Learn How To Add Videos To Amazon Listings in 7 Steps

Last updated on November 7th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

With millions of sellers fighting to be on the first pages of the search results to grab customers' attention, standing out is more crucial than ever. If you're an experienced Amazon seller looking to scale your business, you must learn how to add videos to Amazon listings as they can be a huge game-changer.

Videos enrich the customer experience and provide a dynamic way to showcase your products, leading to increased conversions and sales. You can elevate your Amazon business by leveraging the power of visual content and giving your customers a more interactive shopping experience.

Let us walk you through the process of adding videos to your Amazon listings in seven straightforward steps.

Reasons to Upload Video on Amazon

Uploading videos to your listings offer multiple advantages: it builds credibility, educates customers, increases conversion rates, boosts your Amazon SERP ranking, and makes you stand out against competitors. Let’s get into the details below.

Builds Credibility

Uploading videos to your Amazon product detail page offer visual proof of product quality and functionality.  This instills consumer trust and encourages more confident purchasing decisions.

Educates Customers

Adding in-depth demonstrations and how-to videos to your Amazon product detail page educates customers, making it easier for them to understand the product's features and benefits.

Increases Conversion Rate

By engaging customers visually, clarifying product features, and reducing uncertainties that may hinder the buying decision, your Amazon product detail page can significantly increase sales and conversion rates.

Boosts Amazon SERP Ranking

Amazon's algorithm considers user engagement on your product page when determining product visibility. When customers are engaged, they can decide to buy much quickly. Adding videos to your Amazon product detail page can engross potential customers, giving you additional sales and boosting your SERP ranking.

Makes You Stand Out Against Competitors

Uploading product videos to your listings sets you apart from competitors by offering a richer, more interactive shopping experience that can sway customers in your favor.

Now that you know the benefits of adding videos on Amazon, let’s check out the seven steps on how to upload some for your product listings.

Step 1: Understand Amazon A+ Content and Video Guidelines

Creating Enhanced Brand Content, now known as A+ Content, is common among Amazon sellers who want to make their listings stand out. It is a feature that allows registered brand owners to enhance their product listings using detailed and visually rich content such as enhanced images, comparison charts, and product descriptions. The feature is designed to improve customer engagement, interest, and ultimately increase sales on the Amazon platform.

A+ Content has two types: Regular A+ Content and Premium A+ Content. If you are looking into adding video content, Premium A+ is the way to go. The additional costs you invest is worth it because of the additional features it has as compared with the Regular A+ Content.

Regular A+ ContentPremium A+ Content
  • Can be used by brand registered Amazon sellers
  • Includes 17 standard modules

  • Enables posting of up to 5 modules per page

  • Allows 970 pixels maximum content width
  • Offered as a paid program for sellers with Amazon Vendor central account

  • Includes 17 standard and 17 interactive modules

  • Enables posting of up to 7 modules per page

  • Allows 1464 pixels maximum content width

  • Videos

  • Clickable Q and A

  • Interactive comparison charts

  • Testimonials
  • Before uploading videos to your Amazon product listings, take note of Amazon's video guidelines.

    the amazon video guidelines

    Step 2: Create High-Quality Video Content

    It is when you create high-quality, engaging content that catches customers’ attention can you drive sales. So, check out the different types of videos and the strategies below to ensure you are creating compelling videos.

    Different Types of Videos

    You will attract more customers if you add product-related video shorts on your listing that are relevant to their experiences or answer their queries about your products. To do  that, here are the types of videos you should upload.

    Product Highlights

    Creating a product highlights video for your Amazon listing can be a game-changer. This video showcases your product’s key features, benefits, and uses, offering potential customers a quick yet comprehensive understanding of your product. It enhances user engagement and builds credibility.

    Explainer Video

    Creating explainer videos like a product demonstration for your Amazon listing offers invaluable insights into how your product functions in real-world scenarios. This visual guide educates potential buyers and builds trust by transparently showcasing your product's capabilities, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

    Customer Testimonial and Lifestyle Video

    Incorporating a customer testimonial video into your Amazon listing adds a layer of social proof that text reviews can't match. Real customers sharing positive experiences can significantly build credibility and trust, influencing potential buyers to choose your product over competitors.

    Competitor Comparison Video

    Creating competitor comparison videos for your Amazon listing can be a strategic move. It lets you directly showcase how your product outperforms rivals in key areas, compelling potential buyers to choose your offers.

    Tips for Creating Compelling and High-Quality Videos

    Retailers, brand owners, and third-party sellers like you can be a step ahead of other sellers when you’ve top-quality videos to upload . In creating such videos, here are the steps to ensure your products stand out.

    Use a High-Quality Camera

    Using a high-quality camera is essential for creating compelling videos for your Amazon listings. Superior image quality captures all the details and offers a more professional look, enhancing the viewer's experience.

    Lighting Is Everything

    Good lighting is crucial when creating high-quality videos for your Amazon listings. Proper illumination eliminates shadows and highlights your product's key features, making the video visually appealing.

    Add On-Screen Text

    Adding captions and text content to your Amazon videos enhance viewer comprehension and accessibility. Well-placed text can emphasize key product features, while captions ensure your message reaches those who watch without sound.

    Keep It Short and Snappy

    Keeping your Amazon product videos short and snappy is essential for maintaining viewer attention. A concise, well-paced video that gets straight to the point is more likely to engage potential customers and convey key information effectively.

    Stick to the facts

    Including only factual information in your Amazon product videos is crucial for building trust and credibility. You can also ward off negative reviews because you did not share misleading or exaggerated claims just to get a sale.

    For more tips, you can check this video out:

    Step 3: Log in to Seller Central

    The third step in adding a video to your listing involves logging in to your Amazon Seller Central account. Access Seller Central using your login credentials to navigate the platform where you'll upload your high-quality video to enhance your product listing.

    Step 4: Navigate to the Inventory Tab

    Once logged in, locate the Inventory tab on the main menu. This tab lets you manage all your product listings. Choose the specific product you want to optimize and look for the option to add multimedia content. You can also add new products, edit existing listings, and upload more video content.

    Step 5: Know Which Product Listing Needs a Video

    The fifth step in adding a video to Amazon listing is identifying which product would most benefit from visual enhancement. Knowing where to allocate your video resources is crucial for maximizing impact. Check out these tips on choosing the listing to enhance using videos:

    • Consider adding videos to bestselling products or need more sales. 
    • Prioritize listings where a video can provide the most value, such as complex products that benefit from visual explanations or demonstrations.
    • Add videos on items that have high competition to help your listing stand out.

    Meanwhile,  it's important to be aware that Amazon restricts the types of videos you can upload to product listings because of these reasons:

    • Videos making unsupported claims about the product, especially health-related claims, can be flagged and removed. 
    • Incorrect Amazon product tags can also lead to product video removal. 
    • Videos containing external links that direct viewers away from Amazon are not allowed and can result in penalties. 

    Always adhere to Amazon's guidelines to ensure your product video remains live and effective.

    Step 6: Upload Videos on Product Detail Page

    The sixth step involves uploading your video to the chosen Amazon product detail page. In Seller Central, navigate to the specific product listing and look for the 'Upload Video' button. During uploading, use a keyword optimized title, description, and tags using relevant keywords that can help your listing rank.

    Step 7: Upload and Manage Videos

    The final step is reviewing, publishing, and managing your product video on the Amazon product listing. After the upload, Amazon may take up to 72 hours to review the video to check for compliance with content guidelines. Check your product detail pages for the video thumbnail to confirm the successful addition. Regularly update and manage your videos to keep content fresh and relevant.

    Recap: How to Add Videos to Amazon Listings?

    To add video to Amazon listings, login to Amazon Seller Central and navigate to the Inventory tab. Select the product listing you want to enhance, then upload your video. Ensure the video meets Amazon's guidelines for format and content before publishing.

    seven steps on how to add videos to amazon listings

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    Product videos offer multiple advantages, from building credibility and educating online shoppers to increasing conversion rates and boosting Amazon's search results rankings. We hope this comprehensive guide outlining the seven-step process to add videos to their product listings will help you in achieving the benefits of having videos on your Amazon listing.

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