Why Do You Need an Amazon SEO Service and How to Find One

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

As an Amazon seller, you are aware that to get to the first page asdfasdfasdfof the marketplace search results, you need a fully-optimized product listing. For that to happen, you need to develop a kick-ass Amazon SEO strategy that can push your competitors down the page rankings. Too bad, Amazon's A10 algorithm is difficult to crack due to its frequent yet unpredictable updates. That is why sometimes you need to get off your high horse and find the best Amazon SEO service for your business.

Why do you need an Amazon SEO service?

From a customer's point of view, Amazon is only a marketplace where they purchase some products that they want. It is like a grocery store or a shopping center. No more, no less. However, as a seller, you know that Amazon is a big bad search engine, specifically a product search engine, which is at the same level as Google and YouTube.

That is how intimidating Amazon is for some sellers, and in fact, 66% of US online shoppers visit Amazon to start their product search. If this is how dependent most shoppers are on Amazon, would they waste their time browsing the second or fourth page of search results? Sadly, no, because according to Feedvisor's 2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report, 44% of Amazon buyers won't spend a great deal more than the second page. Yup, only the first page of search results is getting all the love and attention.

This is one of the reasons why you need to optimize your Amazon listing so your customers can easily find your products and no one else's. Your product listing must pass A10's strict criteria to make this possible, which includes conversion rates, feedback ratings, and seller performance. Unfortunately, sometimes Amazon SEO optimization is not enough, and you need a well-structured PPC ad campaign to compensate for your low page rankings.

Now that you know, reaching the first page of search results is a lot of work, this is where you need to find an Amazon SEO service to rank your products.

What are the types of Amazon SEO service out there?

Wait, there are different types of SEO services?! Yup, and if you don't know what you exactly need, your Amazon SEO optimization will all be for naught. So, without further ado, here are the services you might need in the future:

Keyword research, analysis, and strategy

Product search all starts with a keyword, right? But it should be the right keyword related to your product, and this is one of the things an Amazon SEO expert is good at doing.

First, they will analyze and study your current set of keywords if it is meh or yeh. When the answer is "yeh," they will just improve your keyword strategy. But if it is a "meh," you need to say goodbye to your old keywords and welcome high-volume keywords that you have been searching all your life, thanks to the tools and experience brought by the Amazon SEO expert you've hired.

Account health and product listing audit

If you want to start from scratch, ask your SEO expert to evaluate the account and listing. Think of them as doctors who run a series of tests to find out whether you are sick or not.

But in this case, they will run a series of tests in your sales history, product rankings, performance data, and account health. Plus, check how your keywords and listings are doing so far. Are they already optimized enough? Can they compel shoppers to buy your products?

If not, they will suggest some Amazon SEO tips or tell you how they are going to make it more desirable to A10's and customers' eyes.

Competitor analysis

If you want to beat your competition, look closely at how they do it or let an Amazon SEO service provider do that for you.

They will find out who your competitors are, how they are faring in terms of keyword and product ranking, their pricing and monthly sales, and how optimized their product listings are. 

Your competitors' product reviews and Q&A section will give you an insight into how they interact with their customers. It will also provide clues on how to improve your current listing by determining the pain points of your competitor's own customers.

Product detail page creation or optimization

The product detail page is the other term for listing, which is one of the things your Amazon SEO expert will be working on a lot. They will optimize every nitty-gritty on that page starting from the title, which is the first thing A10 analyzes if it is relevant or not.

They will review and optimize the listing's description and bullet points, and make it more convincing and keyword-rich in the right way.

Even the product photos will not be left behind. It should be visually appealing and clickable, starting from the main image to the supporting pictures. Customers detest low-quality photos, and your chosen Amazon SEO expert will be more than willing to point it out for you. Their job doesn't end there because they will also suggest how it can be improved and even refer you to an experienced Amazon product photographer that will do the task.

Not a single part of your listing will be missed; even your negative keywords will be populated with appropriate search terms. Your Amazon SEO consultant will make sure that your product listing is retail-ready and can attract more customers. The kind of listing that can win the Buy Box anytime.

What are the characteristics of the right Amazon SEO provider?

After you determine what type of Amazon SEO service you need, next is finding the right consultant or provider to do the job. Here are the criteria that you should keep in mind:

  • They have lots of experience who made a lot of clients happy and satisfied. 
  • Choose someone who specializes in the category that your product belongs to. 
  • Hire someone who is transparent and honest; transparent when it comes to service fees and a provider that sets realistic expectations. They should deliver what they promise.
  • Work with a reputable Amazon SEO consultant with good communication skills.
  • Look for an SEO expert that can adapt to Amazon's ever-changing guidelines and up-to-date to the latest trends about Amazon SEO optimization.
  • Lastly, work with someone who uses white-hat strategies only and abides by Amazon's terms of service.

In closing

Choosing the best Amazon SEO service, could propel your listings on top of the search results, also known as the first page. It is the most favorite page of customers and Amazon's A10 algorithm. However, don't treat your SEO consultant as a "genie in the bottle" to fulfill all your wishes. Please do your homework and set SMART goals for them. SMART as in "specific," "measurable," "achievable," "relevant," and "time-based." Meet your consultant halfway so your SEO efforts would achieve favorable results.

Are you in dire need of an Amazon SEO service to optimize your listings? Seller Interactive has a team of experienced Amazon experts willing to teach you how to optimize Amazon listings and develop an Amazon SEO strategy perfect for your business. Please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] today.

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