Skyrocket Your Listings with These 7 SEO Tools for Amazon

Last updated on August 23rd, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

All sellers have encountered a stale listing. It happens when one or several products they've listed on Amazon remain untouched for weeks to months, stuck with only a few sales. It can be as painful as scrolling down a computer screen, trying to find the SEO tools for Amazon that will magically turn your listings into bestsellers.

But we're businesspeople. There's no room for overnight results. We understand that the rational approach involves increasing product visibility, in which search engine optimization (SEO) plays a major role. If we keep scrolling with the knowledge of Amazon SEO in mind, we'll eventually discover the solution.

Let Seller Interactive save you some time and provide you with seven of the best Amazon SEO tools. These tools can help your listing skyrocket to the top page when used to its full potential.

An infographic showing the logos of seven SEO tools along with their descriptions;, MerchantWords, JungleScout, Helium10, AMZScout, Seller App, Sellerzone

First on the list of Amazon SEO tools is, suitable for both new and seasoned sellers. This free keyword research tool acts as a search engine with an autocomplete feature. It pulls data from Amazon and gives you auto-suggested long-tail keywords. 

It also lets you configure the country, language, and Amazon search channels to narrow your search. When the search results pull up, you'll search volume data, trend, average CPC, and competition for every keyword line item. is an excellent tool if you're looking to expand your listing's keywords efficiently. It can also be used as a support tool while doing product research using the traditional Amazon search engine.

Merchant Words

Look around for an easy-to-use Amazon keyword tool, and Merchant Words will come up. It's an intuitive product search and keyword optimization tool for both absolute beginners and experienced sellers.

Merchant Words' user interface makes it a breeze for the clueless to scope around the tool and become a converted avid user. They can view the organic performance of keywords and terms frequently used in the Amazon marketplace in just a few clicks. In just a few minutes, they can identify what competitors use and what keywords and niches they can enter to gain profit.

Jungle Scout

Another formidable Amazon SEO tool is Jungle Scout. Like its close rival, Helium10, this tool can do many things besides keyword research functions.

Keyword Scout is the name of the tool's feature that allows sellers to do thorough keyword research. What's incredible about the tool is it brings quality keywords to every search result. You will have plenty of selection from the litter that will improve your SEO strategy and your listing's organic ranking.

Apart from SEO, it also helps your PPC efforts. Each keyword shows search volume, PPC bid costs, trend graph, and ease of ranking. Overall, the Keyword Scout from Jungle Scout is one tool you should consider as part of your arsenal to reach your goals.


Helium10 is one of the best tools that do more than keyword research. It can also do 

  • product research, 
  • performance analytics, and 
  • listing optimization. 

Most experienced and successful Amazon sellers swear to the power of this Amazon SEO tool. During our interview with Karyn Thomas, Brand Evangelist at Helium 10, she touches on the importance of utilizing SEO tools and provides insight into the journey of Helium 10:

Magnet, its SEO keyword tool for Amazon, has access to a vast database of market-specific keywords. It gives you plenty of results to help you better select a precise keyword for an existing product listing.

Magnet's keyword data can also help you uncover untapped opportunities for new product ideas or rank on a viable keyword of your choice. If you're looking to carve out a new opportunity for traffic and ramp up your organic search engine optimization efforts, Helium10 is your go-to tool.


What gives this tool the edge over the rest is that it's customer-centric. AMZScout is an Amazon SEO tool that gives sellers keyword data about what customers are searching for. This is an excellent feature if you're looking to scout new products to sell in the largest marketplace.

Its keyword explorer tool gives sellers data on the number of customers using a keyword, including other relevant keywords. They can use this information to correctly associate keywords to a particular listing to ensure it's well-optimized.

Like some of the dominant Amazon keyword research tools, AMZScout also has a reverse ASIN search feature. It lets you see the organic rank page, position, and possible sales for page one data. You'll see what kind of keywords your competitors are using.

Seller App

One tool that rivals the easiness of Merchant Words is the Seller App. Its user interface is straightforward, clean, and navigable. This SEO tool for Amazon will let sellers see relevancy score, cost per click rate, trend data, and search volume fast and with just a few keystrokes and clicks.

Adaptability is another advantage of this tool. Sellers can access it using their smartphones, which is a big help when they're always on the go. They can connect to the internet and do their business anywhere. Seller App also supports other ecommerce marketplaces besides Amazon, making it a powerful tool for those who sell to multiple markets.

If you're looking for a tool that's easy to use and caters to Amazon and other marketplaces, this is for you. It may be less comprehensive than other Amazon-specific tools, but it makes up for it with a broad selection.


Most sellers are familiar with SEMrush, the popular SEO tool used to rank on Google. The same people behind the creation of SEMrush launched an Amazon-specific keyword research tool—Sellzone.

Just imagine a marketplace keyword research tool that can give you access to a database of 200 million or more keywords, with an option to select between broad, phrase, and exact match types. The possibilities are astounding!

Sellzone's Amazon Keyword Wizard tool is where you get data for search term volumes and the number of competitors you have on those keywords. But it also has other functions—product research, listing quality check, and a PPC optimizer, among other things.

As for its keyword research, this tool would do wonders if you prefer something simple and want more keywords added to your listings and fill it with backend keywords.

A search bar on a yellow background illustrating an seo keyword tool for amazon

Seller Interactive’s Team of Experts is Your Best Amazon SEO Tool. 

The SEO tools we recommended above can help any Amazon seller improve their SEO performance. With enough time and effort, you can discover how to use the tools to your advantage effectively.

But if you still struggle to skyrocket your SEO game, your ultimate Amazon SEO tool would be a team of experts from Seller Interactive. Our Amazon specialists know the workarounds of SEO and the retail giant. Their knowledge and experience in using various utilities can significantly improve your account performance and, most importantly, grow your business. If you're curious about this team and how they can help achieve your goals, book a call today.

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