How to get Amazon FBA Reimbursement During A Missed Fulfillment Promise

February 11, 2022
Written by Nicasio Co III
amazon fba reimbursement

Have you ever found yourself waking up one morning to see that you have been debited for an Amazon FBA refund for “Missed Fulfillment Promise?” You immediately searched what it meant, but no clear explanation was available. Of course, you know it’s Amazon’s fault, and you deserve to either have the product returned to your FBA inventory or get an Amazon FBA reimbursement claim. But hold on, what is a Missed Fulfillment Promise, and how does this affect your business? 

Let us take a look at the Amazon FBA Refund Missed Fulfillment Promise and know what to expect when it happens to you on your FBA seller journey.

Amazon Prime Members and FBA Sellers

Amazon boasts itself as the leader of eCommerce of today, with an estimated number of 214 million unique visitors from the US alone, according to Statista. About half of these are subscribed to Amazon Prime members. Amazon Prime is a membership program with many advantages when availing of Amazon services. For example, in the Amazon marketplace, the members can order items and get them delivered fast. By fast, we mean either same-day, one-day or two-day deliveries. Yes, all for no delivery cost. This quick and free delivery service drives customers to avail themselves of Amazon Prime.

As an Amazon seller, this is an enticing program to excite customers to drive traffic to the site and eventually hit the buy box. With choosing Amazon FBA, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of your product from the warehouse and delivery to your customers because Amazon takes care of everything. Amazon has almost 200 fulfillment centers in the US and a state-of-the-art logistics system to ensure that ordered items will get to your customers as soon as possible, on or before the order delivery date. But here’s the catch: only Amazon sellers subscribed to FBA are allowed to have their products qualify for this free shipping policy. 

Missed Fulfillment Promise

In scenarios wherein there is an Amazon’s mistake in delivering your product on a specific date and time, customers may file for an item return. The leading causes of missed fulfillment promises may be bad weather conditions, incorrect address information, or even missing address. Whether it may be the fault on the side of the customers or Amazon or the weather, Amazon still takes full responsibility for the condition of your product. 

This scheme may sound like a hassle to you, but don’t worry because that is entirely normal. Many FBA sellers undergo this same situation since these reasons often come up. To know when you are eligible to get reimbursed, check out the explanation down below.

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Amazon FBA Reimbursement from Unreturned FBA Inventory

When a customer files for an FBA order return, you will be automatically debited the exact amount that the customer paid. You may be asking, what will Amazon do next? Well, Amazon should be able to retrieve your product in a sellable condition, or they will have to reimburse you after 45 days of the refund date. If the customer returns a defective or unsellable product, Amazon may charge the customer back for the defective product. But, say, Amazon could not, or chose not to, retrieve the product back to your FBA inventory; how much will they reimburse you after the 45 days?

The answer is: it all depends. Computing for the reimbursement value is more complicated than you thought because Amazon estimates the market value of the product and then subtracts all the fees that go along with it, such as FBA and Amazon selling fees. A safe guess would be the cost of the product plus the income generated from the sale. Directly contacting Amazon Seller Support on the Seller Central page can help you to an extent to clear up all the reimbursement you deserve.

Need Some Help? We Are Here For You

At Seller Interactive, we make sure that every Amazon FBA seller achieves their goals in many ways. We do not stop at creating better changes for your Amazon store. Instead, we go over and beyond by educating you on all the possible solutions to earn revenue and safeguard your position in this most significant and competitive eCommerce platform. And one of these services is being with you on your FBA reimbursement strategies.

If you are an FBA seller and stuck with many customer returns for the reason of “Missed Fulfillment Promise,” this is the right time to reach out to a team of Amazon experts that can give you ease in your reimbursement process. Rest assured that we will analyze your Amazon data thoroughly, and no pending reimbursements will be left sitting unresolved. So please send us an email at [email protected] today!

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