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Last updated on January 23rd, 2023

Written by Mark Salvania

If you're an Amazon seller, you probably know that the ability to make a sale relies on the visibility and quality of your product listings. As much as the hours you spend conceptualizing your product, you can't achieve success without dealing with Amazon's technical requirements. 

There are a few sellers who are passionate about their product, but they tend to ignore the technical side of selling on Amazon. This leads them to only making a few sales or not earning at all. We know that you don't want to be one of these sellers. Hence, working with the right Amazon SEO Expert is the key to your success. 

What is an Amazon SEO expert?

An Amazon SEO Expert is a professional who can help you optimize your product listing to increase your product ranking. They’ve had years of experience specializing in these services that sellers, like you, can greatly benefit from their Amazon SEO services. Instead of waiting for things to happen, start investing in an Amazon SEO expert who can improve your store. 

Even big companies like Amazon spend millions each year on research and development. In 2017, they spent 7.2 billion dollars on marketing strategies. Instead of sitting down and waiting to make a sale, Amazon allocates a budget and time to research on how they can improve their process. 

It has to be the same way with your business. You must not only settle for listing your products on Amazon. Yes, you can make a sale, but to truly increase product visibility, you have to optimize your listing. Optimizing your listing means using high-quality product images, researching the right keywords to include in the product title, and creating A+ Content to attract customers. 

Why is product visibility important?

You can offer the best products and services, but without visibility, no will know your product exists. Considering that shoppers have access to smartphones, the need for engagement and visibility becomes a must. Below are the reasons why product visibility is important:

  1. Visibility helps increase revenue in a cost-effective way

This is definitely not a secret. The more your customers see or hear about your business, the more likely they pick you over other brands. This can lead to more sales on your part. Also, your customers can refer you to others, which is a cost-effective way of marketing your store. 

  1. Product visibility helps build credibility

The more your prospective customers see, hear, and read about you on social media, Amazon, blog posts, influencer's pages, etc.-the more they see you as a credible business. The products you offer may be the same as the other stores, but customers tend to pick you over the others. Your constant presence on social media boosts your store's presence so that customers will check your website to know more about you. In this way, they can discover other products you can offer to them. 

  1. It helps get your name out there for customers to see

By getting your name out there for everyone to see, it helps boost your marketing efforts. Having these advertisements and signages are a great marketing tool that reinforces your brand. It gets the word out about your brand and invites potential customers to check your listing. 

  1. It helps attract affiliates

Aside from attracting customers, getting the word out about your business helps you attract future investors or business partners. The more well-known you are in your niche, the more likely they would like to work with you. Wait until you know it, they will be knocking on your store's door or sending you an email invitation to talk about business. 

  1. Visibility increases the probability of success

The more you put yourself out there, the better are your chances of finding the right customers to sell your products to. There's no use in marketing your product to customers who don't need it. By increasing your product visibility, others can see and recommend your products to those who truly need it. Especially if you offer items that others don't have. 

Do you remember that wave of euphoria that rushes through you when you find that store that caters to your needs that others don't? That's exactly what your store should be striving for! You want your business to offer what others don't even think about. This helps you increase product visibility because you offer unique products that can help you attract customers. 

  1. It increases your ranking on Amazon's search results

Of course, the more customers view your listing, the higher your engagement rate is. These customers can turn into conversions, which can lead to higher sales in your listing. The more sales you gain in a listing, the higher your ranking on Amazon will be. 

  1. It helps you win the Buy Box button

According to Amazon, the "Buy Box" is the box on a product detail page where customers begin the purchase process by adding items to their shopping carts. If more than one seller offers the same product in "New" condition, they may compete for the Buy Box for that product. When a customer clicks the "Add to Cart," the seller who has won the Buy Box will be getting that sale. 

To win the Buy Box button, Amazon uses performance-based criteria to determine the seller's eligibility. The more reviews and sales you get, the higher is your chance of winning the button. However, there are other factors that you need to consider, such as on-time delivery rate, fulfillment method, cancellation and refund rate, and shipping time. 

What are the ten ways to increase product visibility?

Getting your listings on Amazon is phase one, but making your items visible to buyers is the next step you need to work on. One thing you need to remember about navigating Amazon is brand visibility. It is the key to get customers to check your listing. We've rounded up ten proven strategies to help the items in your store get the exposure they deserve.

  1. Make your visuals appealing to boost retail sales

Did you know that 83% of the information our brains process comes through our sense of sight? That's why you need to make your product images pleasing to the eyes. You have to use high-quality photos to catch the eyes of your potential customers. Add color, depth, and height to the images. Graphics and imagery can also add personality. You may invest in a graphic designer and web designer for your product and website.  

  1. Incorporate SEO practices into your listing

According to a new report from Feedvisor, over 85% of Prime members visit at least once a week, while 45% of Prime members purchase on Amazon at least once a week. The data tells us the frequency of Prime members in visiting and buying on Amazon. For customers to purchase an item on Amazon, they rely on Amazon's algorithm to find the products they need. Hence, sellers must use keywords and optimize listings to increase visibility. 

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It's hard for customers to find your products when you don't apply search engine optimization practices to your listing. It is like finding a needle in a haystack for your customers when they search for products. Hence, you need to take the initiative to ensure they see your listing. Doing so means using relevant keywords to rank high on the search results. When these keywords are detected, search engines will automatically rank your listings higher in results, bringing you one step closer to having more customers. 

  1. Create keyword-rich content

Once you've listed the right keywords for your listing, it's time to place them in the product title and description. Adding the keywords helps Amazon's algorithm detect them whenever a customer searches for your product. Place the relevant keyword first on the product title and description. The product title must be catchy, relevant, and informative, so they're inclined to click on the listing and purchase it. After landing on the product page, the key features and descriptions must be organized and informative. This helps customers understand the product better. However, don't add too many keywords that aren't related to your product. You're less likely to achieve product visibility if the listing is full of keywords that don't make sense. 

  1. Optimize listings for mobile users

In the last few years, mobile users account for half of the web traffic worldwide. This has led to the eCommerce business optimizing their platforms to suit mobile users, so consumers can effortlessly view webpages on their smartphones. However, some Amazon sellers choose to ignore this so much that it turns away mobile shoppers from their listing. Hence, sellers must apply Amazon store optimization specifically designed for mobile users. 

To do so, add bullets, and create an organized product description. The image size and resolution are adjusted according to the screen of the customer viewing it. Doing so gives you a competitive advantage. It is also worthy to note that Amazon product SEO helps in boosting visibility. 

  1. Focus on quality images

Online shoppers depend on product images to know if the product suits their needs or not. Since the transactions are done online, customers can't physically assess the product. Hence, they rely on images to make a final decision. 

On your part, you must provide high-quality images that clearly highlight all the parts of the product. Moreover, you must display different angles of the product to give a clear picture of how the product looks. If possible, sharing a video or photo of the product being used by a model can greatly help. 

  1. Advertise on social media

Social media is an excellent way to gain exposure for your product listings. Based on data gathered by Review42, the average individual spends at least two hours and twenty-two minutes a day on social media. The data gives you the idea that if you start leveraging these platforms to gain more audience, it can help you increase your buyers.

You must create posts and advertisements that can attract potential customers. It can be a call-to-action post or a video detailing the benefits of the product. However, when creating your ad, it's best to avoid using the images or videos of other businesses because you can be sued for it. Come up with your own or hire a professional to create a product video. 

Try publishing content that includes product links. It's best to share a blog post or video that offers information about your product and a link to lead them to your listing. This is a common method used by most businesses to boost engagement for their products. Another one is sharing a promo code. You can create promotional links that offer discount codes for buyers who click on the link. In this way, you're giving value to customers by helping them save money. 

  1. Get Good Customer Reviews

Customer reviews matter for a buyer's purchase decision. Based on Bright Locals' annual local consumer review survey, 88% of consumers trust online reviews the same way they do personal recommendations. Not only do reviews affect prospective buyers, but also the overall reputation of your brand. Hence, to make it to Amazon's top search results, you need to check your reviews and act upon any negative ones. 

To encourage feedback from customers, consistently reach out to them and politely ask to post a review about the product. Keep the line of communication open and show them you are approachable. If they are unsatisfied with the product, reach an agreement where you can offer them new products or discount codes. In this way, you can avoid negative reviews and help win the Buy Box button.

We mentioned earlier that there are a number of factors that affect the Buy Box button. One of these factors is customer reviews. If you consistently provide good customer service and high-quality products, this will result in positive feedback. The rating can help you win the Buy Box. If you do win, it can help you increase product visibility and sales. 

  1. Utilize Amazon A+ Content

A+ Content is also known as Enhanced Brand Content. It provides sellers with a premium content feature that enables additional images and text in the product description. In this way, the product listing can be designed in a much more attractive way compared to a standard product description. This gives a good sales advantage for sellers who use this feature compared to others who don't. 

  1. Have a Good Pricing Strategy

As an Amazon seller, you need to adopt a competitive pricing strategy for your products. Pricing is a key element that determines the purchasing decision of buyers. It also continually fluctuates on the marketplace that monitoring price changes are a must. When creating the pricing strategy, there must be a balance between maintaining sales and competing with other stores’ prices. To arrive at a good price, you can match your price with a competitor's or use a repricing tool. 

  1. Offer Good Customer Service

Aside from optimizing your listing by using keywords and high-quality images, you need to offer good customer service. This can lead to getting positive feedback which can increase your product visibility. When your performance as a seller continually exceeds Amazon's standards, you can gain Featured Merchant Status. This is a prerequisite to being eligible to win the Buy Box. Continuously provide the services to your customers, and watch as you gain more customers. 

Final thoughts

Employing the help of an Amazon SEO expert can help you increase your product visibility. They help you pick the best images, use the right keywords, and put the keywords in the listing. To aid you in the optimization of your listing, Seller Interactive has a group of professionals who can help you out. Do you want to know more? Email [email protected].

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