Rank on Page 1: 7 Ways an Amazon SEO Consultant Can Help You Ace A10 Requirements

August 2, 2021
Written by Corin Romkey
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Change is the only permanent thing. An Amazon seller can attest to this with the plenty of developments that constantly occur on the giant e-commerce platform. The good news is that the adjustments aim to attract more visitors to the Amazon website, which you can benefit from as the chances that the new customers will land on your Amazon product listing also increases. 

One of the recent major changes is Amazon’s algorithm shift from A9 to A10. To remain competitive and maintain your sales, adjusting is a must, and this is where Amazon SEO services come in. 

If you are still hesitating about signing up for a partnership with agencies, this article will help you decide. We’ll list the seven ways an Amazon SEO company can assist you in adjusting quickly and smoothly to A10. 

1. Deep-dive research on relevant keywords

Keyword research has always been a critical step in ensuring your store appears on customer search, A9 or A10. But A10 elevates the importance of keyword relevance because of two factors:

  • Listing relevance over sales: Old and new sellers are now in a fair playing field with A10 as the algorithm prioritizes the listing with more relevance to customer search over listings with more Amazon sales. 
  • Organic sales: With the proper relevant Amazon keyword included in your listing and ads, you’ll appear in organic Amazon search results, increasing the chance for organic sales, which A10 now values. 

In this, an expert will handle your Amazon SEO strategy professionally and with the right tools. 

2. Leveled-up pay-per-click (PPC) strategies

In Amazon’s A9 algorithm, PPC is everything. Back then, you had to be careful in choosing whether you’d have an automatic or manual campaign and if you’d use exact, phrase, or broad matches for your ad keywords. 

These practices still have relevance in A10, albeit diminished, as the main focus of the new algorithm is getting traffic from external links. Still, PPC is essential, and each campaign you launch should count.

Included in the Amazon SEO packages you will get if you partner with an agency is PPC strategy handling. Through this, you can get help in generating ideas and choosing which among Amazon’s advertising solutions is fit for your business goals. 

3. Garner more reviews.

Both A9 and A10 algorithms value what customers have to say through reviews. The more reviews you have, the higher the chance your listing visitor will add your product to their cart and buy it. No matter how engaging your content is, if the reviews are empty, the risk of buyers abandoning your page is high. 

With that, you need to find ways to get more reviews, such as parent–child listing (putting together variations of an Amazon product on one page) or incorporating calls to action (CTA) in your affiliate links and social media accounts. You can get reviews in more ways, and you can experiment with them by partnering with SEO experts. 

4. Ensure high and consistent sales. 

Sales history is now the priority of the new Amazon algorithm, which you can achieve in the following ways:

  • Ensuring your products are always in stock
  • Selling different products and item variations
  • Product bundling
  • Building solid social proof through reviews
  • Partnering with social media accounts and websites with high traffic
  • Optimizing your store
  • Offering an enticing shipping option
  • Competitive pricing

These are just some of the factors, and there are more! Can you imagine the amount of work you have to do? That’s why delegating some of it to experts is worth it. In an Amazon assistance company like Seller Interactive, these are the services you’ll get:

  • Full account management
  • Amazon search engine optimization
  • Sponsored ads management
  • Product launch
  • Amazon listing optimization
  • Brand protection and assistance
  • Reimbursement and refund
  • Account suspension and appeal reinstatement
  • FBA wholesale partnership program

All these services will surely pull up your Amazon listing to the first page of the search results and boost your sales. 

5. Be on top of your affiliate marketing.

One new factor in the current algorithm is the measurement of impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate from external links. If before, PPC is enough, now you need to power through your affiliate Amazon marketing strategies. 

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate marketing service. This solution is where you’ll get the links you will incorporate on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and website blogs. 

An Amazon agency has professional social media marketers, blog writers, and Amazon SEO specialists. They will ensure viewers outside Amazon will check out your listing or your store and click the Buy button, thereby increasing your conversion rate. 

6. Increase your impressions, CTR, and sales.

Now that A10 values external links, expect everybody to invest in affiliate marketing and digital marketing as a whole, so the competition for audiences outside Amazon will still be tough. With that, you need compelling, unique, and even mind-blowing content. Here are some ideas.

  • Infographics are better than text for data-driven content.
  • Videos are the most appealing content type; invest in this.
  • Tell a story using your content.
  • Include day-to-day and casual content types to engage viewers.
  • Skip the hard selling. Be creative with your CTAs.
  • Create content about trending topics.
  • Post intriguing content challenging the status quo.
  • Always include images for the visual generation.

With a team of graphic designers, copywriters, and digital marketers to brainstorm with you, you are sure to have content that converts. 

7. Optimize your product listing and your store.

Let’s say your target audience finally lands on your product page or Amazon store with all the PPC, external links, and keyword optimization you and your partner Amazon SEO agency did. Now, it is time to provide them with the information they need in the best presentation possible. You can do this by utilizing Amazon A+ Content.

You can enjoy these optimization services through Amazon Brand Registry. Through A+ content, you can upload more attractive images on your product page and Amazon Store that are not limited to having white backgrounds. 

As a result, you will encourage not only one-time buyers but also loyal repeat customers. You can achieve all these with a team of Amazon specialists. 

Work with an Amazon SEO Consultant

Have you made a decision to partner with an Amazon consultant yet? If you have decided that partnering with an Amazon SEO consultant is the direction where you want to take your business, contact us here at Seller Interactive. 

We have already helped several businesses through the different solutions that we offer. If you are particularly looking into Amazon SEO service, we have a team of professionals we can connect you with. 

Give us a call at 1-800-820-3746. We’d love to hear from you!

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