lead buyers to your product listing. 

Option 1: Setting up your website is one way. If you want the freedom to write everything about your product, this is the best bet. Link your Amazon account to your website. Providing an easy way for customers to click the buy button is effective in increasing your conversion rate and helping you rank higher.

Option 2: Look for influencers to endorse your products. The world is more connected than ever, so use social media to your advantage. Connect with influencers and have your brand endorsed in their social media channels. Their followers are your potential clients. For items endorsed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, provide a link to your listing. 

Option 3: Sending emails is not outdated, and this is still effective if your target audience is from the working population. Hence, invest in email marketing. Make your pitch short, but snappy and informative. Tell the readers what your product is and the advantages of using your product. Include a quick link leading to your Amazon product page.

All these services mentioned are offered by most optimization service companies. Delegate the task to a team of experts, so you are assured of quality and efficiency. 

Tip #4: Be consistent in keyword usage 

In your Amazon listing optimization, consistency is key. Use keywords in all your listing areas including the product title, bullet points, description, and backend keywords. If you are launching any advertisements, marketing campaigns, or doing an Amazon PPC (pay-per-click), incorporate the keywords you want to rank for in your content. 

This strategy makes it easier for you to monitor each keyword's performance. If adjustments are needed, you can quickly shift from Plan A to Plan B. On the other hand, if the keywords are effective and you are using them throughout your business, all areas will succeed. 

As mentioned, monitoring your keywords is essential. Once you have begun your keyword strategy, use the words for some time until you get enough data. Work on the data to check whether to continue on with the strategy or to implement a new one. 

Tip #5: Partner with experts

On Amazon, the work never stops. Keep your business smooth sailing by grabbing all opportunities to succeed and spending your time and effort wisely. 

If you want to make better decisions and fewer mistakes, seek advice from experts. There are Amazon listing optimization services that you can also make use of. These services include the following:

  • Amazon Full Account Management
  • Listing Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sponsored Ad Management/PPC Management
  • Product Launch
  • Brand Protection and Assistance
  • Amazon Account Suspension Appeal and Reinstatement
  • Reimbursement and Refund
  • FBA Wholesale Partnership 

There are things you can handle on your own, but with the tasks ahead, getting help is the way to go. You’ll be at peace knowing that professionals are handling your optimization, which is vital for an Amazon seller's success. 

What Seller Interactive Offers

Seller Interactive offers all the services mentioned above. We are a group of professionals focusing on Amazon optimization and marketing. For years, we have been helping businesses make their brands known. 

Optimization service is one of our offerings. We have experts who will handle your account and give you professional advice and strategies to make your Amazon business successful. 

Contact us at 1-800-820-3746 so we can discuss your business needs and what we can do for you. Alternatively, you may also visit our website and reach us through there. Let us help you grow your business today!

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