Amazon Launch Service: How to Drive External Traffic to Amazon

July 19, 2021
Written by Jayce Broda

Selling on Amazon is like a showdown between David and Goliath. Unfortunately, you're contending not only with the e-commerce behemoth but also with 9.7 million other sellers worldwide. That is why some sellers choose to hire a third-party service provider that offers an Amazon launch service—they know that a tiny misstep could ruin their online business and cost them a large amount of money.

Amazon product launch aims to promote brand awareness and drive traffic to your listing when you have a relatively new product. What’s more, Amazon has a built-in system where you can create ads and post them inside the marketplace. This system is called Amazon Advertising, although it was once known as Amazon Marketing Services.   

What is Amazon Marketing Services? It helps you gain internal traffic to your listings, build your brand, and increase sales. It also offers advertising solutions such as sponsored products, sponsored displays, sponsored brands, and Amazon stores. 

These services are doubtlessly valuable, but widening your reach and seeking potential customers off Amazon will put you at an even greater advantage. It is not an easy feat, however, so we're here to teach you how to do that through this article.

Where can you find external traffic? 

According to Statista, 63% of global online buyers visit Amazon first to find products they want or need. What about the other 37%? Where do they find products? Let's play detective.

Here are the helpful nuggets of information from SimilarWeb about the web traffic the e-commerce giant got from desktop users in April 2021.

Why you should leverage external traffic through an Amazon Launch Service

Some sellers exclude driving external traffic to Amazon in their product launch strategy. Why? It's super expensive and complicated to plan and execute. As a result, sellers may settle with the advertising tools within the Amazon ecosystem. However, it is not without drawbacks, which are as follows:    

Cutthroat competition

The competition within the marketplace is so fierce that other sellers can put sponsored ads on your product listing! Yes, Amazon allows this kind of “healthy” competition among its sellers.  

Customization restrictions 

Amazon Advertising also placed some restrictions on how you can display ads on their platform. For example, they don't allow promotional messaging such as “Hurry while supplies last,” “Huge savings,” or “Save 50%.” If you don't comply with this, they will suspend your listing or, worse, kick you out of their marketplace.  

Email marketing is off-limits.

Another limitation is you can't build an email list on Amazon. Or, rather, Amazon doesn't allow this kind of practice. But why is it essential to have the email address of your customers? An email list is useful in communicating with your customers, and it gives you the freedom to market your products directly.

Built-in contingency plan

When you gather external traffic, you're also future-proofing your business. Let’s say you've accidentally breached Amazon's policies and got suspended because of it. You can still sell your products outside the marketplace through social media platforms or the online store you developed. In short, you have a backup plan.

4 tips on how to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings

Now that you know where Amazon gets its external traffic and why it is crucial, the next thing you should do is figuring out how to get some of that traffic. 

Revamp your product listings.

A poorly made listing is the surest way to lose customers and sales. It is a big turn-off to visit a product detail page with awful-looking images and badly written descriptions. Buyers will not think twice about leaving your page in an instant. So before you conduct a product launch, make sure to fully optimize your product listings.  

Offer your products on social media.

Which social media platform will help you drive more traffic? Surprisingly, the answer is YouTube, which has a 60% share of Amazon's social traffic, based on the stats from SimilarWeb. Following it are Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

YouTube means videos, so better ask your third-party service provider if their launch service includes video marketing. Why is YouTube one of the most favorable advertising platforms for brands? In the last quarter of 2020, the global advertising revenue of YouTube was over $6.8 billion, according to Statista. That is a billion-dollar increase from the third quarter of 2020.

Let your customers sell your products.

Yes, this is possible, and it is called referral marketing. It's different from “word of mouth marketing,” which is free. In referral marketing, you need to incentivize customers with freebies, discounts, or rewards to encourage them to promote your products to their family, colleagues, and friends. 

Email + retargeting marketing

As we've mentioned, one of the benefits of including off-Amazon advertising in your Amazon FBA launch service is that you can give email marketing a try. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not yet dead, and people are still addicted to emails. 

Statista predicts that in 2025 the number of email users worldwide will be 4.6 billion, much higher than the 4.1 billion email users of 2021. So yes, email is here to stay, folks. 

But sending a one-time marketing email to potential customers isn't enough. It is best to mix it with retargeting or sending marketing email messages several times until the prospective buyer gives in. 

In closing

Never put all your eggs in one basket. This saying holds true when launching a new product on Amazon. It would help if you tried driving traffic from various sources, especially off-Amazon traffic, where you can be more creative and flexible. 

Ensure that the Amazon launch service you've paid for supports this type of advertising strategy to reap the benefits of paid external traffic. This way, people will know your new product not only inside the Amazon marketplace but also outside it. More importantly, you will achieve your ultimate goal of ranking high in the largest online marketplace on Earth.

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