How To Increase Sales on Amazon With an Amazon Product Launch Service

Amazon product launch

Last updated on July 18th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

As an Amazon seller, you’re hoping for sales as soon as you publish a listing. One proven method to achieve this is by implementing a successful product launch strategy.

In this blog post, we will brief you on what an Amazon product launch is, how it benefits businesses, and how to increase sales on Amazon with an effective product launch.

The Amazon Product Launch Explained

A product launch can be defined as the first instance an Amazon seller publishes a specific product listing on Amazon. To have a successful product launch means implementing an effective Amazon product launch strategy that will drive sales.

For instance, let's take one strategy, the promotional giveaway strategy. A heavily discounted promotional giveaway will increase your product sales and boost your product ranking on Amazon search results.

This strategy will increase clicks, impressions, and sales. A product launch can last anywhere between a week to ten days, but it can go even longer depending on how well your initial sales are with respect to other products in the same category.

Why an Amazon Product Launch Matters

When you first launch your product on Amazon, you will have no reviews, no sales history, and a low product rank. The poor ranking is because Amazon will place you at the bottom of the Amazon search results page since you just launched the product.

As more people purchase your product, it will be noticed in the subsequent stages of the product launch. If you are not an established Amazon seller, a successful launch strategy will bring your product, which could be on page 15, up to the first pages.

Being ranked higher brings you closer to the top pages in the Amazon search results, a milestone every Amazon seller aims for. Remember: Amazon users tend to purchase products appearing in their search results' first pages.

Hence, it is beneficial that Amazon sellers understand how to launch a product on Amazon. When done correctly, Amazon sellers will be rewarded with higher sales.

 a graph showing factors that affect amazon sales, from top left to bottom right: product title, product features, product image, customer reviews, price point, order processing speed, sales history, seller feedback, defect rate, product variations.

Factors That Affect Your Amazon Sales

Keep in mind that several factors will affect your sales on Amazon. Some of these, and in no particular ranking order, are mentioned below:

  • Product titles
  • Your key product features mentioned in bullet points
  • Product images
  • Customer reviews and rating
  • Price point
  • Lightning Deals 
  • Sales history
  • Sales ranking
  • Q&A for a particular product (including questions answered)
  • Seller feedback
  • Order processing speed
  • Defect rate
  • Shipping speed
  • Product variations 

Gain More Sales on Amazon With an Amazon Launch Service

A common problem with the job market nowadays is being rejected for jobs for not having any experience, yet needing a job to gain experience. This conundrum might be familiar to you. Unfortunately, a similar problem exists for Amazon sellers as well. 

To rank higher, your product needs to sell well. To be selling well, you need to rank higher. While there's no clear way around it, you should aim to rank higher and sell more at the same time when you launch the product.

Hence, here is a simple 2-step cyclical strategy:

 a graphic showing a two-step cyclical strategy on gaining sales, from top to bottom: encourage your early buyers to leave customer reviews; once you receive around five customer reviews, invest in paid advertisements.

Pro-tip: Invest in Amazon SEO or consult with an experienced account manager to reap the benefits of a paid ad campaign. Remember to constantly engage with Amazon customers by answering their questions and gently asking them to leave customer reviews.

The following 4-stage strategy may also act as a guide for your product launch:

Stage 1: Pricing Products 

Reducing product prices is an attractive method to drive initial Amazon sales. Some Amazon sellers use repricing tools, which automatically change the price of products based on specific rules, such as matching the lowest prices offered by other sellers.

As an Amazon seller, you know customers always look for a good deal. But the problem with discounting a new product is that users first need to know about the product before purchasing it.

A suggestion to tackle this issue is to develop a discount deal structure that ties your new product with one of your best-selling products.

Customers can get discounts if they buy both these products together. The drawback is that the new product should complement the bestselling products. Otherwise, most people won't purchase the bundle.

Stage 2: Increasing Your Exposure

Here are tips for a more organic approach to increase your store's exposure and Amazon sales:

Use External Channels 

Get your product in front of prospective buyers by driving external traffic to your ecommerce store. For example, you can use an email marketing strategy.

If you already have a database of email addresses, email your customers about an exclusive discount on your new products. The link in the email to the new product will increase your conversion rate. 

Leverage Social Media Platforms 

Facebook is among the most favorable social media platforms for finding potential customers. For instance, you can find members within certain Facebook groups who are interested in purchasing your product on Amazon.

After getting permission to post, post your product listing link in the group to direct members to your product listing on Amazon. 

Utilize Facebook Advertising

You can also use Facebook ads to target users who most likely would purchase your products. It can help you drive external traffic to your listings. If you aren't experienced in advertising through Facebook, be careful of how much you invest in it.

If you want the benefits of Facebook advertising—such as driving more traffic to your Amazon store and boosting your Amazon sales—but without the learning curve, consider working with a digital marketing agency. They can help you conduct keyword research and optimize your ad copy, creatives, and even budget for your campaign.

Win the Buy Box

Did you know that the Amazon Buy Box can help increase your sales? This is because the Buy Box makes shopping easier for Amazon customers.

The Buy Box is the "Buy Now" section on product listings. If you're a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller, you'll get faster approval to win the Buy Box. This is aside from the other benefits of Amazon FBA, such as inventory management and dedicated customer service.

Ensure you maintain good account health and check out Amazon Seller Central and Seller University for resources on efficient selling on the platform.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Optimizing your product listings on Amazon will help you boost the visibility of your products. This can help you get organic traffic, gain impressive organic rankings, and boost sales on Amazon eventually.

Here are some tips to optimize your product listings:

  • Use relevant keywords in your product titles and product descriptions, but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Optimize product descriptions by including brand names, sizes, material types, and other important product details.
  • Include a unique selling point that sets you apart from other Amazon sellers.
  • Only use high-quality images for your product listings.

Stage 3: Prioritizing Customer Reviews

At this stage, you'll have had a few sales coming in. Now comes the hard part of asking customers to leave product reviews. As mentioned earlier, customer feedback through verified reviews is important because of the following factors.

Conversion Rate 

It is natural behavior these days for customers to scroll down and check the reviews of a product before making a purchase. Social proof is influential in the purchasing decision of many buyers.

Paid Marketing Campaigns 

What would be the point of directing users through ads to products with few or no reviews? Customers will be skeptical about purchasing products that have not been evaluated by other customers.

That is why we suggest initiating a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign when your product has received around five reviews for a more effective marketing campaign.

Our main advice would be to provide exceptional customer service for the first few buyers. This could mean providing faster delivery, giving early buyers a freebie, a discount code, or discounting another of your products upon the sale.

  • A few days after delivery, send an email to the initial buyers asking them about their experience with your product. If there are any issues with their purchase, try to solve them immediately.
  • Request a quick review from them to build your customer reviews.
  • As more reviews fill your Amazon store, don't forget to always adhere to Amazon's Terms of Service and avoid black hat tactics to increase sales.

Stage 4: PPC Advertising

The final stage of your Amazon product launch strategy entails pushing your product through PPC marketing. These marketing campaigns help to increase a new product's rank on Amazon search results.

If done correctly, PPC campaigns will drive traffic to your product listing and generate sales. That is why allowing an experienced account manager to handle such an important Amazon strategy is recommended.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while a product launch on Amazon seems daunting, there are various strategies—as highlighted in this article—to get your new product to the top pages of Amazon. From implementing email marketing campaigns to launching a PPC campaign, try out tested methods with an Amazon expert like Seller Interactive to guarantee more sales.
We also offer help with Amazon Brand Registry, full account management, and listing optimization, among other services. Contact us today.

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