Level Up Your Advertising With an Amazon PPC Manager

February 3, 2022
Written by Kevin Wong

The topic of advertising is unavoidable as your Amazon business grows. Marketing through advertising, specifically Amazon PPC, opens up new opportunities for your business to increase your sales, gain revenues, boost your brand awareness, and reach shoppers when they're in the marketplace. But sometimes, sellers find themselves in a predicament: the task of setting up Amazon PPC ads, maintaining them, and improving their customization to have a higher ROI is not easy. It takes an Amazon PPC expert to pull these off.

Amazon PPC may be overwhelming to beginners, even sellers who have not touched it before. That's totally normal, and the good thing is Amazon has launched tools that ease the lives of anyone managing campaigns. Having a dedicated Amazon PPC campaign manager is a different story, as it will make your business operations run seamlessly about advertising.

When you find yourself in this exact situation, don't worry. Not immediately getting the hang of Amazon PPC or asking for professional service is normal. This article will tell you exactly what an Amazon PPC specialist can do to you as a seller and your Amazon store as a whole. 

Amazon PPC in a Nutshell

Amazon PPC is the self-service advertising platform catered towards sellers. There are three types under Amazon PPC: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. These three types have their own characteristics that set them apart and have different effects on an Amazon store. 

Sponsored Product ads are more geared towards advertising your products in Amazon Search Results. On the other hand, Sponsored Brand ads are more used to bring awareness to your brand's potential customers. In contrast, Sponsored Display ads are targeted to potential customers outside the Amazon marketplace. This information may be easy to digest, but there is more to it when getting down to the nitty-gritty details of setting up your campaigns. This is the vital point where having a PPC manager is highly beneficial to you.

Work of a PPC Manager 

What's great about having someone that manages your Amazon PPC is that there is a high assurance that your campaigns will have a clearer direction towards your goals. In addition, Amazon PPC professionals are called such because they have undergone the necessary education and training to learn advertising via PPC. They also have experiences that have given them invaluable knowledge of the ins and outs of the field.

PPC managers can do a lot of things for you. Depending on the services you’ll avail of, they can take care of the product photography and branding, search engine optimization, keyword analysis, overall ads management, and so much more. Others even add more services on top of those, making sure your Amazon store develops holistically, not just in terms of advertising.

And lastly, they are equipped with the mindset of having the best results for your Amazon store. Whatever your goals may be, they can tailor their strategies accordingly. They know how to tackle which areas of your business need help and the areas that will benefit you in the long run. Think of them as your business partner who will assist and lead you to the advertising setup that your business deserves.

Amazon seller with a PPC manager

Should You Get One?

The short answer is yes.

Just a disclaimer: while getting a PPC manager is not a foolproof way to meet your campaign goals, you can minimize failing to pick the right one by looking for these things:

  • Extensive knowledge of Amazon PPC through education, training, experience, and certifications.
  • Active participation in the Amazon PPC scene. Showing keen interest and being up-to-date with the latest changes in the regulations should be noticeable either on their websites or consultation calls.
  • Great reviews on different platforms. Some of these include Google reviews, which have a lot of feedback from customers and businesses alike, and Clutch, a more B2B-centered feedback platform.

When looking for someone who can manage your PPC ads, you may encounter agencies specializing in them. These things should align you with the best Amazon PPC manager capable of transforming your business and revenues.


No matter which stage of your business you're currently in, you should think about how to better place your Amazon store and products for your potential customers. And there is no better way to do this than utilizing Amazon PPC by hiring an Amazon PPC Manager. Advertising need not be hard, and sometimes having someone do it for you is the solution.

We at Seller Interactive have been offering a wide variety of Amazon-related services, including Amazon PPC management. We do not wish for anything but growth for your business, whether short- or long-term. So book a call with us at 1-800-820-3746 and hear what strategies PPC specialists can recommend for your Amazon store!

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