Things to Consider When Looking For an Amazon SEO Expert

October 19, 2022
Written by Ken Zhou
Amazon SEO Expert

If you want to get on Amazon's front page, know that intense competition is waiting for you. However, remember that millions of other sellers on the marketplace also want to market their goods. Doing this might be hard, but it's not impossible. So give yourself an advantage over your competitors by working with an Amazon SEO expert

When it comes to winning in the world of Amazon, having a well-optimized listing is key. After all, keeping up with the constantly evolving algorithms and laws can be challenging. If you're not well-versed in this aspect, it's best to outsource your listing optimization to the experts. 

However, not all Amazon SEO experts are created equal. So then, how should you choose one? What are the qualities of a good SEO expert? What questions should you ask? Read on further to know more!

Qualities of a Good Amazon SEO Expert

Working with a professional knowledgeable about the platform is essential when optimizing your Amazon listings for SEO. In addition, you may increase the exposure and sales of your Amazon listings by working with a qualified specialist. 

There are a lot of SEO experts out there, and it can get overwhelming to choose one that works best for you. But to help you narrow your search, an Amazon SEO consultant should have the following qualities:


Due to the needs of the industry, Amazon marketing requires a patient SEO specialist. However, it's known that SEO takes time to produce results. Therefore, knowing the long-term effects of their executed strategies would take some time. That's why patience is an important characteristic of a good SEO expert.

Because of this waiting period, the professional you're working with must never give up trying to design a successful and persuasive Amazon marketing strategy. They must also be willing to try repeatedly until they get things right and succeed for your business.

💡Tip: A true expert won't promise great results immediately after implementing the SEO strategies. They know that it takes quite a while before the results show up.

Ability to empathize

The SEO specialist you should work with shouldn't only be technically skilled. They should also know how to empathize with you as their customer. Unfortunately, although there could be excellent specialists, they may not know how to relate to their clients. 

So even if you're handing off the SEO side to them, they should still be able to communicate well with you and understand your concerns. Working with SEO is a tedious process. The people you hire to work with should be patient and communicative enough to explain the process to you.

Remain committed

An Amazon SEO expert must be dedicated to understanding how Amazon's search algorithms function and how to optimize your listings for visibility. They should also be able to keep up with the most recent developments and modifications to Amazon's search environment.

Having years of expertise

It has been demonstrated that people with tons of expertise perform better than those new to the industry. They won't be in the long haul if they aren't well-versed in their field. With this, it's best to choose a person with extensive experience when looking for a reputable SEO expert.

With their expertise, you're assured they know the ins and outs of SEO. So even if you don't know how SEO works, the experts you'll work with can suggest how these strategies can be applied to your business.

Effective at analyzing data

One of the key and essential components of Amazon's SEO service is data analysis of your competitors. However, having this data could only do so much. SEO experts must fully comprehend and base their recommendations on it. 

Your competitors might have their own SEO team, too. What can set you apart, however, is how your team analyzes the data. So it's important to work with someone skilled at analyzing data and finding ways to improve the current process.

FAQs Amazon SEO

Questions to Ask an Amazon SEO Expert Before Hiring Them

Before engaging any prospective Amazon SEOs, there are a few crucial questions you should have the answers to. By asking them these questions, you'll discover more about their expertise and determine whether they fit your needs best.

Here are some questions you should ask when you're looking forward to hiring an SEO team:

1. What is your personal experience with Amazon SEO?

Hiring a professional with significant knowledge of Amazon marketplace listing optimization is required. You can examine their track record of success in meeting the needs of past clients by asking them about it. Make sure they are well-versed in both Amazon's search engine's operation and how to best optimize products for it. 

2. What methods do you apply to Amazon SEO?

An SEO expert can use various methods to increase their client's Amazon search ranking. So one SEO specialist may have a different approach from the others. That's why you must first find out the expert's methods and how they intend to employ them on your behalf. 

Asking about an expert's methodology will help you determine whether your goals and objectives are compatible with their suggested strategies. You want to be sure that the expert you hire uses efficient methods for locating pertinent keywords that will help your products rank better in search results.

3. How much do you charge for Amazon SEO services?

Before hiring someone, make sure their prices are clear to you. Request a breakdown of their prices to know the cost per item. Ask for the packages, if they offer any, and see if it'd be more economical to get promotional bundles than ala carte services. Know their payment terms and check if taxes include their current rate. It's better to ask everything you can regarding payment so you won't be surprised when the bill comes. 

4. How can you ensure success?

Nobody can promise you top rankings on Amazon一in fact, when looking for one, consider it a red flag when someone promises you a certain number. Although nothing is certain, a professional in SEO services should be able to give you a realistic idea of the outcomes you should anticipate. Since they can't guarantee anything just yet, you can measure an SEO specialist's performance by looking at their track record and portfolio of clients.

5. How do you monitor and evaluate the outcomes?

Asking an expert how they monitor and evaluate results is also important. To determine the efficacy of their efforts, you should confirm that they have a system in place for monitoring rankings, traffic, and conversions. They should also be able to give you a timeline of how they will evaluate the campaign's success and how frequently you will receive the results.

Final Thoughts

Looking for an expert is not a one-day task to be accomplished by an Amazon seller. You can't expect to hire an SEO expert when you start looking for one. You'd still have to look for other possible options so you can gauge who'd be the best fit for you. You shouldn't rush into deciding who to hire since SEO is crucial to your business.

After discovering all the qualities an expert should possess and know which questions to ask them, you can start choosing who you'd work with. At Seller Interactive, we are confident that our SEO specialists can help you reach the goals you have for your business. Should you decide to hire us for your business, you can schedule a call with us at your most convenient time!

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