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Last updated on June 23rd, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

The more you explore, the more possibilities you uncover. This also applies to the evolving nature of the Amazon marketplace. As the platform’s standards and guidelines change over time, it prompts us to develop new digital strategies, one of which is leveraging Amazon EBC services.

Selling on Amazon is no easy feat, so sellers must be equipped with various techniques like Amazon listing optimization. No matter how the algorithm or industry changes, a fully optimized and visually appealing product listing remains adaptable and can help you reach a good spot.

But what does a fully optimized, visually compelling listing mean, and how can you achieve it? This is where we'd like to introduce the EBC or A+ Content. Let's look deeper into it and find out how it can fulfill your business needs.

Defining Amazon EBC

Amazon constantly introduces new avenues for brands like yours to customize their content and incorporate their unique aesthetic. Amazon A+ Content (formerly Enhanced Brand Content or EBC) is a feature that lets you enhance the visual appeal of your listings by adding more images and product information

The Importance of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

There are other and simpler ways to optimize product listings. This may make you wonder why Enhanced Brand Content is necessary. Let’s explore the reasons behind this.

Enhanced Brand Content takes the optimization process a step further. 

Even if you have the fundamental aspects, such as the right keywords, precise product details, and high-quality images, so are your competitors. But this content feature from Amazon has additional, visually appealing options to improve your product listing and showcase brands.  

Access Content Enhancement Tools and Features

With Amazon EBC, you can access various tools and features that allow you to go beyond the basics. For example, you may create a compelling product detail page through enhanced images, descriptive text, and formatting, among other things.

Such detailed touch on your listing can lead to a cohesive and consistent product presentation. This, in turn, will help you highlight your brand story, build credibility, increase your conversion rate, and drive sales on the platform.

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What Can You Do With Amazon EBC Services?

We’ve provided you with a brief introduction to Amazon EBC. Now, let's review its specific capabilities and advantages for your business.

1. Integrate Rich Content into Your Listings

People looking into your product are contemplating whether they should make a purchase. As an Amazon seller, you have to share all the necessary information they need if you want to increase the possibilities of conversion.

Amazon EBC offers ready-made listing templates which contain specific product descriptions for you to fill in. These templates help you determine your brand’s type of content style. Depending on your products, you may need more text than images and vice versa.

The difference between enhanced and non-enhanced listings is enormous. 

  • A non-enhanced product listing has the usual Amazon listing format: product images on the left and descriptions on the right and below the product image.
  • On the other hand, it is more like looking into high-quality infographics about a specific product with an A+ listing. There are more colors and visually appealing designs with EBC that can entice buyers.

You can also add a short video file to your EBC listings but don’t go overboard. Amazon videos are usually recommended to be less than a minute to maintain viewers’ interest.

2. Nail Your Brand's SEO

Since online consumers search for a product through a keyword, you must utilize those relevant terms and phrases in your content. Going for EBC services ticks many boxes in your Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to-do list. These are, but not limited to:

Reducing Bounce RateA+ Content minimizes the percentage of visitors who leave your listing without taking action.
Improving ConversionsEnhanced content communicates product value, building trust and improving conversion rates.
Addressing Technical IssuesEBC services address listing issues, such as optimizing text readability and image quality for a seamless customer experience.
Keyword Research and ApplicationA keyword-rich content attracts organic traffic and reaches target shoppers actively searching for products like yours.
Prevent Negative Reviews and Product ReturnsClear and detailed descriptions and enhanced images help set accurate customer expectations, reducing the chance of dissatisfaction and returns.

These strategies align your brand's position in search result rankings.

3. Improve Brand Recognition

Not only does an outstanding A+ listing help build brand awareness, but it also showcases what makes you unique! As you add more creative and customized touches to your listing, they will find you more reliable, credible, and fun to get to know. It can leave a long-lasting impression and encourage them to engage with your brand personally. 

More Important Information on Enhanced Brand Content

Now that you've learned about the benefits of A+ Content, we presume you're convinced to give it a shot. To further familiarize yourself with the program, here are some commonly asked questions answered for your reference.

Who is Eligible for A+ Content?

Only sellers and vendors approved under the Amazon Brand Registry program can acquire Enhanced Brand Content services. All accounts, including those in the Amazon Launchpad and Exclusives, are eligible if their products are registered. 

Amazon promotes a secure and safe environment for both buyers and businesses. By limiting the EBC access to brand-registered sellers, they can maintain the platform's integrity and prevent unauthorized sellers from misrepresenting products under a brand's name.

Is EBC Free or Paid?

Enhanced Brand Content offers free and paid options. Let's have a quick view of each.

  • Free EBC: The availability of A+ Content within Seller Central means sellers can access this feature without additional cost.
  • Amazon A++ or A+ Premium Content: An invite-only feature. You cannot join with the exact requirements like the free EBC. Amazon invites only massive brands with feature-heavy products. 

Understanding the differences between these two options can help sellers choose the best solution that aligns with their business goals and budget.

What Actions Are Considered Violations of A+ Guidelines?

Aside from the freedom to customize listings to your heart's content, Amazon EBC has guidelines for modifying your submissions. Avoid Amazon's rejection by knowing what it doesn’t want you to include in your content. Here’s a preview of some exclusions to remember:

  • Referencing your company as a distributor or seller
  • Providing contact information
  • Playing cheap, using unnecessary promotional claims to get customers 
  • Using trademark, copyright, or registered symbols 
  • Including shipping details
  • Low-quality and duplicated images that don't reflect the product you sell
  • Reviews or quotes from 3P sources
  • Warranty or guarantee mentions
  • Errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and excessive use of bold and italics
  • Web links
  • Time-sensitive content
  • Mentioning competitors, their products, or using their brand logos other than your own

These points also apply to the EBC video content policy.

How to Start Using A+ Content?

Here’s a glimpse of the step-by-step process to access A+ content:

Log into your Seller account and navigate the Advertising tab.


Find and click the A+ Content Manager option from the drop-down menu.


Click the Start Creating A+ Content button and choose a suitable template for your brand.


Fill out the required content details and click Create Module once you’re done.


Start working on your content layout, modules, and additional text and images.


Choose ASINs that will benefit from the A+ content you’ve created. Amazon can recommend some if you’re unsure which to select.


Review and submit.

Best Practices in Using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content 

Keep the following best practices in mind when leveraging A+ Content on Amazon:

  • Focus on unique points: Prioritize your most vital points as a brand in your highlights. Your content should be benefit-driven. 
  • Make it short and quick: Don’t make your content lengthy, even if you want to include all the essential information. Customers prefer shorter content that can quickly help answer what they need to know about your product.
  • Be mobile-friendly: As of this writing, there are 6.92 billion mobile users worldwide today. It’s your chance to ensure mobile users have an excellent shopping experience.
  • Proper image editing: Envision yourself as a customer when editing an image. Ensure your pictures, whether background or lifestyle images, are relevant to their needs and meet the platform’s size and quality requirements.
  • Your best-sellers come first: Work on your best products, especially if you’re starting for EBC.
  • Competitor check: See what your competitors are doing with their A+ content. If you realize they are outperforming yours, identify what makes them. Review customer feedback and use those insights to improve your product.
  • Following a template is optional: You shouldn’t worry about filling out all the spaces provided on an EBC template. Amazon will adjust the template for you—no need to add more images or text when unnecessary.
  • Consult with an Amazon agency: Tap into their knowledge and experience in EBC to thrive in the market. Skip the learning curves, and don't worry about starting with limited understanding. An Amazon expert got your back.

Seller Interactive: The Best Amazon Agency for Your EBC Needs 

Enhanced Brand Content might seem overwhelming to you initially, but take time to understand its potential in boosting your Amazon business. It offers a unique way to attract your target audience and differentiate yourself through compelling content. 

Using EBC for your Amazon business may require a learning curve. That’s where Seller Interactive excels. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions in this area. Our expertise extends across various aspects of EBC, including content creation, image optimization, keyword research, and building effective SEO campaigns.

Here’s a preview of our other Amazon services for optimizing your presence and thriving in the marketplace:

  • Seller Account Setup
  • Amazon SEO
  • Amazon Product Listing Optimization and Management
  • Brand Registry and Protection
  • Sponsored Ads Management
  • Account Suspension Appeal and Reinstatement
  • Reimbursement and Refund
  • Product Launch
  • Amazon DSP
  • Wholesale Partnership Program
  • Walmart Full Account Management

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