Amazon SEO Consultant: Tips on Picking the Right One for Your Business

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

When you put up your own business, you think of diversifying your reach and your strategies. A part of those strategies include choosing the right Amazon SEO consultant to help you. As Amazon continues to evolve, business owners face challenges on keeping up with the trends and algorithms.

More and more people go to Amazon to start their own business. The eCommerce giant helps aspiring entrepreneurs to boost their sales and reach more audiences through their diverse tools. However, some sellers still face the challenge of optimizing their product listings in order to get more leads that will convert to sales.

In order to boost their online presence, they collaborate with an Amazon SEO agency to help them optimize their product titles, images, and all the other elements necessary in their listings.

In this article, we aim to help you find the right Amazon SEO consultant that you need to collaborate with to strengthen and develop your SEO strategies. Are you ready?

Amazon SEO Consultant: What do they do?

Various consultants exist to help people who need it in a specific area. Amazon SEO consultants honed their skills through working with the eCommerce giant and specializing in the different aspects of the platform. Some focus on listing optimization while others on suspension appeals. Nevertheless, working with consultants improves your Amazon SEO marketing strategy.

Suspension appeals

One niche that you find among Amazon consultants include those specializing in suspension appeals. People find their accounts suspended when there have been listings that got blocked due to some violations. Some find it quite challenging to recover their accounts and their listings.

An Amazon SEO consultant that focuses on suspension appeals works with you to review your existing plan or draft a new one. They also help you compose appeal letters and aid in submitting your appeal to the Escalations Department. Others also manage account status and performance issues. The consultants then will conduct an audit of your account, review your metrics and will give you advice on how to improve your Amazon shop.

Legal aid

Another thing about these consultants, they help you with legal matters that you face. Along with creating your business, certain permits and documents are necessary. They help you draft contracts with suppliers and business partners.

Other instances that sellers face are hijacking or counterfeiting. Amazon legal consultants then help you with your intellectual property issues. They help you protect your trademark and eradicate those harmful hijacked listings. Moreover, they aid in preventing any plagiarism towards your products. Hijackers copy your listings from the title to the description and even use the photos you upload. When you notice listings that contain the exact information as yours, then that’s plagiarism already.

Global expansion

Every business owner aspires to expand their market into different regions of the world. However, every country creates their own trade laws that protect import and export of goods. Amazon consultants help you diversify your shop that will let you enter the global market on Amazon.

If your shop started in Germany, most of your listings are in German. Collaborating with these consultants will help you translate the listings so more people understand it. They provide support in many languages and even with tax issues. Moreover, they will provide guidance on how you can abide by the import regulations imposed on every country you want to sell your products to.

Plus, they will manage shipping and logistics too! That gives you more time to focus on the business operations and also to give yourself some time to rest.

Product listing optimization

Product listings are the backbone of your Amazon business. Without these listings, you will find a hard time selling your products. Since your customers will not know what your product is all about, it is your prime duty as a seller to provide them with all the details and information about the product. Not only that, but listings also include information such as the notable features and benefits of the product.

Optimizing your product listings yield very fruitful results such as better performance in search results, higher conversion rates, and efficient PPC campaigns.

Ads management

Some Amazon consultants focus on managing ads for their clients. They help the clients create ads that fit the profile and branding of their business. In addition to that, they also help in digital marketing, Google AdWords campaign, and other SEO tactics that can be implemented on ads.

Account management and training

As these consultants gather their extensive experience through working and honing their skills, they also pay it forward by training their clients so they can do a consultancy arrangement. In some cases, the consultants assume full responsibility on the account management of the client. They oversee everything in your Amazon store. From updating the product listings to handling customer service, the scope of services that the consultants offer continue to diversify.

Some wonder why you should collaborate with Amazon SEO consultants. The answer is simple, it helps you delegate, achieve work-life balance, and focus on the daily operations of your business.

Who uses the service of an Amazon SEO consultant?

People wonder who needs the services of an Amazon SEO consultant. Some of them are sellers who want to improve the performance of their business on Amazon. But, who else uses their services?

Brands and manufacturers

Various types of businesses express different needs that help them progress. Both experienced and neophyte businesses who go to Amazon to sell their products contemplate hiring someone to oversee their store. Since these owners have a lot on their plate, learning about how Amazon works certainly will take time. Therefore, it may take away their focus from running the business and acquiring partners or closing clients.

Start-ups and small business owners

What comes to mind when you see or hear startup businesses or small businesses?

Looking at start-ups, you see the innovation and creativity they have. They aim to solve problems through nifty gadgets or even tools that make life easier. A start-up business is usually comprised of small teams that handle everything from branding to sales and marketing, and even designing their products. This takes a lot from them and if they need to learn something new like Amazon SEO, it may tire them altogether. One of the best things they can do is to work with consultants that will manage their Amazon business for them.

Finding Amazon consultants to help them manage their listings, communicate with customers, and improve their marketing activities will motivate them to improve their business. Plus, it will help them acquire investors and customer loyalty.

Existing and established Amazon businesses

Amazon is a great eCommerce platform that helps aspirants put up their business. Will it be the same thing with existing and established Amazon businesses too? Competition never goes away in any industry. Long-time sellers need to continuously diversify their strategies so they won’t get left behind by new competitors.

With the changes that Amazon undergoes, existing competitors may find it difficult to learn how the new tools work or how the new updates are. Consulting with a team makes it easier to adapt with the new strategies that your competitors use. They keep you on track with the latest trends that you may use for your business.

Truth be told, working with an Amazon marketing team is one of the biggest arsenals that merchants have.

Private labelers

Some sellers who established their own private label products or brands will also benefit from Amazon consultants. Their services will greatly help them especially on optimizing listings, generating reviews, run ads, and even connecting with customers.  Some sellers choose either availing of the full management service from the marketing agency. Others opt for selected services that work within their budget and their needs.

Some private labelers also encounter issues such as suspensions, counterfeiting, or even plagiarism. This harms their reputation and their brand, which is why seeking the expertise of these consultants will benefit them. Not only that, but it will also save them from asking advice from lawyers which may cost them dearly.

New Amazon sellers

Relative newcomers to the giant eCommerce platform need not avail of the services of an Amazon consultant. What is suitable for them would be training and coaching from these experts.

Newcomers to Amazon benefit from knowing how the platform works and delegate it to outsourced team members such as virtual assistants to help with the workload.

How to choose the right Amazon SEO consultant for your team?

Finding the right people to work with in your business seems tough and challenging. However, when you choose the right people, everything comes easy. Here are some factors and tips that will help you choose the right Amazon SEO consultant for you and your team.

Determine the kind of support that your team needs

Searching the internet for consultants and agencies seems easy especially with the technology today. However, if you fail to identify the areas that you need help on, it becomes difficult to find the right consultant for your team.

When you encounter consistent problems with your metrics, you’ll need a specialist that deals with seller performance issues. However, if the problem spans across different areas, it may be best to try working with a generalist.

On the other hand, assess the areas that you need to work on. Ask yourself and your team, are you able to address these areas or the problems that arise? Do you need help on accomplishing the tasks? Will it be more helpful if you employ the help of these consultants?

When you ask yourself and your team these questions, it helps you think clearly of what your team needs. You may think the idea of asking yourselves questions may seem quite puzzling but it really helps you pinpoint which kind of consultants you need. Plus, you’ll be able to send them a clear brief of what you need.

Communication is key!

Working with an external consultant seems tedious since this is someone outside your team that you handpicked. It could be a random person that may distort that way you work. Choosing someone to work with means communicating with them and expressing your thoughts about certain things and tasks that affect the performance of the business.

The Amazon consultant that you will work with must be approachable and communicative. You can never accomplish the tasks or whatever the job necessitates if you fail to address the issues straightforwardly. Managing the account, optimizing the listings, and creating ads involve both the seller and the consultant to agree on what must be placed and how it should be executed. Else, things will not move forward. It will be a waste of time when your listings are not updated on time and your campaigns aren’t published on time.

Another area about communication that you need to consider -- time zone difference, especially if the consultants are from a different country than yours. Make sure that you’ll be able to schedule meetings to discuss the progress of the work or tasks assigned.

These days, most meetings happen via Zoom, Google Meets, Hangouts, or even Skype! Innovations continue happening and people adjust to what happens around the world (e.g. the pandemic of 2020).

Just remember, clarify and iron out matters with your consultant without making rash decisions that will greatly affect your business.

Ask the consultants

Once you determine what you want the consultant to do with your business, the next step would be finding them.

One thing about consultants, they’re like medical practitioners. They specialize in a certain aspect of Amazon and continue developing their skills on that. For example, one consultant finds interest in facilitating PPC ad campaigns. They strive to attend webinars, workshops, and even find a mentor of their own to help them become better at it. Once they get better and have proven themselves to be really successful and good at it, then they offer their services to other people.

On the other hand, when sellers know what they need and want from a consultant, they list everything they want accomplished. They use it to filter potential candidates and meet with them to get to know them and their experience. When you have your shortlist of candidates, ask them questions about Amazon to know and gauge their expertise. This way, you also learn if they’re speaking the truth about themselves or just merely doing it to con people.

Asking these questions to these consultants helps you see if they would really bring a positive outcome to your issues and to your business. Moreover, this prevents you from over-thinking what they can or can’t do just because you didn’t ask about their portfolio or testimonials from their previous clients.

Check if their rates fit your budget

Every person you work with requires spending your resources. But, make sure that you clarify the scope of the services you need before agreeing to pay. Ask for a quote before signing anything. It’s your responsibility to check if your business stays afloat and if you’re not spending too much.

Just remember to compensate them well for the work that they do. These consultants are humans too. They can’t handle an endless amount of work.


Putting up a business on Amazon means you manage and look over different aspects of the  business. Doing so consumes time and effort which may result in overworking yourself. You don’t have to spread yourself too thin trying to cover everything. Hence, hiring an Amazon SEO consultant helps you improve your Amazon product SEO and even give you pieces of advice on developing strategies for your business.

Even if these consultants are experts in their field, you need to keep in mind that they don’t do miracles. Primarily, they will advise you on what or what not to do. Unless you hire a full management service.

Now, instead of trying to do everything without certainty of success, better work with the experts such as Seller Interactive. Work with us and we’ll improve the performance of your Amazon store!

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