Amazon Listing Optimization: Enhanced Brand Content for Conversions

June 1, 2021
Written by Ken Zhou
Amazon Listing Optimization

Possibilities are endless if you try to dig deeper into things. It’s the same with the continuously evolving eCommerce industry. The passing time introduces us to new marketing standards for new strategies to develop. As an Amazon seller, it is essential to have an excellent degree of awareness regarding the competitive marketplace. 

The business journey can be difficult, which is why Amazon listing optimization services are offered. No matter how the algorithm or industry changes, a completely optimized product listing is adaptable and can help you get on a good spot. That being said, you should also know as a seller the need for consistent management. It doesn’t end after one implementation. You have to keep going on enhancing your listings. 

What makes a listing fully optimized, then? This part is where we’d like to introduce the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) service. A good listing contains relevant information and can get customers into action. Let’s look deeper into EBC and find out how it helps with your conversion rate.  

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Enhanced Brand Content is a feature from Amazon that allows sellers to personalize their brand image further. It provides sellers additional options to improve their product listings, such as adding rich content to the description field and more. A detailed touch on the listing can help attract more customers, convince them to take action, and increase the conversation rate. 

What Can You Do With Amazon EBC?

With the aid of the EBC service, you will be allowed to acquire the following.

Integrate Rich Content to your Listings

Adding rich content to your listing makes it more informative and engaging. EBC offers ready-made listing templates which contain specific product information for you to fill in. These templates help you determine your brand’s type of content style. Some products need more text than images and vice versa.  

The difference between enhanced and non-enhanced listings is enormous. A non-enhanced product listing has the usual Amazon listing format: product images on the left and descriptions on the right and below the product image. It is more like looking into high-quality infographics about a specific product with an enhanced listing. There are more colors and visually appealing designs with EBC that engage customers.

You may now also add a short video in your listing if you’re a brand registered seller. You can locate the video in the block of the main images. Amazon videos are usually recommended to be less than a minute and follow the content policy.

People looking into your product are contemplating whether they should make a purchase or not. You have to provide all the necessary information they need if you want to increase the possibilities of conversion.

Nail Your Brand’s SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another essential part of ranking your products in and out of Amazon. Since users usually start searching for a product through a keyword, you need to utilize those relevant keywords in your content. Going for EBC services checks a lot of your SEO for Amazon listing to-dos. These are, but not limited to:

  • reducing bounce rate
  • improving conversions
  • technical issues such as text readability and optimized images
  • keyword research and application
  • prevent negative reviews and product returns

Improve Brand Recognition

Not only does an outstanding EBC help build brand awareness, but it also helps your customers know what makes you unique! Since you can add more creative and customized touches to your listing, customers will find you more reliable, credible, and fun to get to know. It can leave a long-lasting impression on them. As they continue to purchase without negative experience, you can also build brand loyalty. Now, there’s nothing better than those scenarios.

Improving Conversion Rates with Enhanced Brand Content

Now that you know the top benefits of EBC as a helping hand, here is more important information you should know. 

Who is Eligible for EBC?

Only sellers who have been approved under the Amazon Brand Registry can acquire EBC. All vendor and seller accounts, including those in the Amazon Launchpad and Exclusives, are eligible as long as they have their products registered. 

Is EBC for Free or Paid?

Enhanced Brand Content has two types. First is the free EBC, which covers most of our discussion. The second one is called Premium A+, which is the paid service. For Premium A+, you cannot join with the exact requirements like the free EBC. Amazon invites massive brands only for the premium version, and it can be pretty expensive as well. 

An Overview of EBC Violations

Aside from the things you are allowed to do to your heart’s content, Amazon EBC has rules and regulations when it comes to modifying your submissions. Avoid Amazon’s rejection by knowing what they don’t want you to include in your content.

  • Referencing your company as distributor or seller
  • Providing contact information
  • Playing cheap, using unnecessary promotional claims to get customers 
  • Using trademark, copyright, or registered symbols 
  • Including shipping details
  • Low quality and duplicated images that don’t reflect the product you’re selling
  • Reviews or quotes from 3P sources
  • Warranty or guarantee mentions
  • Errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and excessive use of bold and italics
  • Internal and external links
  • Time-sensitive content
  • Mentioning competitors, their products, or using their brand logos other than your own

Take note that these points also apply to the EBC video content policy.

EBC Tips and Tricks

Here are also some valuable tips to remember before diving into the wonders of Enhanced Brand Content in Amazon.

  • Submissions: You are currently allowed to have twenty submissions at once. It currently takes up to seven days for review. Still, some content is processed within two days, especially those that are clear of possible rejection.
  • Include all vital information to put in your EBC. The reason for this is because Amazon suppresses your old, plain description once you have the EBC.
  • Focus on unique points. Prioritize your most vital points as a brand in your highlights. Focus on what you can offer, and content should be benefit-driven. 
  • Short and quick content. While it is important to include essential information, ensure that it is not too lengthy. Customers prefer shorter content that can help answer what they need to know about your product.
  • Make it mobile-friendly. There are currently 4.8 billion mobile users worldwide today, so ensure that customers have an excellent user experience in mobile shopping.
  • Visuals with good quality and size. Make sure your images are relevant to what you’re selling. Images should have the right size and quality. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer trying to look for a trustworthy product. There are many things in your listing that you can enhance.
  • Your best-sellers come first. If you’re starting for EBC, it is recommended to work on your best products for a good start. 
  • Competitor check. Focusing on your brand can also mean finding out what your competitors are doing. Suppose one of them is doing better than yours. You can explore and find what makes them appealing. Find out what customers say about it and use those points to improve yours. 
  • There’s no need to follow a template strictly. If you’re worried about having to fill out all the spaces provided on an EBC template, then you shouldn’t. Amazon will adjust the template for you, no need to add more images or text.

Work with an Agency: Seller Interactive’s Amazon Listing Optimization Service 

Enhanced Brand Content is part of Amazon’s optimization services. Here’s a summary to give you an introduction of what other Amazon services we cover.

  • Seller Account Setup. Getting started in a massive marketplace can feel overwhelming. Throughout the entire process, we will help you build a successful Amazon seller account.
  • Amazon SEO. We are aware of the value of relevant keywords to the visibility of your listings. We support implementing profitable keywords that give you an advantage in the market competition.
  • Amazon Product Listing Optimization and Management. Your listings need to be regularly optimized. We help ensure that your listings are in the proper categories and use relevant keywords to appear in the search results.
  • Product Launches. Events like product launches can be challenging. We provide support to ensure you get a successful launch. It would be free from hijackers/counterfeiters and concentrated on appealing to customers.
  • Optimizing Listing. Our team can help you stay updated with updates on Amazon trends and competitors. We can know what strategies would help you stay competitive in the market through consistent monitoring.
  • Brand Registry and Protection. Brand registry in Amazon is necessary for you to become eligible for the benefits they can offer to sellers. We will take charge of handling every step of the process for you.
  • Prep and Logistics. As experts in shipping guidelines and necessities, we take charge of providing you a reliable and fitting 3P prep service. 

How does working with an agency help? 

Well, a good thing about consulting with an agency for your Amazon account management is that you don’t have to handle all the work. We are also a team of Amazon experts, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing anything in the beginning. We will support and guide you from start to finish.

Final Word

Amazon’s optimization services might seem initially overwhelming to you but look at it as a great opportunity. It gives you ideas on maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It is a significant step to attract potential customers. Suppose you decide to work with the help of an Amazon expert agency. In that case, we can ensure that the success you’ve envisioned will reflect in your conversion rates. 

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