The Amazon Brand Protection Services You Need in 2023

January 15, 2023
Written by Ken Zhou
amazon brand protection services

In life, we often focus on the main ideas or the centerpiece that people see when building something. We spend hours choosing the chandelier that will not only light up the house but catch the attention of any visitors. We focus on the color and design of the building’s facade. We want all the visible details of our lives presentable that we sometimes forget to give the same attention to what’s behind the curtain, which is just as important. 

The same goes for Amazon. It is easy to get caught up in the goal of making your brand and product known and how your images and ads should appear. But while doing this, many people tend to forget Amazon Brand Protection, which is as essential as any other task on your plate. Brand registry in Amazon can make or break your business. Not making use of it is like building a beautiful (and expensive) house without purchasing homeowners insurance. 

If you haven’t enrolled in the Amazon Brand Protection Program yet, 2023 is the perfect time to do so! Below are the Amazon Brand Protection services you need to get you ahead of the competition. 

Registering and Close Monitoring of Your Accounts

While you’re busy perfecting your products and making sure you live up to your customers’ expectations, an Amazon Brand Protection team will begin enrolling your account. Once you have your trademark, copyright, and intellectual property certification from the Intellectual Property Office, your partner agency will handle the next stretch of the process for you. 

After registration, your Amazon Brand Protection team will maximize the services provided by Amazon. Along with these resources, agencies also have their own tools to check for hijackers and counterfeits. 

These are the following black hat tactics your Amazon Brand Protection team will consider as red flags. With close monitoring, they can call out the bad actors and inhibit further damage to your business. 

  1. Fake comments and reviews, which can affect your product listing ranking
  2. False claims submitted on Amazon
  3. Unauthorized reselling of your products
  4. Selling counterfeits under your name, which can ruin your brand and product reputation
  5. The activity of your dormant accounts 

As you can see, some dire practices include spreading fake news and claims about your product. These bad actors have found a way to use Amazon’s rules and regulations to get legitimate sellers suspended instead of protected. These activities, when detected by Amazon bots, will garner you an Amazon suspension, so dealing with the wrongdoers as soon as you catch them is vital to ensure that your business stays operational. 

Proactive Steps to Amazon Brand Protection

There are three primary Amazon Brand Protection services available once you are registered to the Amazon Brand Protection Program. 

  1. IP Accelerator

Securing copyright, trademark, and intellectual property certifications can take ages. Hence, Amazon offers IP Accelerator, which allows you to partner with law firms and get access to lawyers who can focus on getting your certificates immediately. 

Nonetheless, Amazon allows sellers to register their accounts to the Amazon Brand Protection Program even if they haven’t received proof of copyright, trademark, and intellectual property. To do this, you can upload documents proving that you are in the process of procuring your certification.

2. Brand Registry

Once you are registered, first among the Amazon Brand Protection services you can enjoy is the opportunity to build your brand extensively. You can do this through the different Sponsored Ads available. 

Amazon allows registered accounts to use the Sponsored Brand. Here sellers can enjoy the following benefits: logo features, creating catchy headlines, and even showing as many as three products. 

If you are going to use Sponsored Products for your individual and bundled products, you can freely use your logo. Your brand logo will serve as proof that you are the authentic seller of your product. 

Moreover, suppose you and your Amazon Brand Protection team see counterfeits of your product. These hijackers are easier to catch because of the lack of a logo, and they also lack copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights to the product they are selling–which means you can take action against them. 

3. Transparency codes

Another advantage of a brand registry in Amazon is getting transparency codes for all of your products. Transparency codes are codes on your products that customers can scan for authenticity. These codes will set you apart from counterfeiters, and you can include this in your product descriptions. Let your customers know that products without the codes are counterfeit, and encourage them to report the fake items existing in the market. 

Efficient Solutions to Ward-Off Hijackers and Counterfeiters

Consider the Amazon Brand Protection services above as your business’ defences; these are preemptive features you build. But what happens when you’re in the midst of a problem? We will now discuss the measures you and your Amazon Brand Protection team will take to stop hijackers and counterfeiters from destroying your account. 

Once your Amazon Brand Protection team catches counterfeiters and hijackers, they will maximize Amazon Brand Protection’s Project Zero. This initiative from Amazon allows sellers to contact Amazon wrongdoers directly through a cease and desist email. However, don’t think that you’ll be sending the usual email. The end goal of this is to stop counterfeit sellers from operating, and so your email should contain a very strong message. Tell them that if they do not stop with the unauthorized selling or the selling of fake products, you will be compelled to take legal actions. 

It is your Amazon Brand Protection team’s job to create this email. Agencies usually have their own templates, so it would take them no time at all to send the warning. With the powerful message of your email, counterfeiters and hijackers will hopefully stop their actions. If not, you and your team always have the choice of escalating the incident to Amazon for further investigation. 

Final Thoughts

Amazon sellers are forecasted to rise year after year, and this brings about tougher competition. Along with the increase of competitors is the addition of individuals who resort to dire practices to succeed. As you continue to make your product competitive to the market, ensure that no distractions happen through registering for the Amazon Brand Protection Program. 

Seller Interactive can be your partner Amazon Brand Protection team. We will monitor your account, execute immediate measures to stop dishonest practices, and ensure that you will make the most out of all the Amazon Brand Protection services there are. 

Contact us at 1-800-820-3746, or visit our website and get to know more about us.

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