A 2023 Guide to Your Amazon Digital Marketing Strategy

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

It's 2023, a new year for new trends in Amazon's digital marketing efforts. Many sellers and marketers are now scrambling to set their goals, optimize their listings, and brainstorm new strategies for their stores. The marketing strategy of Amazon's marketplace is indeed dynamic and constantly geared toward customer satisfaction.

There are so many details required to create an effective Amazon marketing strategy. That is why feeling overwhelmed at first is expected. Nonetheless, no matter how challenging implementing digital marketing strategies are, it's not impossible to make it work. So, sellers, take notes!

We'll give you a complete guide to help you maximize digital marketing strategies to propel your Amazon business this 2023.

Amazon's Marketing Strategy

The online marketing strategies that Amazon implemented over the years helped them reach a revenue of $127.38 billion in the first quarter of 2023. As a seller, you may use one of the techniques to build your own Amazon business.

Search Engine Optimization

Rankings on Amazon will not be possible without optimization. At the heart of optimization is SEO. It plays an integral role in making product listings accessible and visible to browsers.

An excellent optimizing strategy can land any listing at the top of the results, provided the relevant keywords browsers use during the search match those found in the content. Find out how SEO impacts rankings on Amazon by reviewing these important pointers.

  • A product listing's conversion rate corresponds with its ranking. Higher page rankings mean higher conversion rates, which translates to more sales.
  • If you want to outrank other sellers on Amazon, you better employ a highly competent SEO strategy.
  • When it comes to ranking, no seller will want to settle for any rank lower than 2. A page 1 ranking is always ideal. However, getting a page 3 ranking (or lower) means that the product will hardly sell at all.
  • When more people are viewing your pages, it means that they appear in search results often. A strong online presence is indicated by having more visible pages to potential customers.

You will not be able to create an effective Amazon marketing strategy in 2023 without primary keywords. To help you determine the best keywords, a good starting point is to put yourself in your prospective customer's shoes. Research consumer behavior and customer interest to pinpoint precisely the words they type during their searches.

Search Engine Marketing Through PPC

Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 online shoppers search on Amazon daily. This fact explains why sellers like you will benefit much from taking advantage of Amazon advertising solutions.

PPC plays a critical role in marketing strategies. Therefore, regardless of your previous digital marketing program, you must include PPC to maximize your campaign's advantages.

Here are the different Amazon PPC ads:

Sponsored Products: The sponsored product ads are positioned on the first page of search results and product pages. Therefore, they are immediately visible to browsers. You can take advantage of this solution if you are a professional seller, online bookstore vendor, or a Kindle Direct Publishing author.

Advantages: The ads connect with the target audience directly. They will see them every time they search for similar products. Once they click on your ad, they will be directed to your page immediately.

Sponsored Brands: Advertising on Amazon via Sponsored Brands or headline search ads boost brand awareness. It is visible in search results. It lets you creatively craft your copy to convey a strong message depicting the image you want for your brand. You can take advantage of the benefits of this solution if you are an Amazon seller subscribed to Brand Registry, vendor, book vendor, and agency.

Advantages: People browsing through Amazon for something to buy will see your ad at the top of the page just below the header. This strategic placement catches attention, automatically making your brand known to browsers. Upon clicking your ad, they will be directed to your page right away.

With this solution, browsers can click on the logo or a product image. Customers who click on the logo will be taken to a store or a custom landing page. If they click on the product, they will be directed to the product page. 

Sponsored Display: Amazon recently introduced this new advertising option for Amazon sellers enrolled in the brand registry. To qualify, you must ensure that the products fall under one or more allowed product categories while complying with the restrictions. Vendors and agencies with clients who are professional sellers on Amazon can take advantage of it too.

Advantages: Amazon will determine the best audience for your products based on their activities on the platform. It works for both large and small businesses. It is advantageous, even if you have limited resources. It allows you to meet various marketing goals, such as building brand awareness, increasing sales, attracting customers, and solidifying your brand identity.

Stores: Creating a store can be done without advertising on Amazon. Like the other paid solutions, this option is available to sellers with brand-registered products, vendors, and agencies.

Advantages: Stores provides a multi-page store that lets you advertise your product for free. It is designed to familiarize browsers with your brand, allowing them to access your product portfolio. Setting up a store does not necessitate coding expertise. Moreover, you can use its insights as a vital reference for optimizing your ads.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing requires you to set up your brand page on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter. Take note that each platform has its target audience. This fact explains why you should set up a page for each. 

Doing so expands your market reach further, allowing you to get your products in front of tens of thousands of potential buyers. It likewise gives you the privilege to tailor your audience in multiple demographics to drive sales and more customers to your business.

Follow Amazon's example by setting up social media accounts where you can advertise your Amazon wholesale business. It is an online marketing strategy for Amazon that takes advantage of off-site advertising to drive traffic and sales. For example, you can create an Instagram account dedicated to your products and add a link in the bio that will lead customers to your product listings on Amazon.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing involves sending emails to potential buyers and new customers. When done right, it is an effective strategy for developing a good business relationship with your target market. It can convince prospects, turning them into customers. Also, it can help your business's brand recognition and earn the patronage and trust of one-time buyers, transforming them into loyal customers who make repeat purchases.

You can utilize automated email programs for your email marketing. You can use them for informing your customers about new products, sending discounts to develop customer loyalty, or even using them for surveys to know your customer pain points so you can give them a positive customer experience.

Product Listing Optimization

Optimizing your product listings on Amazon is quite a challenge, given its dense competition. But by practicing proper methods focused on your buyers' needs, you can sell products while building a solid customer base.

Here are the elements of the page that you should optimize to capture your intended audience.

Product Title

The product title introduces your product to Amazon browsers. For titles, keeping it short works best. So, in creating the title, see that you limit it to no more than 200 characters (including spaces). Include the product name, brand name, distinctive features (size, color, the material used, etc.), and one or two benefits relevant to your customers' needs and experience.

With regards to placing an Amazon brand name, you put your brand at an advantage if you put it at the end of the title instead of the beginning.

Product Shots

Your product shots are high-quality images that showcase your product's quality and exceptional features. Captivating hero shots will help your product stand out, distinguishing your brand from your competitors.

Amazon does not allow any design enhancements and background color aside from white. You can make your images pop through these creative tactics:

  1. Take photos from all angles.
  2. Demonstrate the benefits of your product by taking lifestyle shots of real models using it.
  3. If you have content from real users or satisfied customers, feel free to include it. To further emphasize it, provide an appropriate note or caption.
  4. Highlight your product's edge over competitors by featuring organized and understandable charts, lists, or comparison diagrams.
  5. The bulleted product key features provide potential customers with a more detailed explanation of your product's stellar qualities and advantages. Three to four sentences comprise each bullet description, with the main points written at the beginning in all caps.
  6. The style of writing the copy is similar to that of advertisements. Each bullet copy needs to be concise and punchy. Use the space strategically by writing clear yet creative descriptions. Avoid stating obvious information in your images and reiterating the information used in the title.
  7. Customers who take the time to read your product description are on the verge of purchasing your product. They want more information and clarification. Hence, the description should elaborate on the information shared in the bulleted features.
  8. You can discuss secondary benefits or features not stated in the bulleted copy. You can add more images and enumerate qualities that distinguish your product from the competition.
  9. Enhanced brand content or A+ content allows you to elaborate further on your product description while providing more space for images and a creative layout. You can choose from pre-built templates designed to strategically house additional features such as tables, banners, interactive copy or pictures, and more.

Key Takeaways

Now that there's no stone left unturned when it comes to various online marketing strategies, you can start building a path to your company's success. The different marketing strategies will help your business grow in no time.

Whether you choose paid advertising, product display ads, Google ads, product promotion, or social media channels to create brand awareness and increase sales, one thing is for sure; it will benefit your business and make you into a customer-centric company.
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