Beyond Brand Analytics: 4 Third-Party Amazon Analytics Tools for Sellers

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Last updated on August 21st, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Metrics, business performance, and data—these are all critical to your online success. You need to know which path will lead you to profit and which might lead to a dead end. While Amazon Brand Analytics offers valuable insights to sellers, it is only accessible to brand owners. This is where third-party Amazon analytics tools for sellers enter.

This article will explore the best third-party Amazon analytics tools that can propel your business like never before. You don’t need to worry about lacking a competitive edge, as they can help you make confident decisions on market trends, pricing, and promotional strategies.

Does Amazon Have Analytics?

Yes. Amazon has analytics for sellers called Brand Analytics. You can access it on Seller Central to track product views and purchases, competitor analysis, advertising insights, popular search terms, and other important data.

Below are the six reports you can find in Amazon Brand Analytics.

  • Amazon Search Terms reveals the specific search terms that lead customers to your products and gives you an overview of the high-performing keywords driving visibility and sales.
  • Demographics offers a sneak peek into the diverse characteristics of customers.
  • Item Comparison highlights products that customers compare with yours so you can make strategic choices about pricing, selling points, or other marketing endeavors.
  • Alternate Purchase displays the leading products customers buy after viewing but not purchasing one of your offered products on the same day.
  • Market Basket gives you cross-selling and upselling opportunities by exploring the combinations of products customers purchase together in the same transaction.
  • Repeat Purchase Behavior shows which customers have purchased your products more than once.

Why the Need for Third-Party Amazon Seller Analytics Tools?

Here’s the catch: only sellers with registered brands can access Amazon Brand Analytics. You must first sign up with Amazon Brand Registry before using the tool.

Under this program, Amazon can verify the accuracy, legitimacy, and security of the insights provided by Brand Analytics. They can maintain the tool's integrity, protect brands, and improve the overall experience for customers on the platform.

The good news is that there are third-party Amazon analytics tools that fill the gap left by the exclusivity of Amazon Brand Analytics. They cater to a broader spectrum of Amazon sellers, whether they have registered brands or not. 

Check out their features below:

Enhanced Data Visualization and Reporting CapabilitiesSimplify the interpretation of complex data and reports about your Amazon business performance.
Advanced Keyword Research and SEO OptimizationConduct in-depth keyword research to gather relevant keywords and optimize product listings, improving your search rankings and visibility.
Competitor Analysis and BenchmarkingEvaluate the performance, pricing strategies, and product offerings of your competitors. 
Product Trends and Market OpportunitiesIdentify emerging product trends and market prospects, allowing you to tap into high-demand products and niche markets.
Integrations with External Business ToolsStreamline operations and enhance efficiency by seamlessly integrating with external tools, from inventory management systems to advertising platforms.

4 Best Amazon Analytics Tools for Sellers

Amazon marketplace demands a strategic approach fueled by data and insights. Relying on intuition is no longer viable, as success thrives on making wiser business choices. Every move should be aligned with the market's pulse.

Dominate the market using the right Amazon analytics tools. Below are four solutions you can use to succeed in this ecommerce field.

1. SellerApp

4.7 out of 5 
(source: G2)
✅ Listing Optimization
✅ Product Intelligence Feature
✅ Product Opportunity Score
✅ Profit Dashboard
✅ Keyword Tracking Software
✅ Data Retention
✅ Business Monitoring
You can start for FREE!

The first Amazon analytics tool we have is SellerApp. This tool aims to enhance the seller’s success on the platform by tracking and optimizing specific listings based on marketplace trends.

This tool can check out different product opportunities. It figures out which options would be more suitable for your business. With SellerApp, you get a holistic view of your product’s market, making more informed and effective decisions.

2. Jungle Scout

4.6 out of 5 
(source: getapp)
✅ Sales Analytics
✅ Keyword Tracker
✅ Product Data Management
✅ Opportunity Finder
✅ Listing Builder
✅ Keyword Scout
✅ Inventory Manager
✅ Alerts
✅ Category Trends
✅ Product and Rank Tracker
  Starts at $29/month

Second on our list is Jungle Scout. This software solution is designed to help an Amazon seller find profitable products, upgrade a listing, and track product performance over time.

One of Jungle Scout's main functions is maximizing Amazon sales with market insights. With extensive sales data and competitor information, you can quickly determine lucrative niches or understand demand patterns. All the data you need to make investment plans is readily available for you to examine.

Jungle Scout also has a Chrome extension directly integrating with Amazon product pages. This extension allows users to access key data and insights while browsing products on Amazon. The research process is easy since you can immediately gather information about sales ranks, reviews, and other critical metrics.

3. Perpetua (Sellics)

4.6 out of 5
(source: g2
✅ Amazon Ranking Optimizer
✅ PPC Manager
✅ Review Management Tool
✅ Profit Management Dashboard
✅ Sonar (Keyword Research)
  Starts at $250/month

Popularly known as Sellics, Perpetua is a reliable Amazon analytics tool. Its primary function is centered around Amazon advertising optimization. Keyword clustering, for one, can help you recognize the terms and phrases that connect most with your primary audience. These insights serve as a cornerstone for future ad campaigns.

Sellic also offers a real-time tracker feature. You can easily monitor all the expenses and historical sale data within a single view since it can integrate your advertising and organic activities. 

4. Helium 10

4.3 out of 5 
(source: getapp)
✅ Product Research
✅ Keyword Research
✅ Refund Genie
✅ Profitability Calculator
✅ Customizable Templates
✅ Inventory Management
  Starts at $29/month

Fourth is Helium 10. This software tool is designed for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to delve deeper into their Amazon operations—whether PPC campaigns, profit data, financial health, or relevant keywords.

At its core, Helium 10 analyzes seasonal demand patterns, visualizes sales trends, benchmarks keyword rankings against competitors, and evaluates search volumes for specific Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). 

Helium 10’s analytics also extends to meticulous listing monitoring, guarding against potential fraudulent activities and unauthorized sellers. This way, you can protect your brand integrity and maintain customer loyalty.

Tips in Choosing Amazon Analytics Tools for Sellers

Like any software, most Amazon analytics tools for sellers are not without their flaws and imperfections. 

  • One common challenge is the learning curve. Mastering the tool's functionalities might require a certain level of time and effort investment. 
  • Technical glitches or issues can also arise, ranging from data inaccuracies to intermittent connectivity problems.
  • Even worse, the evolving nature of Amazon's platform can lead to compatibility issues or delays in incorporating new features into the tools. 

But don’t be disheartened! Transform these challenges into opportunities by following these five best practices.

1. Define Your Needs

Do you want to change your advertising strategy?

Do you want to research customer habits?

Do you want to optimize your product listings?

Knowing your needs is about creating a checklist and envisioning how the chosen analytics tool will fit into your overall selling strategy. It's the foundation upon which you'll succeed in the dynamic ecommerce world.

So always outline your particular objectives and needs. Reflect on what you aim to precisely accomplish using an Amazon analytics tool.

2. Take Advantage of Trial Periods

Lean towards tools that offer trial periods or free versions of their services. It goes beyond mere observation—it’s your chance to immerse yourself in the tool, measure user-friendliness, and assess how seamlessly it aligns with your established workflow before committing to the cost.

You can determine whether or not it addresses your pain points and helps you with your actual business data.

3. Consider Scalability and Flexibility

Opt for a tool that can smoothly expand in sync with your business’s growth. As you expand your product offerings, customer base, and sales volume, the chosen tool should be capable of handling increased data demands without sacrificing performance.

The ecommerce environment is also characterized by continuous changes introduced by Amazon. An effective analytics tool must be agile enough to accommodate these changes and adjust its functionalities to align with the latest trends and requirements.

4. Seek Professional Guidance

If you are uncertain during the process, don't hesitate to ask for professional assistance. Tapping into an expert's knowledge can help you save time and energy that might otherwise be spent on trial and error.

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Using data and analytics opens the door to innovation, growth, and unparalleled success. This transformative journey starts with the right third-party seller tools and an Amazon management team who understands your business goals.

Seller Interactive is that partner. From account management to listing optimization, our dedicated experts are here to unleash your Amazon selling potential. We can give you a data-driven approach to making business decisions, so you just have to watch your business unfold.

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