How to Increase Sales During Christmas with an Amazon FBA Launch Service

Last updated on August 11th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

The holiday season may be months away, but it’s never too early to plan for the holiday marketing campaigns. After all, some individuals do their Christmas shopping as early as August.

And what better place to search for the perfect Christmas gifts than on Amazon?

However, selling on Amazon requires a well-thought-out product launch, especially during the festive season when the competition is fiercer. Your plan must include product sourcing, store set-up, product launch, marketing efforts, customer service, and customer satisfaction. 

Seems daunting? Let the Amazon FBA launch service help you! If you want to know how to increase sales during Christmas with a successful Amazon product launch and discover effective marketing strategies for your holiday campaigns, keep reading. 

Fulfillment by Amazon: The Unsung Holiday Hero for Sellers

When orders pile in during the Yuletide season, typical business duties like inventory management and product packaging may be too much for some to handle. Some sellers may even overlook other crucial tasks like marketing and customer service.

Good thing sellers can turn to Fulfillment by Amazon to avoid doing so!

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service where you send your inventory to any Amazon warehouse, and they handle the picking, packing, and overall order fulfillment. Amazon also offers customer service, sorting inventory, shipping, and returns through this service. You just need to oversee your store’s operations and market your product. 

To get the most out of the FBA program, you need a successful product launch to kick off your business.

4 Pillars of A Successful Amazon Product Launch Strategy

Before discussing the different steps to launching a product on Amazon, it’s crucial to understand what will make a product launch smooth sailing and what will contribute to its success. An Amazon product launch strategy requires four pillars that you should follow.

1. Driving Traffic to Product Listing

A good Amazon launch strategy must drive traffic to your product listings. The number of people visiting your product page directly impacts your sales figures. The more discoverable your listing is, the higher your sales become. Hence, your focus is to attract internal and external visitors. 

2. Gathering Customer Feedback

The biggest sales driver on Amazon is customer reviews. Through customer reviews, new customers are informed of the product's functionality. Did it deliver on its promise, or did it not? Rave reviews on your product listing will boost your ranking on Amazon. Here, we’re talking about credibility and what your audience thinks about your products.

3. Leveraging Sales Velocity

To improve product ranking on Amazon, one must use advanced tools and innovative techniques such as giveaways and discounts. The goal is to achieve and maintain a high sales velocity by keeping your audience on their toes with your products—keep them hyped.

4. Optimizing Product Listing

Optimizing the product listing helps in ranking better on Amazon. Product listing optimization includes keywords, good product photos, detailed product descriptions, and backend keywords. Doing so enables you to rank high on Amazon and get more sales. 

merry christmas - shot of an amazon box next to a christmas tree

4 Steps to a Successful Holiday Amazon Product Launch

We must advise you to avoid launching a product just as the holiday season kicks in. Do it before, and the earlier, the better. Why? The number of sellers who market their products during the holidays can bury your product launch in the sea of competition. The earlier you start, the greater your product’s chances of standing out before the market becomes oversaturated.

We’ve created these simple steps for an amazing product launch, combining keyword research, marketing, and brand awareness. 

1. Conduct Keyword Research

Once your products are shipped to Amazon's fulfillment centers, prepare your listing and marketing materials. To prepare your listing, you need to use the right keywords. Amazon is a search engine, much like Google. Hence, you must target keywords that you want to be indexed for.

Sprinkle in seasonal and holiday-specific keyword phrases that match the joyous occasion. Using such keywords will increase the visibility of your listing, which can be converted to holiday season sales. 

So, how do you conduct keyword research? Search your competitor's listing. Check what works for them, or use a tool such as Helium 10 or Google’s Keyword Planner. Once you've conducted your product research, pick the keywords that will work best for your listing. 

2. Optimize Your Listing

Optimize! Optimize! Optimize!

We can't stress the importance of optimizing your listing enough. Applying the keywords you’ve gathered and picked to the product title, description, key product features, and images. Optimization will help Amazon's A10 Algorithm with ranking your product. 

3. Market Your Listing

This step is where you get people hyped on your various offers.

Utilize Amazon PPC and Facebook ads to get the word out about your seasonal product. Like Facebook ads, Amazon PPC offers to market your product for a certain fee. You can run an aggressive automatic campaign for about 2 to 3 weeks. Then, switch to manual campaigns with broad, phrase, and exact keyword matching.

If you have a social media page, post teasers for your product. You can conduct email marketing campaigns and send a newsletter to your email list. Another brilliant marketing strategy is tapping social media influencers to help spread the news. 

Other effective marketing efforts you can implement during your holiday product launch include:

4. Use an Amazon launch service

An Amazon product launch service helps Amazon sellers get their products to rank on the first page of Amazon's search results without doing much work. These services use strategies like discounts and giveaways to mark prices down and get people to buy your product. Others use Facebook advertising and SEO to boost ranking. 

These product launch services are equipped with the right tools. Below are two helpful software you or Amazon FBA Launch Services can use during product launch.


Sellerboard is an all-in-one analytics tool that analyzes an online store’s cost-effectiveness and profitability.

With an analytics tool, you can get data about your store and have a deep insight into your store's sales. Furthermore, it can help you understand and foresee future profitability. You can learn how to grow your business, implement new strategies, and save time using the data provided. 

Dragon Dealz

Instead of spending so much time researching who the best influencers you should connect with, you can use Dragon Dealz. 

The influencers featured on this platform are authentic bloggers with authentic followers. So, once they create a review about your product, it will encourage people to check your listing. This traffic will then turn into sales. 

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Final Thoughts

Launching your FBA business all boils down to the right strategies, team, and knowledge on the platform. Using an Amazon FBA launch service can significantly help in launching your business. 

If you need professional help to launch your FBA business successfully, work with us at Seller Interactive. We offer countless Amazon services to help your business reach its ultimate potential. 

Contact us to learn more about our service and offers.

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