The Definitive Guide on How To Redeem Amazon Gift Cards

July 15, 2022
Written by Mark Salvania
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Amazon gift cards are one of the excellent holiday and graduation presents you could give to your loved ones, especially when you don’t have much time to go to the stores to purchase one. This is also the best strategy you could give when you don’t have any idea what to give them for that specific occasion.  Alternatively, you could just purchase a gift card for yourself to receive free Amazon money in time for Amazon Prime Day 2022. 

In connection to this, Amazon dropped one of its best deals just last month for the year. The first-time Amazon gift-card buyers get a free $20 Amazon promotional credit. So,  what if you received an Amazon gift card from your peers, colleagues, or loved ones that you want to redeem?

In this article, redeeming an Amazon gift card — whether through checkout or cash, will be tackled. Let’s dive in.

How does Gift Card Redemption run

The best thing about Amazon gift cards is that they don't have any expiration date. Additionally, physical Amazon gift cards are delivered with FREE shipping when you choose One-Day shipping during checkout.

A claim code of 14-15 Alphanumeric characters can be found on an Amazon gift card. These  are used to purchase anything on the Amazon website, including books, music, electronics, and more. 

It is redeemable towards purchases of millions of eligible products on Amazon and its affiliates. When you redeem an Amazon gift card, the value of your card is added to your account. This added value to your account can then be used as funds which makes you eligible to buy products.

You cannot use it to buy additional Amazon gift cards through your current gift card money. What you are allowed, however, is the purchase of third-party gift cards for some other stores.

What is another thing you should note? 

One cannot transfer gift card funds to another Amazon account. But, there are ways you can exchange these gift cards through third-party transactions.

An Amazon gift card can be returned in two ways. First things first, you may apply it at the checkout. Second, you can use it as cash. Let’s learn the process.

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How to redeem an Amazon gift card at checkout

Many customers were thrilled as Amazon has topped the news for its customer-centric features. Amazon has moved to cut the checkout line, which promotes a grab-and-go experience. But what about using an Amazon gift card to pay at the register?

Amazon gift cards are most commonly used at checkout. Here's how to redeem an Amazon gift card in this manner:

  • Add the products you wish to buy to your Amazon cart, proceed to the checkout process, and redeem your gift card there. 
  • Please enter the claim code in the "Gift Cards & Promotional Codes" box.
  • Once you've entered the claim code, click "Apply." 
  • The gift card amount will then be applied to your order total.
  •  If your product total is greater than the value of your gift card, the difference will be billed to your preferred payment option.

If you’re enjoying using Amazon gift cards or giving Amazon gift cards to your peers, colleagues, and loved ones, you might want to check out this article on how you can use Amazon Gift Cards like a pro

Since checkout has been discussed, what about using an Amazon gift card at checkout. First, let’s learn about redeeming Amazon gift cards as cash.

How to use an Amazon gift card as cash

It’s always an excellent option to have a choice of using your Amazon gift card as cash; true enough, adding your gift card’s balance to your account is an option! 

You may then utilize that balance to purchase Amazon products. If you are not ready to buy anything right away, you can choose to store the gift card cash in your account using this method.

Now, what’s the process of using an Amazon gift card as cash?

  • To begin, you must obtain a prepaid Visa card. These are available in most grocery shops and convenience stores.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account and navigate to the “Gift Cards” section once you’ve received your card.
  • Next, please enter the amount to be transferred from your Amazon account gift card to your prepaid Visa card.
  • Confirm the transaction, and you're all set!

Now you can use your Prepaid Visa card anywhere that accepts Visa payments. This is a great way to get cash from your Amazon gift card without going through a bank or credit company.

Check your Amazon Gift Card balance

The last yet most important thing you need to do when redeeming your Amazon gift card is to check your balances. Be sure to always check your balance in case the balance might not reflect the actual amount.

You can quickly check the balance of an Amazon gift card on your PC or in the mobile app on a smartphone.

If you add a gift card to your projections of future purchases, you may view the balance at any time, not just when shopping. Here's how to do it on the desktop and the app.

How to Check the Balance of an Amazon Gift Card on a Desktop

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Go to the main menu bar and select “Gift Cards” to check your gift card balance.
  3. You may then examine your balance in the gift card section.
  4. Finally, you may also redeem a gift card and set up reloads to replenish your balance when it runs low.

How to check the balance of an Amazon gift card in the App

  1. Go to your profile in the Amazon App profile.
  2. To find out how much money you have available, scroll down to the “Gift Card Balance” column. 
  3. Go to “Manage and View Activity” to redeem another gift card, top up your balance, or arrange an auto top-up.

On both the desktop and app, you can see your balance activity and whether any gift cards are about to expire.Keep in mind that any promotional certificates or vouchers added to your account will not be included in the gift card balance.

Wrapping this up!

Everyone loves discounts and freebies. So it’s no secret that bonus points, discounts, prizes, gift vouchers, cash back,and gift cards are all popular among shoppers. Learn how to get a free Amazon gift card here.

Shopping online has become a stress reliever for everyone in this time, and they find it pleasant when the product they desire shows on the screen of their gadgets. 

Anyone may utilize their money online since they can use a credit card or cash in their future purchases thanks to the internet purchasing. However, consumers must be extra careful, be aware of online fraudsters, and authenticate their accounts before proceeding with their purchase. 

If you have reimbursement and refund issues, check out Seller Interactive’s Amazon FBA Reimbursement Service. This will be very helpful for sellers to reconcile their inventory issues.

If you have any more queries about Amazon Gift Cards, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We are more than happy to help you sort out concerns about your Amazon gift card!

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