What is the Amazon Contact Number Seller Support?

March 9, 2021
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon contact number seller

Let us cut to the chase and tell you the cold, hard truth: You won’t find any Amazon contact number seller support anywhere on the web, not even in the deepest recesses of the internet. It is not even posted on the Amazon Services Central Forum or any Amazon website. But what if you need to settle an Amazon Seller Account suspension, which is a life and death situation? How to contact seller on Amazon?

Don’t fret because we’ve got you. Since October 1, 2018, Amazon has no longer offered a dedicated Seller Support contact number to the public. Instead, they’ve set up a systematic approach for their troubled sellers to be able to reach out to them. This article will reveal how you can communicate with Amazon customer service when you need to resolve an issue, or if you need to clarify something.

8 Ways to Contact Amazon Seller Support

You have various reasons as to why they need to know the direct Amazon contact number Seller Support:

  • You are a newbie who wants to get to know the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace.
  • You are a veteran who has questions regarding new and updated policies.
  • You’ve got an Amazon Seller Account suspension notification and want your account to be reinstated.
  • You want to cancel an underperforming product listing.
  • You want someone to walk you through Amazon’s complicated registration process.
  • You need an Amazon Seller Support representative to help mediate the conflict between you and your customer.

No matter what your reason is, you should be familiar with Amazon Seller Support’s contact details, as follows:

1. Amazon official emails

2. For intellectual property rights disputes

3. For copyright Infringement issues

[email protected]

4. Seller performance team emails by marketplace

4. For payment-related problems

5. For product quality issues

6. Use this email address to report fake phone calls, emails, or webpages.

[email protected]

7. Send an SOS to the CEO

[email protected]

8. Contact support via Amazon Seller Central

Here are the steps:

8.1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central account.

8.2. Click Help at the upper right corner, or scroll down and click Get support .

8.3. If you can’t find your question or issue in the choices under Recommended for you , scroll down until you see Need more help? And click the Get support button.

8.4. You will be redirected to a page where you can click the appropriate option for you:

  • Selling on Amazon = if you have questions/issues related to selling and listings.
  • Advertising and Stores = if you have questions/issues regarding sponsored products , sponsored brands, and stores.

8.5. After choosing the right option, you will be directed to a more detailed page containing a list of common questions as hyperlinks.

8.6. Click the question that is closely related to your issue. Otherwise, click Other issues .

8.7. You will be presented with a page where you will need to describe your question or issue in detail. Then you will have the option to contact Seller Support via email, phone, or chat.

Best practices to contact Seller Support effectively

  • Point out each issue or question you have separately to avoid confusing Amazon Seller Central Support representatives. Explain each one as clearly as possible.
  • Avoid sending various questions or issues in bulk or one-go because it will only make the waiting time longer since your case needs to be solved by different departments.
  • In your emails, whether direct or via Seller Central, be specific, direct to the point, and detailed when explaining your issue or question.
  • In your chats or emails, use proper grammar and sentence structure. Don’t use flowery words, and logically write your sentences.
  • Ensure that you mention the solutions you’ve tried so far when speaking or writing to them so you won’t waste the Seller Support representative’s time who will suggest those ideas.
  • List down all your issues before contacting the Seller Support team to avoid forgetting them, especially when you are in the middle of a conversation on the phone.
  • Deliver the email to the right department to prevent it from getting lost in the sea of emails.
  • Keep in mind that Amazon will call you and not the other way around. Ensure your line is open at all times.
  • The phone number must match the one you’ve registered on your Seller Central account. Why? Amazon will check the phone number against your records, and if it is a different number, they will ignore your case.
  • Before a phone call, prepare your Seller Account details and billing information because the representative might ask you about these for verification purposes. Plus, a pen and paper for note-taking.

IMPORTANT! How to handle Amazon seller account suspended appeal

This is when you need an Amazon contact number seller support the most since this is a critical and urgent issue. Unfortunately, there is none. The best you can do is to keep in mind the points below when you receive an Amazon seller account suspension:

  • Take the suspension notification seriously because it will directly affect your performance or account.
  • Check and solve pending issues before writing a plan of action.
  • Ensure that you send a detailed Amazon suspension appeal letter with a plan of action before the deadline.
  • Be apologetic, sincere, diplomatic, and persuasive when writing your appeal letter.
  • Don’t blame Amazon or the buyer.
  • Take responsibility for the mistake, even if it is not your fault.
  • Avoid sending follow up emails or asking the status of your appeal or case.
  • Ensure that all your products are compliant with Amazon’s policies to avoid being suspended again.
  • Don’t forge or alter the supporting documents that you will attach in the email.


Since there is no existing Amazon contact number seller support, you must utilize the solutions mentioned above, such as email and chat. Although there is a phone call option, you have to wait for your turn until a representative reaches out to you. Remember that you must have a load of patience since Amazon customer support reps deal with hundreds or thousands of issues daily. Choose a suitable contact method to get a successful response so every question about your account is answered.

It is frustrating that there is no direct Amazon contact number seller support to call, especially if you want to be reinstated from Amazon seller account suspension, immediately. Worry no more because Seller Interactive has a team of experienced consultants willing to help you to reinstate your account. Please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] today.

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