Amazon Product SEO: The 9 Strategies to Ranking Highly in 2023

Amazon Product SEO

Last updated on March 9th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

How was your 2022 on Amazon? We’re sure that no matter how long you have been selling, each year is filled with exciting twists and turns. The thing about Amazon’s A10 algorithm is its uncertainty. The untold truth in ranking listings is that you need to keep an eye on your account daily and watch it like a hawk. 

In your years of selling, you may have figured out that the Amazon A10 algorithm is unlike the Google algorithm that measures every search, click, and view time visitors make with preciseness. 

Amazon A10 is easy to understand in that its main classification in ranking product listings is according to which can sell more. On the other hand, the process to get the initial sales and the factors the A10 algorithm measures are quite vague. 

What is the A10 algorithm?

The Amazon A10 algorithm is the search engine technology used by Amazon to rank all the product listings on its platform. It is run by codes all working to provide the best search results to buyers. The main aim is for the client to click the product listing and buy. 

Experts on Amazon SEO services have stated that knowing exactly how to rank on Amazon is complicated. Nonetheless, through data and observation, there are specific areas you can optimize for your listing to rank. One champion way is Amazon product SEO.

Amazon Product SEO Strategies and Tips, in 2023

Strategy #1: Optimize your product title

In many instances, and not just on Amazon, the title says it all. It is the summary of all the content you have. Your product title is your first shot at getting noticed and getting that click. 

The first thing you should think about is whether your title is good enough for Amazon’s A10. Below are a few strategies and tips from experts:

  1. Before an Amazon product launch, strategy should be focused on the best practice on title optimization. Even before this, you should have downloaded all the possible keywords applicable to your product.
  2. Do not just download ranking keywords. Conduct in-depth research on the keywords used by your competitors, keywords that have the potential to rank, and keywords unique to your account you want to rank. 
  3. Make your product title short but informative. Do this while incorporating keywords to satisfy the algorithm. 

Strategy #2: Aim for high caliber product description and bullet points 

If the product title is too short to incorporate all the keywords you chose to rank for, worry not as you’ll have the opportunity to sprinkle these words in your product description and bullet points. Amazon detects keywords stuffing so it is something you should not do for sure. Aside from these, here are the other things you can do for improved product descriptions and bullet points:

  1. The keywords not included in the product title should be here. Write your product description and bullet points while seamlessly enclosing the keywords. 
  2. Prioritize the readability of your content. There are online readability checkers you can maximize. The simpler and more detailed your content is, the higher the buyer's chance of choosing your product instead of moving on to another listing. 
  3. If writing is not your strength, seek help from Amazon SEO services offering Amazon content management. Not only will they write a copy for you, but they will make sure that your keywords are well-incorporated in your product description and bullet points.

Strategy #3: Backend keywords, though unseen, are powerful

Like air, backend keywords are unseen. Also like the air, without backend keywords Amazon businesses will not survive. No matter what, make sure to implement only the best practices on Amazon backend keywords. Here are some of them:

  1. Backend keywords may be hidden, but don’t stuff keywords. Backend keywords have a limit of 250 bytes and each keyword counts.
  2. Use only keywords that were unused in the product title and description. You can also incorporate more keywords related to your products.
  3. Amazon inhibits using words like “cheapest,” “best,” or the use of ranking keywords that are not associated with your products. 

Strategy #4: Go for images that sell

Amazon has product image requirements you need to follow, but do not let these rules dull your creative minds. This year, strive to think out of the box. Go for images that sell! Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Have pictures that give answers instead of creating confusion. Most images on Amazon plainly show what the products look like, without any good details. This leaves viewers with so many questions instead of answers. 
  2. Set your product image apart by providing these details: measurements, color varieties, classification on whether male and female customers and other information to help the buyer decide in purchasing your goods. 
  3. The product image is the perfect venue to create brand awareness. The best Amazon SEO services can provide you with pictures that are appealing and consistent in layout. They will also let viewers know that the product is yours because of layout consistency. 

Strategy #5: Keep information about your business close, but keep details about your competitors closer 

Do not feel guilty when you know details about your competitors as much as you know your business, as this is a must. You must already be aware of your competitors, but here are steps you should take in 2023 to improve your competitor analysis:

  1. At the beginning of researching keywords to incorporate into your content, do not do the usual strategy of using the keywords that make your competitors rank high. Instead, take a more in-depth look at the keywords that your competitors are missing and use these instead. 
  2. Maybe you were a bandwagoner jumping on every keyword that ranked in the past. In 2023, be the leader. Find long-tail keywords original to your page which you know clients search for. Understand that long-tail keyword searchers have a higher intent to buy. Although there will be fewer clicks overall, you’ll get a higher sales percentage. The spike in your sales will pull your listing up. 
  3. Keep an eye on Amazon hijackers and counterfeiters. Sometimes competition does not come from legitimate businesses but the blackhats of Amazon. Maximize the mechanism Amazon currently has to track and disable accounts that are stealing your sales. 

Strategy #6: Getting legitimate reviews, ratings, and feedback is the way to go

There are many ways to get legitimate reviews, ratings, and feedback, so never go for manipulated and fake ones. Honesty will not only make your success sweeter, but it can save your account from suspension too. Here are the ways you can do reviews, ratings, and feedback right:

  1. Maximize the different channels where you can contact your clients to get feedback. You should have an email, social media accounts, phone numbers, and affiliate websites. Blast messages asking your buyers to leave a comment on your Amazon account. 
  2. This is the year to start looking for outside opportunities. Launch a website, partner with influencers, open accounts on different social media platforms, and start engaging with your past, present, and potential customers. The more engaged they are, the more likely they’ll leave remarks on your Amazon account. 
  3. You surely cannot do all the calls or email blasts on your own. Hence, sign-up for Amazon SEO services to help you get organic reviews, ratings, and feedback. 

Strategy #7: Well-thought-of and consistent advertising and marketing

One thing you should not ignore when creating an Amazon product launch strategy is the type of advertising and marketing you will do. Trust that your Amazon business will thrive and use clean advertising and marketing strategies. Here are some tips for doing it right:

  1. Rely on clean marketing and advertising strategies like the classic bidding on keywords and testing which ones are effective and worthy of continuous funding. 
  2. Prepare a calendar of advertising and marketing campaigns, and set goals to lower the advertising cost of sale (ACoS) each time you partake in a new promotion.
  3. If you were frugal with your advertising and marketing in the past years, change and invest more in 2023. Understand that aside from organic ranking caused by keywords, promoting your brand and products to the right audiences can help your business succeed.

Strategy #8: Choose a fulfillment method that works for you and your customers

Fulfillment is the process of receiving, packaging and sending your products to buyers. There is a fulfillment method called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) offered by Amazon for buyers’ and sellers’ convenience. If you haven’t maximized this yet, 2023 is the perfect time to do so. 

Many Amazon experts suggest that the use of FBA affects ranking. Although some specialists debunk this, FBA is also convenient on your part as a seller. Here are the ways to succeed using FBA:

  1. Understand how FBA works. In a nutshell, FBA is the fulfillment method offered by Amazon. You’ll send your products to Amazon, and they’ll take care of everything else: Amazon picks, packs, and ships for you. You can also do the packing and store your products in Amazon warehouses and let Amazon send them out to your buyers. 
  2. Know the advantages of using FBA. Amazon works best for individuals who do not have the time to pack their products or look for a shipping partner to deliver them. FBA is the most convenient way to get your product from point A to point B. 
  3. The Amazon product SEO company you partner with can also help you sign-up for FBA.
  4. If FBA is not for you, there are other fulfillment methods like Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). The Amazon SEO company you partner with can still help you with this, especially if it has its own shipping company or partners. 

The bottom line is that your fulfillment method should work both for you and your customers. You may have succeeded in the many steps before the shipping process. Still, if you fail in this stage, you may get negative reviews and ruin your product’s reputation. 

Strategy #9: Be fearless in taking risks. Leap and grow your business in 2023!

Let’s keep the grandest for last—in 2023, leap and grow your business by shipping to the US and internationally! When you open your business to the world, this creates a notion that you are confident with your brand and your brand is reliable. The chances of getting sales also multiply a thousandfold because of this change. Here are the key steps you should consider to prepare for the influx of sales:

  1. Before the international Amazon product launch, the strategy for making this move should be stable. You do not want to venture into the unknown with your eyes closed. Take into account the opportunities you will have as well as the challenges. Knowing the positive and negative aspects of opening your business to the world will prepare you.
  2. If you are shipping to the US, be equipped with more than one fulfillment or delivery method. Consider shipping via US addresses.
  3. Learn more about FBA Export, where you can ship anywhere in the world for free! While this sounds enticing, consider the possible downsides of passing on to the clients all payables of international shipping. 
  4. Understand custom laws and payment of taxes and duties. Keep yourself away from global shipping troubles by abiding by the customs of the country you are sending your goods to. 

If this leap gets too daunting, know that companies offering Amazon SEO services are here to help you. These institutions are well-versed in the ins and outs of Amazon.


Many experts foresee positive changes occurring throughout the year. First, specialists see Amazon giving importance to quality content and making them rank higher in the listing. Second, Amazon will track accounts guilty of prohibited tactics and will hold them liable. Lastly, Amazon may be heightening the implementation of current regulations directed to protect both sellers and buyers. All these benefit the buyers and sellers who make Amazon what it is now. 

Seller Interactive can help you make the rest of 2023 fruitful by providing you with tried and tested strategies on Amazon product SEO

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