Amazon Consulting Agency: 3 Best Practices That You Need to Do

December 23, 2020
Written by Kevin Wong
Amazon Consulting Agency

Every strategy that an Amazon consulting agency creates for its clients helps them build their empire. Every plan made affects how the business flows and how everything works. As technology continues to evolve, so  e-commerce platforms change and update. To accommodate every customer, sellers need to learn from an Amazon seller consultant  what they should do and the best practices they could apply for their store.

In the previous era of online shopping, different e-commerce platforms existed to sell the simplest of things. For example, Amazon started out as a business to sell books that are not easily found on bookstores. Bookworms and book lovers alike flocked to Amazon to get dibs on the limited edition hardcovers for a discounted price. However, things started to change, and Amazon grew from a simple book-selling platform to selling almost anything with millions of customers worldwide.

With the different items and supplies that you find on Amazon — whether cosmetics or books or even medical supplies — it grows and is getting even more critical. Sapient’s research yielded that more than 50% of consumers conduct product searches on Amazon rather than Google.

What could this possibly mean? Should sellers have an Amazon FBA agency to help them optimize their product listings?

Before doing anything, let us share the best practices that an Amazon consulting agency can provide for you and your store.

What are the best practices that an Amazon consulting agency can provide for you?

When you start your own business, you see competitors selling products similar to yours. This makes you  think of various ways to leverage your products. Read on and learn about the Amazon Marketing Services’ best practices.

Product listing optimization

The study conducted by ComScore yielded that the majority of American shoppers spent around 23 billion minutes on Amazon in December 2017. With that in mind, customers search Amazon whenever they could, and they have perhaps stumbled across your products.

What does this imply?

This could mean that your product listings are shown while shoppers browse through Amazon. While they search for an item, your product listings may appear related to the item they’re looking at. Moreover, if you put in the right details on the listing, more people will look at it. They may even add it to their cart.

How to improve the listing

Some of the best practices that an Amazon consulting agency adheres to include the following:

  • Maximize and make sure that the title includes keywords and is within the 200-character limit.
  • Ensure that the product title includes relevant keywords, and is ordered clearly and conversationally.
  • Include images that show the product accurately and without any edits. Make sure that you use a white background when you take photos. Not only does it make the photos look clean and neat,  it also gives a professional look to the listing.
  • Use images that are at least 1000 pixels or more.

Augment the SEO presence

Another practice that an Amazon consulting agency adheres to is optimizing the product listings and making sure it ranks high in search results. But where do sellers start?

The best practices include optimizing every part of the product listing. Before coming up with strategies, try checking out your products and how they perform in search results. Try using various keywords that would be connected to the product you’re selling, then observe the products that top the results. Check if it includes your products.

After observing the results and trends, check how your product listings are faring alongside the competitors’ product listings. Check what they are doing. An Amazon seller consultant knows how to update and revise the listings that fit the products you sell. They will create strategies that are fit for your business. This includes SEO strategies regarding what kinds of keywords will be included in your titles, descriptions, and listing.

Check the reviews on the listing

When you look at a product on Amazon, do you check out the feedback on the listing? Most customers always check and pay attention to the reviews that other customers gave after they got their package. The majority of these reviews would mention how the shipping was handled, the status of the item when they received it, and if the cost is worth the order. These elements prove to be vital whenever you create a review and optimize your listing.

Positive reviews weigh more when it comes to Amazon. Well-written and ethical reviews play a vital role on Amazon as it ensures that the feedback does not violate any of the platform’s rules.

The e-commerce giant allows sellers to create and send follow-up emails to their customers as long as it is connected to their purchase. Otherwise, it may be a red flag. Sellers cannot and should not be sending promotional emails, inserting various links to different websites, or even be adamant about reviews by giving discounts. In addition to that, giving incentives of any kind is in direct violation of Amazon’s terms.

Sellers can instead nicely and respectfully request reviews from the customers. Another way to receive a good review is to thank the customers for purchasing from your shop and by inviting them to leave a review on the product page.


With these three best practices that an Amazon consulting agency implements, you’ll surely benefit and learn more about increasing your sales through SEO. Moreover, you’ll learn new ways to improve your performance, productivity, and even create more meaningful product shoots to reach more customers. To learn more about Amazon marketing services, feel free to schedule an appointment with us!

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