Amazon SEO Expert: Do You Know How To Hire the Right One?

February 21, 2023
Written by Ken Zhou
Know the qualifications of an amazon seo expert before you hire

Hiring a talented Amazon SEO expert can do wonders for your business. With the right experience and skills, these professionals can boost your product listing rankings and eventually lead to more sales.

But acquiring an SEO talent must be a good fit for your business. They must meet your standards and the results you want to achieve to avoid wasted efforts.

So how do you hire the right expert? Let Seller Interactive throw you quick guidelines on what you must know before you say yes to an Amazon product SEO professional.

Qualification Guidelines for Hiring an Amazon SEO Specialist

As a follow-up to this article, we'll add more insights on how to find the right SEO professional that fits your needs. These qualifications will help you set a baseline on what a typical Amazon SEO services specialist must have. 

Read on to determine how you can tweak them to fit your business's needs.

Personal Experience

Amazon's search engine has the same mechanics as Google's but serves a different function. So Amazon sellers must scout SEO professionals with at least 2 to 3 years of experience working with the marketplace's search engine.

Experience in other search engines like Google or Yahoo is a huge plus. At a minimum, you must look for someone who has been practicing SEO professionally for two years and can be teachable.

Basic Keyword Research

If you're looking for an entry-level SEO professional, they must have a full grasp of fundamental SEO. Concepts include search rankings, types of SEO keywords, relevant keywords, and search intent are some of the prerequisites.

But whether an entry-level or a highly specialized SEO professional, they must demonstrate knowledge of the SEO concepts through basic keyword research. This is a core SEO practice that a professional must go through.


Optimizing takes up a considerable part of SEO. Sellers must do it whenever they launch a new product or if an old product needs updating.

SEO professionals optimize Amazon listings by implementing keywords that fit their SEO strategies. That means they must know how to balance Amazon keyword rankings, insert backend keywords to product listings, and maximize the use of product descriptions.

A minimum requirement for an Amazon SEO professional is a good understanding of general on-page optimization. This qualification is easily transferable to Amazon.


Your SEO specialist must know how to build links and understand several strategies to make your Amazon products reachable in and out of Amazon. They must have the skills to manage these links and connect them to various yet relevant web pages so that your product or your website becomes more relevant.

Effective link-building drive traffic and sales. Look for this skill in an SEO specialist.

Tools Expertise

Being adept with SEO tools is part of the SEO professional's skillset. It's tools that let SEO specialists find out what keywords work given the competition or season.

More than expertise in SEO tools, the professional you hire must have knowledge and skills in using Amazon-specialized tools—such as Helium 10, on top of other search engine tools, such as Google Keyword Planner.

Experience in Collaboration

Your SEO specialist will mainly work with other people from different areas of expertise. They must coordinate with content professionals that write blogs and reviews and know how to use collaborative tools

The core of their collaborative task is to orient content pros in optimization and linking building so they can produce material that ranks while indirectly marketing products.

Bonus: Must Have Working Knowledge of Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon's PPC services have certain functionalities that could use an SEO specialist's skill. For example, keyword research is one activity that both organic SEO and PPC share. So if a specialist knows how to do Sponsored Ads, they can transfer their SEO researching skills to benefit PPC efforts and grow your Amazon business more.

The professional you must hire must know amazon product seo

What You Must Know: Metrics of Search Engine Optimization Specialists

As an Amazon seller, you must know several things before hiring a specialist to do Amazon SEO services. They'll be accountable for the results as soon as you hire them to work for you.

Through reporting, these SEO pros will update you on their efforts. Your role as a business owner is to know how to read these reports and speak their language. This knowledge will help you communicate what you want to achieve for SEO. Here's a review of metrics you need to know when working with an Amazon search expert.

Search Rank

Ranking tells you how well your web page or product listing is doing in the search results. The closer it is to page one top result, the better the chances of getting noticed.

Your SEO specialist's primary goal is to get your web page or product listing to rank higher. They do this by using the right keywords and understanding the search algorithm. If they are doing it right, the keyword they set to work on must be on top of the search results.


After ranking, traffic is the next important metric. This is the number of times a shopper has visited your product page or website. On the SEO's end, excellent and constant long tail keywords selection can drive traffic to your listing. The more highly relevant the inserted keywords on your product listings, the higher the chance shoppers will click on the page.

The rest of the traffic has more to do with the quality of the webpage or Amazon product listings. This means crisp images, detailed product descriptions, tightly written feature bullet points, and enhanced brand content. All of which an SEO expert can also contribute.

Conversion Rate

In the context of Amazon selling, conversion means the sale of a product. Conversion rate entails the number of organic SEO sales divided by the number of listing visits. 

The higher the result, the better the SEO and optimization efforts are.

Ready to Talk to an Amazon SEO Consultant?

Hiring an Amazon SEO professional requires several things on both ends. On the SEO specialist's side, they must demonstrate experience, skill, and knowledge of optimizing Amazon search engines. On the Amazon seller's end, they also must know what results they want from the professional relationship for it to be equally beneficial.

So try out your vetting prowess and talk to Seller Interactive. Ask us questions and test their qualification using this article and the one that came before it. It would be exciting to find out how we fit your Amazon business needs. 

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