7 Ways Hiring an Amazon SEO Expert Can Exponentially Increase Your Sales

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

These days, when e-Commerce and digital marketing are more popular than ever, Amazon SEO specialist or Amazon SEO consultant jobs are in demand.

As much as business owners like you would want to optimize your accounts on your own, SEO for Amazon seller might be too daunting to handle when you are new in the field.

SEO experts claim that it takes years to be well-versed in the field of SEO. With all the different steps like searching for the right keywords to rank for, monitoring if your keywords strategies are working, creating a new game plan if the styles does not work, or prolonging the actions when they are working. The work never stops, and this is normal if you want a successful Amazon business. 

You can save yourself this time by hiring an Amazon SEO Expert.

If you are still undecided, we’ll give you several reasons why hiring an Amazon SEO Expert is the way to go.

1)      You can focus on product manufacturing.

Fulfill your primary goal of simply selling, focusing on your products, and leave the technical stuff to Amazon SEO consultants.

Indeed, SEO plays a huge part in determining whether you’ll succeed or fail in Amazon--but so does the quality of your product.

Find an expert, and you can focus on the quality of your products, so when you get sales, you are ensured that you will get positive feedback, which will also affect your ranking.

2)      An Amazon SEO Expert knows the ins and outs of Amazon’s algorithm.

A9 is a language that cannot be understood overnight, but if you are beginning a business on Amazon, learning about the algorithm is an advantage. Nonetheless, it’s going to take you a while to understand it.

Hence, leave the difficult stuff to specialists, and let them report to you in a language that you understand after they’ve made sense of the data.

An Amazon SEO analyst will start by optimizing the basics—product title and product description—based on the data generated by A9.

An Amazon SEO Expert knows that when selling on Amazon, many businesses with excellent products fail because their contents are not SEO-friendly. On the other hand, the products with unexceptional quality with optimized pages have higher sales.

Hence, it is an Amazon SEO specialist’s top priority to understand A9 and stay updated with the changes in the algorithm.

3)      You do not need to worry about your page, product description, and backend content because of the keywords research.

There are a lot of tools for Amazon keywords research, which you can use to get an idea of what an Amazon SEO consultant sees.

These keywords will be the basis of the content of your Amazon listing, and there are tons of them. An Amazon SEO consultant will give you insight on which keywords to prioritize. You will also receive reports from them on which keywords are effective in making your product rank higher in the listing, get more impressions, and eventually increase your conversion.

4)      Your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses are no secret when you have professionals to help you.

Part of an Amazon SEO specialist’s job is to know competitors of their clients from the ranking keywords of a rival company and even the probable strategy the other company is doing.

A competitor analysis can let you learn from the best practices of your competitors and even ride on their ranking keywords. At the same time, you also get to know their weaknesses and where you can excel and make yourself stand out from the competition.

5)      Your Amazon SEO consultant will do the advertising and copywriting for you.

Aside from the product description and page content, an Amazon SEO Expert will also optimize even your advertisements and copies.

Nothing slips the checklist of specialists in the field of SEO. Hence, your copies do not only advertise, they also help you get a higher spot in the product listing and get customers’ attention.

6)      Even the images for your products can be utilized by an Amazon SEO Expert.

Even images on Amazon can help you in your goal to get the top spot or rank higher in the product listing.

Primarily, branding consistency boosts your sales. Aside from that, even pictures are named according to ranking keywords for your product to land in the spot you plan for it to be.

It’s a combination of SEO knowledge, branding, and marketing.

7)      An Amazon SEO specialist can suggest the best way for you to deliver your goods.

Amazon SEO experts know that the mode of delivery of Amazon sellers, whether they do Amazon FBA or self-fulfilled delivery, affects the ranking. Hence, after their research, they can recommend to you how you can work on your mode of delivery to help your ranking.

If you are asking yourself whether you’ll go for fulfillment by Amazon or via self-fulfillment, it is better to get insights from an Amazon SEO specialist first.

Key Takeaway

Having products that are usable and of quality is one essential factor to thrive in Amazon, but equal to this is SEO for Amazon seller because product listing ranking can define the success or failure of your business.

With this, it is essential to seek people and hire an Amazon SEO specialist to ensure that all your contents are SEO friendly.

Always remember that a product, no matter how awesome, may not be profitable because of non-SEO friendly content.

If you are looking for an agency to partner with, Seller Interactive offers Amazon Search Engine Optimization Services.

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