3 Easy Steps to Write an Amazon Appeal Letter That Won’t Be Ignored

January 6, 2021
Written by Ken Zhou
Amazon appeal

If selling on Amazon is your means of livelihood, getting an account suspension email could be a big blow. Your Amazon sales constitute a big chunk of your income, and you don’t want to lose that. Most of the time, reading this email leaves sellers staring out in space. 

The reasons why you got suspended from Amazon are included in the email, though many sellers have a hard time finding out exactly how they violated Amazon’s policies. The email usually quotes the guidelines that you broke and not the thing that you did. As you know, the wording of these policies is sometimes ambiguous and hard to understand.

Even if you have the Amazon contact number for sellers, it will sometimes be challenging to get a hold of people who can help you. When assistance is hard to find, it’s usually a good idea to hire experts for your Amazon appeal letter. These experts have the necessary knowledge and experience to determine what policy you violated and what you need to do to correct your mistakes. Believe me, it’s easier to spot other people’s violations than your own. 

Quick Reinstatement

Amazon has not been without its problems. It has a dedicated team that monitors seller compliance. However, there has been some news that many account suspensions are done by its internal machine-learning software, though Amazon hasn’t substantiated that information. They are not very forthcoming when it comes to the inner workings of their algorithms and software.

Before 2018, the process on how to appeal an Amazon seller suspension was lengthy and could take weeks or even months. Amazon even introduced a new policy in August of 2019 that assured sellers a 30-day suspension notice before permanently removing them from the selling platform. Note, however, that this is only reserved for accounts that are about to be removed, not accounts whose issues can easily be remedied.

There’s a questionnaire that enables you to reinstate your account in as little as 15 minutes for those minor infractions. 

It’s important to know that this questionnaire is usually available for suspensions that stem from minor policy violations. It’s even possible to incur a policy violation unknowingly, such as using forbidden techniques to get reviews from clients or buying your own products and doing reviews for your own listing. For these issues and more (i.e., multiple seller accounts, feedback manipulation, and selling counterfeit items), the previous process should be done. 

Preventive Measures

The process may be easier for accounts with easily-solved concerns, but the central issue of avoiding account suspensions remains. It’s vital for sellers to commission the help of experienced experts to advise them on the overall health of their accounts and prevent Amazon from suspending them, whether by AI or by the seller performance team.

Many common issues are connected with poor seller performance. Here are a few of them.

  • Order Defect Rate (ODR) is too high
  • Late shipments
  • Slow response to customer queries or complaints.

How Do I Write an Amazon Appeal Letter That Won’t Be Ignored?

Amazon has 2.3 million active sellers. Can you imagine how many letters they receive every day? For your letter not to be buried in the back of the Amazon email queue, you need to follow these simple guidelines when writing your Amazon appeal letter.

Mention Amazon’s customers

In order to create a letter that appeals to Amazon, you must understand what they always have on their mind: the customers. Because in the end, it’s all about satisfying their customers. Here’s something that you can add to your letter: 

I understand that Amazon customers deserve a level of service that your company strives to provide. By not meeting the performance standards, we are directly responsible for…

[After giving a comprehensive action plan addressing the issues]

...I have found that these solutions are proactive measures that enable our account to meet the expectations of Amazon’s customers.

By indicating to Amazon that your primary concern is its customers, you’re making yourself responsible for their customers’ satisfaction. Who can say no to that, right?

Don’t Undervalue Formatting

Amazon probably receives thousands, if not millions of letters every day. If your letter is easy to read, it will help the seller performance team quickly understand your main issue and plan of action. Formatting helps more than you think. You can highlight a few things in your letter that hold the most importance, with generous spacing.

  • What the Amazon appeal is about
  • Why it happened
  • Plan of action including proactive measures and future inspections
  • Reason for reinstating your account

Be As Detailed As You Can in Your Amazon Appeal

Amazon’s Seller Performance Team has been known to respond to sellers requesting for stronger action plans. Detailed plans are clearly what they want. Before writing your letter, do some research on how many people have encountered your issue and what action plans they’ve taken to prevent incurring the same violations. Then, decide on what you plan to do. Finally, include this action plan in your letter for a better chance of a favorable response. 

Do It Right the First Time

Writing an effective Amazon appeal letter clearly isn’t a simple task. Writing something that has a very good chance of getting a favorable and quick response is even harder. Sufficient experience and a comprehensive knowledge of Amazon’s inner workings   are needed for this kind of task. 

If you need to write an effective Amazon appeal letter, email us at [email protected] or [email protected] and we’ll be glad to give you some expert advice.

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