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Last updated on March 19th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Have you tried visiting your Amazon product listings on mobile? How does it look? Will it be appealing to the 150.6 million mobile users who have access to the Amazon Shopping app? If you haven't done it yet, then it is about time that you look for companies that provide Amazon optimization services to help you out. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to be part of the tremendous growth in mobile commerce, or m-commerce.

Why is a mobile-first listing important?

It seems like it’s a waste of time to change all your listings into a mobile-friendly format. However, the following stats tell a different story:

  • According to Statista, 53.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce in 2021 in the U.S. 
  • In the same year, the global share of m-commerce will be 72.9%.
  • The projected growth of overall m-commerce sales is $3.56 trillion in 2021.
  • This year, desktop shopping in the U.S. dropped from 78% to 63% compared to m-commerce, which doubled from 8% to 15%.
  • Based on Dynamic Yield research, 76% of the respondents prefer shopping on mobile devices since it saves time.
  • As reported by Forbes, "Seventy percent of mobile searches lead to action within an hour."
  • Barrilliance says shopping carts have an abandonment rate of 85.65% for stores that weren't optimized for mobile.

Do we need to say more? 

Difference between mobile-first design and responsive design

The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but in theory, both have different meanings.

What is a mobile-first design? The Inside Design describes it as "a design philosophy that aims to create better experiences for users by starting the design process from the smallest of screens: mobile."

On the other hand, responsive design, also known as desktop first, uses the opposite approach. It prioritizes design execution from the desktop level then lately adjusted for smaller screens like mobile phones.

8 Amazon optimization services to have mobile-first product listings

Since you don't have back-end access to Amazon's website, a mobile-first approach is more appropriate at this point. In responsive design, you need to tweak CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) scripts to achieve the design you want. So, let us stick with the mobile-first design strategy. It will be easier if you ask for the assistance of a company that outsources Amazon optimization services. 

But first, lets list down the hierarchy as to how Amazon presents the content of a listing on mobile:

  1. Title
  2. Images
  3. Variations
  4. Price & Availability 
  5. Buy Now Button 
  6. Frequently Bought Together
  7. Sponsored Products 
  8. Compare With Similar Items
  9. A+ Content
  10. Description 
  11. Bullets 
  12. Product Information
  13. Product Video Shorts
  14. Frequently Bought Together 
  15. Questions Asked 
  16. More Sponsored Products 
  17. Reviews
  18. Customers Who Viewed This Also Viewed
  19. Exclusive Offers From Amazon Owned Brands

Take note of this list because this is how you will decide which needs to be improved, first. Now, here are the Amazon SEO optimization tips you may apply to create a mobile-friendly product detail page:

Tip no. 1: Optimize titles

Amazon only displays the first 80 characters when you create a title for your product listings on mobile. Create a descriptive title and make sure that you insert your primary keyword.

Don't forget that it must persuade a customer to buy your product, so better write a title that customers can easily understand. 

You may use the template below:

Brand + Keyword - Benefit + Feature

Tip no. 2: Enhance the images

Ensure that your images will pop and be clickable. Feature your product's main qualities and inject an emotional response that will help it to become more relatable.

Remember that images are the second element in your listing that the buyers will see. Maximize the seven image containers Amazon lets you use. 

Moreover, it should be a square image with a 1:1 ratio and not in portrait view. Amazon also suggests that an image should be 1000px by 1000px so customers can zoom in and out smoothly.

Tip no. 3: Utilize A+ Content

It was formerly called Enhanced Brand Content, and you need to first sign up for Amazon Brand Registry. A+ content offers additional visual representation with comparison charts, high-definition videos, FAQs, and more.

This feature allows you to tell your brand's story and how your product can help your customers' pain points with visual clarity. It can drive brand awareness and engagement because of its enhanced imagery and design features.

Make your A+ content more informative by effectively using the Standard and Product Description Text Modules. The text must be short, concise, and easy-to-read.

If you want to use hero images, make the text big, bold, and readable. 

Tip no. 4: Description optimization

Unlike in desktop, the description appears before the bullets, so it would be better if you put an equal effort to improve both elements. Your description's first 200 characters must be informative and catchy because this is only the first shown on mobile. The rest of the description is only revealed when the buyer clicks the "Show More" or "See More" buttons.

Make each character count by highlighting the features that make you stand out from your competitors. You can also mention the answers to the most pressing questions your customers always ask in the Q & A section.

Tip no. 5: Improve the bullet points

On  mobile view, only the first three bullets are shown. This is why you should mention only the most essential benefits your product has.

Each bullet, as well as the entire listing content, must be scannable because some people only like to skim and not read. Also, create an emotional impact that can draw buyers to your listing and compel them to click the Buy Now button.

Tip no. 6: Provide product information

This is the part where you list down your product's Technical Information and Additional Information. It is a straightforward approach to showcase your product's benefits and features without elaborating on each item.

The product information section is also helpful if you sell a complicated and technical product such as gadgets or appliances. It offers a detailed categorization of what your product is.

Tip no. 7: Create Amazon video shorts

This feature is best used as infomercials when static images can't interpret what you want to say. If you don't know how to make videos and lack a creative touch, hire a firm that offers Amazon listing optimization service or Amazon account optimization.

Examples of video shorts are how-tos, instructional, unboxing, or lifestyle concepts. Don't just blabber about fantastic features of your product. Instead, show the buyers how your product can solve their problems or solve their number one complaint, as opposed to your competitor's product.

Tip no. 8: Review optimization

Unfortunately, only the first three reviews can be shown on mobile. Amazon chooses the most helpful and up-to-date reviews only. If the buyer wishes to view more, they have to click a button to do so.

This is where effective Amazon optimization services can help you. You can manage your reviews, especially the negative evaluations. And did you know that your own comments are not displayed on mobile?

Oof. Yup, mobile users can't read your rebuttal against negative reviews. What is the way around this limitation? You must utilize the Q & A section, product information, bullets, and description in the product listing.


We hope that this post convinced you to implement a mobile-first design strategy. Or else, you would be missing out on potential sales just because your product listing isn't mobile-friendly. It also means your product detail page isn't user-friendly or appealing to the mobile user's eyes.

If you are at a loss, try hiring a third-party company that offers top-notch Amazon optimization services. Rest assured, optimizing your product listing for mobile can help you boost conversions, increase product discoverability, and improve customer experience.

Do you want a mobile-first Amazon product listing that converts? Seller Interactive offers first-rate Amazon optimization services and has a team of experienced consultants willing to help you with account and SEO optimization. Please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] today.

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