Which is Better: Amazon Reimbursement Service Provider or Software?

May 20, 2020
Written by Nicasio Co III

Processing reimbursements on your seller account is just a small part of your whole Amazon business operation according to Amazon SEO consultant. However, in order to get your full profit down to the last cent, an Amazon reimbursement service might be necessary.

Running a business is anything but easy. Time and dedication are the keys to success. However, when most business aspects start to get overwhelming, you might not be able to handle things such as auditing your business finances and creating a case and submitting it to the Amazon team for reimbursement.

Sometimes, you are not even sure if Amazon will approve, or if you will ever get your hard-earned money back. This is when Amazon reimbursement service providers come into action. Which do you prefer, an Amazon reimbursement provider, or a fully automated Amazon reimbursement software? Read below, and we’ll help you decide.

Amazon Reimbursement Provider

If you are running a 5-figure or even a 6-figure Amazon store, for sure, outsourcing many of your business aspects like customer support, order fulfillment, and marketing are outsourced. Meaning, you do not do all these yourself. You have employees or independent contractors who are doing these things for you so you can focus on the more essential elements of your business.

According to statistics, Amazon sellers spend about 8 hours each month to hunt down any refunds. That is like a full workday spent just looking for errors in your seller account and reporting it to Amazon.

Hiring a professional Amazon reimbursement service is a wise decision. Here are the reasons why:

  • They are experts at what they do so you can rely on the quality of their service. Why so? Because they will not get paid for rendering useless service, right?
  • They can scan your account going back to at least 12 months, and you can just pay them by the hours spent. Now, that’s a couple of hours saved from your time to do the more critical money-making duties.
  • They can manually submit reimbursement requests to Amazon. This is an essential requirement of Amazon as they try to avoid automated claims. This one is not an easy task. One bit of discrepancy will put the whole thing in the dumpster.

Now, if you are kind of on a tight budget right now, you might find it expensive or unnecessary to hire an Amazon reimbursement service provider. But if you decide to, you better have a strategy where you get the most of their services, and they are paid only for doing only the most important tasks that you need help with.

Amazon Reimbursement Software

On the other hand, people who are looking into a more straightforward approach to reimbursement issues opt to make use of a reimbursement software service. The main reason is that time is the most valuable thing when it comes to business. Using such services definitely saves you time since almost all of the process is automated. 

Here’s why people are going for an automated software approach:

  • The software can help you save time performing tedious tasks such as finding errors, submitting claims, and keeping track of errors.
  • The software can help cut down the time spent on processing a claim in Amazon. 
  • The software can potentially find errors that cannot be seen easily with even the sharpest human eye.

The downside of using software is that it is not 100% foolproof. There are certain matters in the reimbursement process that are best handled with a human touch.

The needs of your business are the most important factors to consider when choosing which Amazon reimbursement service is perfect for you.

But, of course, if we are to recommend one thing, it is to get a trusted and expert Amazon reimbursement service provider like Seller Interactive, who can create accurate reports and get Amazon to refund the profit that is rightfully yours.

Need help with your Amazon reimbursement issues? Schedule a consultation with a respectable Amazon account manager. Connect with Likitha by emailing her at [email protected].

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