Inventory Essentials: Order Accuracy and Amazon Seller Reimbursement

amazon seller reimbursement

"Hello, I recently made a purchase from your company. Today, I received five items, and I only ordered three. Please remedy this issue ASAP. Thank you.

Waking up to a message like this is stressful. While going through your inbox, you wonder how did that happen. You're using Amazon FBA to process orders and manage inventory, assuming things can't go wrong; however, errors still occur given the size of the marketplace.

Situations like this are bound to happen at some point in your selling lifetime. Equip yourself before this happens to you. Learn these two essential things to manage your Amazon inventory: order accuracy and Amazon seller reimbursement. 

What is Order Accuracy?

Order accuracy is the rate of successfully fulfilled Amazon orders. It consists of shipments that can reach their destination without any hiccups. Order Accuracy directly impacts customer satisfaction and brand reputation, which is why it's so important. 

Amazon manages more than 175 fulfillment centers and approximately over 150 million sq. ft of space. This makes them one of the largest marketplaces in the world, which, while it is impressive, is at the same time daunting. It's hard to imagine that Amazon could manage inventory so seamlessly on such a vast scale; errors are bound to happen - so they've implemented efficiency strategies to counter this.

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4 Ways to Improve Order Accuracy

There's no way to achieve consistent order accuracy than to be good at it. Focus on learning preventive measures and applying proper solutions when errors come your way.  

Here are four tips to improve order accuracy.

Optimize Your Inventory Management System

The inventory management process is a big part of the order fulfillment process. If you don't have an organized FBA warehouse system, you put your business at a higher risk of errors. Automated softwares help you track, forecast, and plan your inventory - using a tool like this will help minimize risks.

Set Accuracy Rate Goals

Establishing accuracy rate goals helps you identify when there’s an inventory adjustment or operational change that you need to make. Set a rate with a feasible implementation schedule and ensure that the team is on the same page. 

To calculate the rate, divide the total number of accurately fulfilled orders by the total number of fulfilled orders, then multiply it by 100. The higher the accuracy rate, the greater chances of improving customer trust and business profits.

Double Check Details And Evaluate Fulfillment

Whenever you take orders, make a habit of re-checking the accuracy of the details you received, such as the address and order quantity. It helps minimize inaccuracies and saves you from engaging in unnecessary blame games. If your orders quantities are high, consider doing spot checks on a regular basis. You should also export those orders from time to time just as you would export WooCommerce orders.

If you're using an Amazon FBA warehouse and need help contacting them, you can also seek the help of an Amazon agency.  

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Received an Order Error? File an Amazon Seller Reimbursement Claim 

If you encounter an order accuracy issue and it turns out Amazon owes you money, here's what you should do. First, file an Amazon reimbursement claim that complies with the Amazon seller reimbursement policy. It might seem like a complicated process at first, but this is the best process to get your hard-earned money back.

How do I know if an item is eligible for an Amazon seller shipping reimbursement?

  • Registered and in compliance with Amazon FBA regulations
  • Not a damaged item 
  • Inventory data is accurate
  • Not pending for disposal or discarded at your request
  • The seller account used is not suspended

Order inaccuracy is one of the seven main reasons for Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement. When filing a reimbursement claim, ensure to follow the policy to acknowledge that an Amazon seller refund has been applied.

Amazon commits to providing a reliable inventory management service. However, it's possible that they might not notice every single discrepancy in the marketplace. Because of this, it's essential to be diligent and protect your hard-earned profits. 

If you need help contacting Amazon for reimbursement concerns, Seller Interactive can assist you. We will take care of the evaluation work while you focus on improving your Amazon business. Send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-820-3746.   

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